Tallahassee, Florida’s Media Entrepreneur : Gerald “GT” Tookes


My online encounter with Gerald “GT” Tookes  is a humbling  experience. Gerald “GT” Tookes have a way to communicate with his friends and followers WITHOUT  demonstrating  any negative communication style at all. You will find that  Gerald “GT” Tookes  uses his humble and creative ability to communicate his thoughts and sharing his ideas as well.  Right now, you will notice  how his creative way of thinking can  correlate with what your  ideas that you often think about and bring your ideas to life.  According to Gerald “GT” Tookes‘s bio , it states the following:

” Gerald “GT” Tookes, is a video, photo, and media producer as well as information technology freelancer based in Tallahassee, Florida. He has been involved with media and technology for more than 30 years, having developed database programs for broadcast radio and for a non-profit agency.

While programming WANM-AM in Tallahassee, “GT”, was recognized nationally as Billboard Magazine’s Program Director of the year and recognized regionally as Southeast MUSIC’s Program Director of the year. An innovator in radio programming. After leaving radio, he concentrated on an information technology career, providing all computer networking, website design, as well as office management duties at The Florida A&M University Rattler Boosters.

Following his service at FAMU, he joined The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science as Manager of Information and Technology, where he was responsible for the daily technical needs and served as a technology instructor for the Museum.  During his tenure, he led the organization’s ability to create digital content for global via Apple’s iTunesU and Oracle’s ThinkQuest project.

Gerald has returned back to his first passion of media production and is the owner of G Squared Productions, LLC – which is an Audio/Video Production company. Recently, he produced a corporate video for Tallahassee Lenders’ Consortium, Inc. to help promote the agency and its services.

Currently, he is working on a documentary about The Black Church.  He is always looking for new and exciting projects and if you would like to work with him please feel free to contact him. “

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One thought on “Tallahassee, Florida’s Media Entrepreneur : Gerald “GT” Tookes

  1. I have had the honor and privilege of working with GT as a partner in helping our young people who have gotten into trouble. During that journey of my life, GT demonstrated an integrity and maturity that has proven to me and others who know him, WISDOM is a gift from God and not necessarily earned with age (cause we all know some old fools) and with GT, he knows God and God knows him. Since that time it has been an honor to continue life’s journey with GT as a Brother, Friend and, yes, Mentor and watching him become more polished as he guided the Mary Brogan through phases of technological evolution. GT is my GO-TO man for technology, with everything from walkthroughs on overcoming a ‘puter glitch to designing a small business network infrastructure to creating a storyboard for a public service announcement with video and audio enhancements (including multi-generational appeal). Wishing GT well and staying “plugged” into evolving technology through G Squared Productions.

    Dale R. Landry, MSW
    CEO Village Architects Incorporated

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