North Carolina’s Radio Personality : ” Ms. Nikki Rich “

” Nicole accomplishments and hard work has led her to where she is today. She has 20 years of Radio and TV experience. Nicole was the Guest Speaker for the Rotary Club May, 2011 held in Charlotte, NC.  She was host of the North Carolina Music Summit 2011 and recently held the “NCMS” Meet and Greet with Kevin A&R Shine in Charlotte NC. Nicole has spoken at several events such as the “Meeting in the Ladies Room,”, as well as being on the panel for the Making the Right Moves Music Conference 2011.  Nikki Rich hosted her first mix tape, “Rich Certified” with Multi-platinum Producer Doc Little and Core DJ, DJ Reese Chicago February 21, 2012. April 2012, Nicole Richardson Reached over 22,000 listeners on the Nikki Rich Show and celebrated her  1-year Radio Anniversary with the support of CBS Radio-WPEG Power 98, Mingleberry.Com and BET Blaze The Stage/106 N Park W.O.W.  Nikki Rich was also the guest judge for the BET Blaze the Stage/106 N Park W.O.W Auditions held in Charlotte, NC.

Nicole Richardson, Host of The Nikki Rich Show, is an inspiring and motivational voice of hope and strength. The Nikki Rich Show is an online blog talk radio and is know as “Nikki Rich.” Nicole Richardson constantly strives to maintain a positive attitude as she learns, grows and develops. She is a leader who will take on any obstacle and make it an opportunity to push forward in making an impact in the community. Nicole’s vision is to broadcast to a group of individuals educating, empowering, motivating and sharing music Hip Hop and R&B music in all age groups. ”

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