Washington DC’s Artist : @C4_RTC

I have always said,  ” Never over look artists  because they(he or she)  are underground via  independent or not rich . Because, you are liable to miss out on TRUE talent that could suppress current artists who are active within the (major) music labels today”. With any independent artists , DRIVE and DETERMINATION is the key to accomplish his or her goals and ultimately go beyond expectations of this entertainment industry.  With C-4 aka Cordell Woodland , I don’t see him as someone just starting. I see C-4 as an expert at his craft ;taking the time out to learn the industry and pursuing his next level of his dreams without rushing so quickly to get to  fame. One thing that C-4 have done so far is letting his music to be a story teller of life and allowing  his fans, team, friends and family to understand the  eternal flames that is inside of him to proceed his music career  successfully.  According to his ‘ Spoken Words’ of his bio he stated the following :

    ” My artist name is C-4 and my real name is Cordell Woodland. Im a 24 yr old artist from Washington, DC. Ive been doing music for almost a year since last September and during this time span I’ve developed a lot as an artist and as a person. I got involved in the music business because of my fellow RoundTable Council brother Tana. He was really the one pursuing the music career and I was just part of the entourage until I actually decided to go in the booth one day. The first song I recorded was the “Niggas in Paris” remix. After I put the song out more and more people wanted me to keep going with it and here I am today. My fan base continues to grow as well as my music and my sound. Currently, I am preparing  to release my 2nd mix-tape in September titled “B4 The Fame”.

     According to my fan base and my team,they view my music  as different, clever and unique. I like to think of it as extraordinary. My goal as an artist is to allow people to get to know who I am through my music and I feel like I am  accomplishing much more successful than most expected. I feel that my music on this upcoming mix-tape has become more appealing to much  broader audience which is something that I think every artist should be able to do to be successful. I want my music  to have a positive vibe in a way that  allow the people to relate ranging from struggles of life to where they are at now.  I want my music to be able to helps people to  get away from their problems for at least those 4 to 5 minutes and enjoy who they are today through my music.

     My musical inspirations include people like Lil Wayne, jay Z, Andre 3000, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem and a few others. Mainly Lil Wayne tho because even tho he isn’t at his best right now I feel like between the years of 2007-10 he set the bar for where every artist should aim towards. He was hands down the best rapper during that time period and he was a workaholic. And that’s the level I want to get to. I want to get to the point where people are saying “C-4 kills every track he gets on”. I don’t ever want to get complacent in anything in life and music is no different. I think what has helped me develop to this point is the fact that I wont let myself put out trash. I feel like I know what good music is so I wont release anything that I wouldn’t go listen to by myself. I set high standards for myself and I always plan to reach a high level.

     My career goal in this music industry is to hopefully be the voice for the up and coming artist even if I do make it big. I feel like there are a lot of undiscovered talented artists out there and even here in the DMV that have yet to be heard. Whether it be because they don’t have the money to really market themselves or to record as often as they would like but if Im ever able to be in a position where I can help that’s what I think I would want to do more than anything. Getting famous isn’t the goal here but getting better and providing for my family is. If I happen to get famous along the way then so be it but I think a lot of people mess up when they are chasing fame instead of greatness. I wont make that mistake though.”

In order to follow up with C-4 on music, shows and other updates, follow C4 on the following sites:

FACEBOOK ” LIKE ”  :  https://www.facebook.com/pages/C-4/305535492800227?sk=app_2405167945

TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/C4_RTC

REVERBNATION :  http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_videos/2392435?sel_video_id=9748450&autoplay=true#!/c4dmv

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