North Carolina’s own Spoken Word Artist: Matt Gaylord aka @RealTheRapper “


This talented and intelligent young man have become one of the leaders of his community. I know throughout our lives  we have been told that  ” We should lead by an example ”  .  But  Matt Gaylord aka  ” Real Money”, have proven to go beyond lead by an example. Matt Gaylord have become a leader not only as an independent individual, he have became a leader among young children and  peers of his age group.  Having to come from a strong family background, Matt Gaylord have grew up taking life lessons that he learned and is able to create thoughts, theories and amazing outcomes towards his creative style of writing. When you hear the voice  of Matt Gaylord, you are definitely will be taking a journey with him as he speaks the ” Spoken Words ” of our society. According to Matt Gaylord, he states the following :

” I am an 18 year old writer, poet, song writer, musician, producer and hip hop artist from Durham North Carolina.  I am an avid fan of all art paintings, murals, and graffiti.  My 1st solo book second book overall titled ‘The Last Poet Society’ has been wildly successful selling 100’s of copies and has been getting positive reviews.  In addition to my book I also wrote  a play titled I Kingz that was made in to an actual play which I produced, directed, and played the lead role.  My senior year of high school I took a creative writing course.  At the conclusion of the course I was awarded the Best Poet, Most Creative Writer, and Best Overall Writer award.  I have also been involved in a few spoken word events and have received rave reviews for my performances.  In the past, my poetry as  well as music has been compared to Mos Def Talib Kaweli,  Common , Lupe,  Q Tip ; not to mention ,my piece titled Last Kings in my book was compared to something that Gil Scott and Herron would write. I am currently recording new music and writing new poetry pieces.  I have a book signing for my book coming soon and a spoken word performance at a local club in two weeks.  Anything that you can do to help is greatly appreciated .”

To make contact with Matt Gaylord for events , you can contact him and his manager ( Sonja Gaylord) as follows:


2) Business Address:

202 Grey Elm Trail

Durham, NC  27713

To review  the  work of the  Spoken Word  Artist ”  Matt Gaylord ” ,  follow this link and invest in his work :


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PUBLISHED JULY 2012 – FOR MORE INFO ON THIS POET , send us a message in the Managing Director’s tab of this site ( rev : 4/4/2014 )


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