Put It Out There : North Carolina’s Artist @JarrellAuzel

It’s that time again to introduce another hip hop artist from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Jarrell Auzel is an 19 year old hip hop artist who is currently and quickly making a name for himself in the community and within the world of online social/music network. Stay tune for Jarrell Auzel upcoming album release on May 18th titled : “ Xscape “ Follow up now on current interview and the Street Team survey review :

D.Cox : TELL ME and YOUR FANS ABOUT YOUR SELF … At what have you begun to be interested in becoming a Hip Hop artist?
Jarrell Auzel: I started late as far as rapping goes which was at the age of 17. I’m originally from Hampton, VA. But, I moved to Smithfield when I was 13. And then I got introduced to rapping by my cousin Flamez Leonidas, who is my label mate over at Aviator Vision.

D.Cox: Who are your biggest influences and why?

Jarrell Auzel: My biggest influences are Travi$ Scott, Kanye West ,Kid Cudi and Owl Pharaoh changed my life musically. Not to mention, Yeezus as well. Those two albums in particular broke barriers for artist to step outside the box when it comes to making a hip hop record.

D.Cox: What makes your style of hip hop different than any other artists that is out today?

Jarrell Auzel: I feel like my music is 30 years ahead compare to what’s out right now. My sound contains my influences, but only splashes though. I want to be the greatest to ever make music. I want to work with the best people, because that’s how you get the best product. I’m humble, but I know I’m good at what I do at only 19 years old.

D.Cox: How many tracks have you written and produce just from working with djs and/or producers?

Jarrell Auzel: I’ve only dropped one EP titled (9TEEN) which I released back in December ’13
D.Cox: How many tracks/albums do you have out total? And which ones are your personal hits (top 5 since you started being part of this industry?

Jarrell Auzel: My best songs in my opinion are “ Gotta to Have It” (Prod. ALTOSOUNDS) & “ What I Gotta Do “ (Prod. Dray Vibes)

D.Cox: Being that you are a Fayetteville resident and/or native, what is it like for you as an up and coming artists, especially when it so competitive?

Jarrell Auzel: Dope and much respect. I like the artist I see working in this city, I’ve worked with a few thus far. TooLegitCrew got so much potential, she’s out here & she’s 16.She’s dope.

D.Cox: How do you handle being in a competitive situation in the world of hip hop?

Jarrell Auzel: As far as competition, I don’t worry about other artist. You can’t progress if you’re worried about the next man

D.Cox: What is your drive now comparing to the past when you first started in the music business?

Jarrell Auzel: I’m in a better place as an artist far as business wise and I am very sure that I am very capable of holding my own in both business and as an artist. But, I’m very appreciative of any offer that comes my way- I’m humble!

D.Cox: What are your upcoming and current music projects ? ( example – next album releases and title ?; tours outside NC or Fayetteville ; collaborations ; radio interviews etc.. )

Jarrell Auzel: My debut Album titled (XSCAPE) is set to be released in this May. Producers on it include: DrayVibes (My Main Producer),Vampyre Zoo,Houdini Beats,NextGeneration,Nosaj Thing & more.

D.Cox: When major corporations / labels decide to read and listen to who you are as an artists and if they want to sign you today, TELL ME SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT THEM TO KNOW ABOUT YOU AS AN ARTIST to make them believe you are that CANDIDATE to be sign (NOTE: Keep in mind people do read all the interviews /reviews, so give your sales pitch to be signed)

Jarrell Auzel : I bring a new sound to the game and the world actually. I want to work with the best people that are in the game. I know I have a long way to go before I’m the best. I want to change the world musically first, then venture out into other things. I can easily stand out from other artist with original materials. Nobody puts their heart in their music like I do, because there’s no sleep when it comes to success. Your number 1 artist on your label doesn’t want it like I do. I can bet my life on that. That’s the deciding factor between me & the next artist.

***StreetTeam Survey Review ***
On 4/29 during the mid day lunch hour, the street team went to the streets and randomly approached 8 individuals to listen to at least 3 hip hop tracks by Jarrell Auzel from soundcloud ( “ What You know “ ; “ Dear XXL “; “ Gotta Have It “ ) . We randomly asked 3 of the following questions to 8 strangers ( between the ages 19 -36 which were 3 military soldiers at local restaurant ; 1 individual at a local gas station ; 4 individuals from a local shopping center ) :
(1) What do you think about the delivery /flow of all of Jarrell Auzel tracks; (2) Do you feel that Jarrell Auzel is someone you would love to hear from more outside social media, such as being heard or seen on syndicated television, radios and related? (3) Finally, Do you have any final thoughts about the artists Jarrell Auzel, including how would you rate his overall music between 1-3 with # 3 rank he highest?
The chosen individuals stated the following:
1- 6 out of 8 stated that Jarrell Auzel delivery and flow definitely get an “ A+ “ and his production content was a new sound that they would like to hear more often, not to mention his sound production and content is original. They quoted “Shout Out to the producer who is working with the artist. Especially on the tracks “What You Know “and “Gotta Have It”. The individuals stated they like “ Dear XXL “ , but “ What You Know “ and “ Gotta Have it “ caught their attention.
2- All 8 stated they would love to see Jarrell Auzel performance live outside social media and some videos . Which the 8 individuals questioned when could they see his performance. Which the StreetTeam informed the individuals that Jarrell Auzel is currently working on dates as part of his upcoming projects (TBA).
3- Final thoughts of the 6 out of 8 individuals stated that they never knew that Jarrell Auzel just started his hip hop career at the age of 17. The 6 individuals stated that Jarrell Auzel delivery is definitely ranked 3; also, 2 individuals stated that although they rank Jarrell Auzel a 2 (fair) it is mainly due to their opinion of wanting to see Jarrell Auzel performing live and looking at videos. even though they thought all of his tracks are “ tight “ they rather to get to know him more by seeing him performing live in local club sites

Even though we only asked 3 survey questions that may appear to be broad for some people, it seems that these broad questions allow the public to answer truthfully and use their critical thinking especially when they are taking the time out to listen to an artist’s they never heard of before until the day of 4/29 (from 11:30 -12:40pm). I must say, shout out to the people on the streets of Fayetteville , NC for definitely supporting and taking the time out to listen to Jarrell Auzel’s music and for giving their honest feedback.. Like we always say, “Sometimes you have to take it back to the streets “.

In order to stay updated with Jarrell Auzel , follow up with him on the following sites :



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