South Carolina’s Art Expressionist : Elijah Wilson


Elijah Wilson

From recently speaking with Elijah Wilson , I have come to know this is a man of passion as an expressionist who uses his art to speak louder than words. When you think of the everyday expression “Action speak louder than words” , you will hear your thoughts and vision  the art expressions of Elijah Wilson .  Like everyone else  when I examine Elijah Wilson’s work of art, I think of this quote by Gustave Courbet “ The beautiful is in nature, and it is encountered under the most diverse forms of reality. Once it is found it belongs to art, or rather to the artist who discovers it”

According to the written bio of Elijah Wilson, he is quoted as follows:

 “I consider myself a multicultural artist in the genre of surrealism. As a self-taught South Carolina artist, I have found art to be medicinal to my soul.  I realize that I am simply a conduit through which my talent flows.  After exploring numerous media, I embraced acrylics sense they are rapid, forgiving, immediately expressive and allow mixed media techniques. Since attending high school ; attending the Governor’s School For The Arts in Greenville, SC ;  coinciding along with the exposure I received from nationally acclaimed instructors, my passion for my art blossomed.  Because of years of experiences and opportunities, I have  receive  the opportunity to be involve with interested stakeholders from various parts of the entertainment sector, including stakeholders from  a  well diverse group of collectors. However as I bring my art of expressions to life, I prefer to utilize cool colors since they reflect my mellow and relaxed personality.  Once I complete my work of art on canvas, the images I have vision becomes to life as evidenced by the way there is  a subtly and comfortable way how my colors convey my  emotions from life experiences,.  I am always humble how my art allow a subjective form of composition that portray a story. The goal for my viewers is to vision the same story in which I have created through canvas with a  creative twist and unique perspective through their very own eyes.”

To further see through  Elijah Wilson’s  eyes , indulge in his creativity as  he quote the following :

1.  ” This an image of the city where my one man show will be held November 10th 2012.
I would like for you to add to the image:
Down Town Greenville

2. This second image is titled:  “A Single Petal Of A Rose”  (man with trumpet) The original to this painting is sold however this painting is being sold as a limited edition print in three sizes.  It can be bought as a poster print in two sizes. I will list the printing company for you subscribers to purchase.

Single Petal Of A Rose

3. This third image is titled: “True Knowledge”  (blue man sitting down) The original to this painting is sold however this painting is being sold as a limited edition print in three sizes.  I will list the printing company for your subscribers to purchase. Also,  “True Knowledge” was featured in a scene in an up and coming movie titled, “Childsupport”.  The movie should be out by the new year.  They do not have this scene in their trailer but , you can review the trailer at this  link   :

True Knowledge ( Blue Man)

4. This  fourth and final  image is titled: “Purity of One’s gift” The original to this painting is sold, however this painting is being sold as a limited edition print in three sizes.  I will list the printing company for your subscribers to purchase.

influence of the Duke
In order to stay updated with and contact Elijah Wilson, here is his information as follows :
a)  To view his  art work and information :
 b) For business correspondence email address :

c)  The company out of Atlanta that sales fine art museum quality Giclee prints of my work. The customer can call to order at 866-352-9779 or email for questions

d) Finally,    My facebook account is under “Emmanuel Wilson”

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