SoProper Entertainment’s And Virginia’s Songstress @TyThaGod

ShesTmonet aka

There have been years of having opportunities of learning and growing into a young productive star within her own right. Coming from a strong foundation family, Tyler Mason who use to be known as T*Starz during her early years have become  one out of 4 siblings to embrace her amazing singing talent in the music industry. T’Monet ‘s  singing style is known to have diversity within her music that consist of  hip hop, rock, and R&B with an added twist of an well known  international language-German.  Currently T’Monet is signed with SoProper Entertainment, an indie label that is owned by her talented ,hip hop star  and  sister name “Ms Proper” who is also well known in  VA and NC as well. T’Monet have a reputation  to with stand adversities and win over the challenges that occurs within the music industry. Not to mention when you  understand and get to know T’Monet, you will love her  amazing confidence and how she is willing to share her gift and amazing confidence  with the world.  According to her bio, it states the following:

 “ T Mone’t began her singing career at a very young age. Like most people she began singing at church in the children’s choir. During her active participation in the church choir, she immediately stood out amongst the rest. As the years passed, T’Monet have this amazing  desire to perform where her talents grew beyond than what most people expected, even to those who knew she have that “ IT” quality. This expectation from a diverse groups who kept an eye on T’Monet started to  request  her  to participate in local talent shows which she quickly took over the Richmond area by storm . This storm T’Monent have created , allowed her to perform at multiple places within the states of Virginia and later North Carolina. During her early years, T’Monet  joined the Radio Disney team as one of the  performers in the group called “RD Frequency”. T’Monet and the group had opened up for singer and actress , Raven Symone and R&B group B5. T’Monet was one of the youngest  member of  the group of  her peers. As time continue to pass,  the group RD Frequency ended and  T Mone’t still  had the desire to continue with her singing career ; enjoy the stages of  her life and having an successful academic career  in school. During her stages of  life, T’Monet have become well  liked by her peers; being (ALWAYS) loved by her family;  becoming  an artist under So Proper Entertainment; at age 13 won first place in the “Richmond’s Got Talent” showcase; Finally at age 16, T Mone’t is ready to continue her  career in the music industry and  take life by storm!”

In order to stay updated with T ‘ Monet’s continued storm of success, you can follow her at the following links:

@ShesTmonet  via twitter 

Facebook email:

Follow with periodic updates : @SoProperEnt via twitter &

In order to book  T’Monet for shows or events, contact Tanya Monroe (Manager & Gaurdian) :

@TANYAB4U via twitter

Facebook email :

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