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We love the type of music that makes us dance; provide us joy and allow us to connect with our souls just for the enjoyment. Often times when we hear a unique signature sound of an artist, we gravitate towards them and become one of their biggest fans. And this says a lot about the London artist Grace Ashaye. Grace Ashaye has a unique sound of the early 80’s and current mix of R&B, Pop and House combine. Grace has an amazing way of writing her own lyrics and allows her true thoughts to correlate with great studio productions of dance-based music. Grace Ashaye spiritually surrenders to her style of music that continues to fuse the energy of diverse fans not only just in London, but within the US as well. Grace Ashaye is able to put in the time and effort necessary to ensure that her creativity continues to feed her soul lyrically as a singing artist, but as a writer as well. When you listen to 3 of Grace Ashaye’s current tracks such as “I feel your Heat”; “Oxygen” and “Freedom”, you will definitely be able to relate to her as a great performance artist

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D.Cox: You identified yourself in your bio as an extremely passionate artist. When you were in
your early teens you weren’t sure about your gifts as a singer. But, you have (or had)
people throughout your life time supported and believed in your talents. When you were
able to come to realize that you do have the gift to be a creative singing artist, how did you
come to grips in allowing your self-confidence to take charge and move forward with your

Grace Ashaye: I had to be honest with myself and say ‘go for it …. What have you got to lose?’ Working with other people, having an open my mind to what I could do and build my confidence. Having singing lessons and working through my material in the sessions. Even still to this day, I am grateful for my amazing singing vocal coach /orchestrator who has become my friend and confidant.

D.Cox: And what advice do you have for upcoming aspiring artists about having Self-confidence?

Grace Ashaye : Believe you can do it, keep going, have faith, practice your art and explore new avenues, take advice, acquire a mentor, work with different people, be positive, focus, come out of your comfort zone, don’t ever let anyone tell you you are not good enough…. And most important ….enjoy the journey and have fun whilst recording in the studio, no matter who you are working with!!

D.Cox : Other than playing the piano when you were younger, are there any other instruments that
you know how to play? And do you contribute your own skills in playing a musical
Instrument to create the right production with your lyrics?

Grace Ashaye : My voice is my instrument at the moment and my melodies come naturally. Although I would love to take up piano again and also try drums.

D.Cox : From years working with artists in the Arts & Entertainment business, one thing I am
aware of is how artists wake up and go to sleep thinking about their art. How do you
mentally prepare yourself to lyrically create a perfect song or tracks?

Grace Ashaye : Have an open mind, let my thoughts run free, keep occupied with other activities whilst preparing. You’ll be amazed what comes to you when you are thinking about something else.

D.Cox : As a performing artist, how important is it to you to connect with your audience? And

Grace Ashaye : Very!! It is key and one of the most important reasons for performing. The audience is an arm of my performance. They give me the energy at the same time as I give them, so we bounce off each other. I want the audience to enjoy watching as much as I do performing. I am there to entertain them so that they come way feeling lifted and in good spirits having enjoyed the performance

D.Cox : For those of us here in America, can you give us a brief outline history of events
and/or tours you have done thus far?

Grace Ashaye : Marbella Art Festival in June 2009/10, talent shows in London; Original Song Writers SW1, London; finally, Hungry Feeling- underground events in London

D.Cox : When I listen to your tracks , “ I feel your Heat”; “ Oxygen” and “Freedom” , you
remind me of successful cross over R&B and Pop artists, such as “Diana Ross” ; “
Donna Summers” and “ Madonna” To me as a new found fan, this is what makes
you successful and different from other artists of house, pop and R&B, especially in
popular areas of radio and the club scenes of feel good house music. Right now, who is?
one of your (most) favorite artists of all times? And Why?

Grace Ashaye : That’s a hard one as there is so many. I don’t have an all time favourite as there are some amazing artists out there and I love them all! If I really had to choose it would be Prince & Tina Marie (good rest her beautiful soul & vocals). As you can see I’ve chosen one male & one female to show the balance .

D.Cox : Can you give us (your fans) a short synopsis about the inspiration behind each
song? And is there a message behind the songs you have written that we should know
about? (“I feel your heat ; “ Oxygen” and “Freedom”).

Grace Ashaye :
“ I Feel Your Heat “ track was influenced by someone I met, interesting and quite sweet reaction when I told him so;

With reference to FREEDOM:
I was inspired by working 9-5 Monday – Friday and watching other people’s behavior to pattern e.g. going to and from work place itself.I thought ‘how different it would be if we could break out of that pattern and take the chance to be free to do what we want to do and be who we wanted to be. Free from the 9-5 i.e mundane patters of work. It does not have to be like this. There is life outside the office and day to day, so go forth and enjoy! Don’t feel/be restricted…… I felt like I was on the outside looking in when I wrote this track as I didn’t want to be part of the rat race. Definitely a dance track for a hot sunny day, cruising with the roof top off your car, wind in your hair, hands in the air. The aim of all my lyrical content is that uplifting/anything is possible, you are not the only one feeling a certain way/we can all relate etc ……after all … we are human and part of the universe.

With reference to Oxygen:
The track was renamed Oxygen, the original title tells the story. However the inspiration behind this was about focusing on the positives in relationship rather than identifying the negatives/what goes wrong etc which people sometimes have a habit of doing. For example, friends may not always tell you about the good things in their relationships but are quick to mention the not so good if things are not running smoothly or to their liking. It aims to tell people, it is possible to have a good relationship with someone you love.

D.Cox : Being that the year 2013 have made you a successful creative artist, what are your
upcoming projects for 2014 (Name date and title associated with album/track releases,
tours etc )

Grace Ashaye :
The release of Oxygen is on 6th January 2014.I had a release out on 20th December on Casa Rossa Label, produced by Italy’s finest. It is a cover version of a house track by The Fog called ‘ Been A Long Time ‘. It is available on Beatport ( http://www.beatport.com/track/been-a-long-time-feat-grace-ashaye-original-mix/4970424 ). This release was a nice end to 2013. … Oxygen will be a nice beginning to 2014! Also, I have just signed a contract for a cover version – release date to be confirmed; I will also be starting my own label called ‘Art of Grace Recordings’ where I will be piecing together materials for my own album, including releasing my own material and that of other artists. I will keep you posted regarding the launch. Not to mention, I have been asked to PA in Spain early next year which the dates are to be confirmed.Finally for 2014 , I will be at the WMC in Miami March 2014 networking to the max ! Also, I am also working on several collaborations and I also wanted to mention possibly featuring in another short film by Washington Brown, LLP

D.Cox : As a successful artist or to become a successful artist, the reality is that success
does not happen overnight and it requires hard work. As an artist, how do you interpret the
phase “focus on solutions, not regrets”?

Grace Ashaye :
For me, I interpret the phase “focus on solutions, not regrets” to mean ……. focus on how/the way you are going to get to your destination of success rather than regret not making the effort in getting there. Does that make sense??

D.Cox : Indeed ! The phase “focus on solutions, not regrets” does give our work ethics; quality of work and our life the empowerment to move on to the next level . Joel Osteen said it the best: “What you focus on will determine what kind of life you’re going to live. Remember your victories and go to a new level. “

Grace Ashaye :Thank yoooouuuuu!!
D.Cox : You’re definitely welcome and continuous blessings.

In order to continue to stay updated with Grace Ashaye, follow her on the following sites for more music and events updates :
TWITTER https://twitter.com/GraceAshaye77
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grace-Ashaye/178884702305995



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