Official Debut Release of #Propagation video by @DresBlacksheep


It is no secret that the Kings and Queens of Hip Hop have been making their mark in the entertainment industry as evidenced by creating timeless Hip Hop music, arts and fashion. Today as fans we applaud most of our major Kings and Queens of Hip Hop for continuing to promote change and increasing (positive) reinforcements in strengthening our awareness to do more for ourselves and for our communities as well.
However, I would like to salute “ Dres” from the famous Hip Hop group “BlackSheep” for being one of the Kings of Hip Hop who made it possible to make Hip Hop timeless throughout each generation. But, congratulations are in order to Dres for his latest single video release “Propagation” on YouTube on 9 /30 /2014.
“ Propagation” is reviewed as a 5 STAR track that sends a strong message about life’s journey and having (increase) self-awareness within yourself and the world around you. So Right now, take this journey with me and go to YouTube to support “Propagation” by (BlackSheep) Dres.


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