PutItOutTHERE ™ : Chicago’s Poetic Flowetress ” Poetic Flow “


Over the years, women have used their creative writing style and voices  in various fields of the entertainment industry ranging from television network , radio network,  music entertainment  and book writing .   Even from beginning of time,  we as women is known to express ourselves through the power of words that could possibly impact the world. When we think of women that have words of power, you may think of Michelle Obama, Maya Angelo , Dionne Brand, Iyanla Vanzant, and many more. But when I was introduce to one of many women who have words of power , I was introduce by the lady herself via twitter  who goes by the name of Poetic Flow.  Poetic Flow was promoting one of her spoken words videos: “ My words”. When I heard “ My words”, I had to play it two more times to hear how  her words flow out that is coming from within her soul. I had listened  and watched several more of her videos by Poetic Flow and immediately  I felt like her voice carry power like or compare to either Maya Angelo or Iyanla Vanzant. Especially, when Poetic Flow’s  words of power speaks on politics; community; empowerment and self-confidence; family and even love from all spectrum. According to a few brief excerpts from Poetic Flow’s bio, it demonstrates how strong and independent Poetic Flow is as follows:

“ A Published author, Chicago native and artistic Pisces, Poetic Flow™ first began writing poetry in 1985 and since then she has written volumes of poems, participated in Open Mic Poetry/Spoken Word events; “ She is President & CEO of her company, JaMin Enterprise (which focuses on motivational speaking, event planning, grant writing, business incorporations);  “ Her first book of poems “Poetic Flow: Poetry For Your Soul” was published in May 2008. Be on the lookout for her 2nd book of poetry “Love~N~Life” and her 1st book of positive quotes “Positive Vibes by Poetic Flow™” due for release Fall 2012”

Poetic Flow has a tremendous amount of independence and true ethics when she share her creative work for the world to hear and read.  People are drawn to her words of power, because they are able to relate to various topics that she is able to gracefully speak about without intimidation~ with “Conviction”

To continue to receive updates on Poetic Flow, you can stay in tuned with her updates as follow:







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