Put It Out THERE ™: Albany, Georgia’s own DJ SWIFT

As a native form Albany, GA; a member of SNS DJ’s; WuTang’s Djs and  Briks “R”US  , DJ Swift is one of many awesome DJs that I have met thus far in my life time and it is all thanks to the  infamous and continuous  rise of social media and networking. Indeed, DJ Swift have definitely set the scene in his home town and beyond the state of Georgia with his natural innate ability to take diversity of music and create sounds that reach a diversity of cultural and call it his own craft. I have many conversations with DJ Swift and I have not once noticed a selfish personality about him. But I did notice couple fine trait that makes DJ Swift stand out to me and among his fans thus far as follows: he is very humble; he takes pride in the music he creates and produces similar to an musician preparing to create “Sounds of Symphony” for  orchestra showcase; finally, DJ Swift is a well organized business man who understands the ends and outs of the music industry and is able to share his ethics and values to those who is willing to listen. DJ Swift is one of many talented djs /producer who many artists gravitate to , because he is able to understand and identify what is needed in artists’ music.

However,  it is definitely true there are many djs , producers and engineers that have their own musical creative style and they do find themselves in a constant position of being in a competitive (entertainment ) environment that does have an instant gratification need for attention . But that does not stop DJ Swift’s grind and goal to continue to be successful within his own right.  DJ Swift is known to use his inner strength to get along with everyone he connect with even in an competitive environment; including , how he allows the competition to fuel his motivation to remain at a 100% rate and always keeping everyone anticipating his next moves or waiting anxiously for his next  “ symphony mixes”. If you were to ask me what is my favorite mixes that I have heard thus far from DJ Swift , I could not be able to tell you. Because,  there are so many mixes that DJ Swift have created today. But , the symphony of mixes that seem to stay in tuned in my head is  “ Go Harder”; “ Walk on by “ ; “ I’m Bad” and “ Boo Thang “ . However I assure you , there is many more from DJ Swift’s  symphony mixes that you do not want to miss out on when it comes to scheduled shows, club events, on air radio and even on his websites.  One quote comes to my mind by Ludwig van Beethoven as I think of DJ Swift as an individual and a composure of mixes is as follow :  Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have set them down in notes.”

To stay tued on the Ochrestrated sound of DJ Swift  go to the following links




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