Put It Out There ™ : Indianapolis Artist ” AD ” aka @SkyDiver_AD

AD is one of the hardest working Hip Hop artist representing the city and state of Indianapolis, Indiana. In the competitive world of hip hop, there is always rising artists who are willing to go the extra mile to show his strength amongst the best. Hip Hop artists are known for their nature of being strong minded; being humble; knowing who he/she is as individual and as a brand; not to mention, having the type of personality that allows people of all diversity to gravitate to him/her as a performance artist and a visionary. When you think of such artist, you can think of AD as his journey to the road of success.
According to AD’s bio it stated that AD is not only a Hip Hop artist, he is a producer as well. When you listen to each of AD’s tracks , you will hear both quality of his productions and his lyrical flow , especially when you hear tracks like “ Stacking Papers” ; ““ That Work “; “100 “ (ft Louie ) ; “Plug“ and many more. When you sit down and listen to the creative style of AD you will know him as an individual with a vision and as someone with a great potential to reinvent himself each time he produces creatively on various mediums (or higher) , especially for his fans. On December 14th 2013 (1 pm-4:30), we went out to the community to conduct a survey on AD’S tracks from the DATPIFF Mixtape website. On the day of December 15th, our target areas were Walmart shopping center and our local mall. On that day we provided surveys that consisted of 4 questions that relate to AD’S tracks as follows: 1) what do you think about the delivery/flow of Ad’s tracks? ; 2) Do you feel that he is someone you would love to hear from more outside of social media, such as being heard or seen on syndicated television, radios or related? 3) How you would rate AD’s overall music? ( Note: Between 1-3 with #3 rank the highest (excellent) ; 2 being satisfactory and 1 need improvement on lyric content, flow delivery/bars and production); Finally, question 4 consist of final feedback about AD as an artist and/or top 1-10 tracks from Ads tracks.
The outcome of 15 individuals indicated as follows: For question #1, 8 out of 15 individuals agreed that they feel AD’s delivery/flow was definitely tight; he provided a good thought process when he creates story line for people to connect too. Especially for the tracks “ Plug “; “ Stacking Papers “ ; “ Every MF Day “ and “ Fly Shit” which 4 out of those 8 individuals indicated that they will definitely download the whole album . Next ,7 out of 15 individuals indicated on question #2 they would love to hear more of him and inquired when is his next show and interviews ; asked for his information to stay updated with him and his music which we provided the information ; Next for question #3 all 15 individuals rated as follows : 4 out of 15 rated AD with a 2 (being satisfied with him as a performer and content; they also indicated that they would love to know more about him) and 11 out of 15 individuals rated him with a 3 (rank highest in flow/delivery and production) and those same 11 individuals written they would love to get to know him and see him perform. Finally in the feedback section, all 15 agree that the following tracks is their top 9: “ 100 “ ; “ Plug “; “ Every MF Day “; “ That Work “; “ Dx Rose “; “ Nap Town “ ; “ Tired Of Waiting “ and “ Bring it Back “ which they all indicated that each of those tracks are club bangers; relatable tracks and the individuals indicated that they will follow up and participate in AD’s climb through social media charts.
However, AD is one out of many talented hip hop artist that you should not sleep on. There is tremendous amount of talent in hip hop, but there is a greater success for the up and coming artist AD . In conclusion even though we used 4 questions to conduct a survey/ review on AD, our soul purposes is to allow the audiences (or participants) to identify the specifics while listening to an artist’s music without limiting their own thoughts, opinions and feelings. Not to mention, we care about the voices in the streets equal to the voices on social media. We always say, “Take your creativity back to the streets “~ the more audience the more fans!

For More updates on AD music and events , continue to at the following links :
Twitter https://twitter.com/SkyDiver_AD
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/WellsBoyzWorld?feature=mhee


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