Georgia’s Artist : HENNY WHYTE



There is no stopping the music when it comes to Henny Whyte.  Henny Whyte often times himself ” Look into the mirror” where he often view himself as an strong force that can accept any challenges, including the challenges of the music industry.  The more Henny Whyte see himself taking each initial step towards creativity,  the more poetic flow of sounds he is giving to his fans and to himself like an earth quake eruption~ that is motivation ! According to his quoted bio, it states the following:
” Born and raised in the southern state of Georgia Henny Whyte is a true southern hip hop lyricist. Henny Whyte has more than 15 yrs. Experience writing/recording and producing music. His passion and commitment to every project are undeniable. Henny Whyte has been exposed to all walks of life which helps him keep his music diverse. He has the ability to relate to all different sounds of music from crunk street jams to R&B jams; regardless of the type of music he seems to find his place. Henny has worked with artist all over the southeast as well as various national collaborations. His music is in constant rotation in the mixtape market and also has digital distribution outlets. I.e. iTunes, Amazon, etc. You can also find everything from and about Henny Whyte at Currently Henny Whyte’s music is promoted and distributed by HWMG Multimedia, a full scale multimedia company that Henny Whyte founded in January of 2011. Henny Whyte plays a key role in everything that HWMG Multimedia does artistry or management related. Henny Whyte is much more than an artist; he is a businessman that is well groomed for this industry. With his work ethic and talent he is sure to help make any project or business opportunity a success.”

Quotes: “I’m not just a rapper, iDoMuzik”
Current Singles: “iDoMuzik” / “Look in the mirror” available on iTunes
Current Projects: Welcome to the Nawfside-July 2012, Lyrical Warfare-July 2012, Henny Whyte: What up world-August 2012
Current network affiliations: HWMG Multimedia / K-Rock Promotions / Rocharder Ent. / Greyroom Productions / Urban Spice Magazine / Georgia Record Pool / Unsigned in the A / Servin these streets / explodos,com / Crazy T apparel

Contact info:

Check out HENNYWHYTE  :


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