Put It Out There : 2016 Interview with Cane The Tyrant


BIO synopsis according to ‘ Cane The Tyrant’  :

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Cane saw his love for music during the early 1980s. His interest in rap/ hip- hop flourished as he bought his first rap tape, Kool Moe Dee. He listened to Steady B ,  the Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Grandmaster Flash. After leaving at the age of 12 to move to the ATL, Cane continued his love for music by writing his first rap song with a local associate; after graduating from high school he went on to college and played basketball while still focusing on his first love hip hop music. Cane officially got serious with rap around the year 2002. Where he allowed himself to explore more on himself as an artist and also where he began creating a barrage of mixtapes which also gain a momentum of recognition within and outside his hometown. Cane  started recording locally with fellows rappers in the city and continued to  record without allowing challenges to stop him; including not allowing disagreements to become a challenge which he also learns to be more independent with his own work. For example, at times on his own he created at least 6-8 songs a day for a long period of time; released a fury of mixtapes in Birmingham, Alabama; also,  selling bunches of CDs to his work mates at his job and through the city. After timeless life (past) alterations that drug him through the very fabrics of misery, his writing becomes his outlet, a sort of therapy for the demons that plagued him throughout most of his life. Back in the ATL, Cane joined forces with CeRTiViSION (a strong southern, local, hip-hop group with a loyal following) ,Tru Key Entertainment ,QuezMusic and with an alliance of affiliates Currently, Cane is working with his label ” M4″  on   various projects which the outcome of each individual projects is what the fans is waiting for a needed change in music………………………….. the Underground super-group begins!


Within the past couple of years, Cane Tha Tyrant have been on a non-stop journey  ensuring that he continues to achieve his entrepreneurial goals within the music and entertainment industry . Successfully  without allowing (negative) challenges to stand in his way , Cane Tha Tyrant is known to his friends, family and fans a  ruler of his own lyrical style  through his videos and stage performances; including through his current and past  released tracks that are now currently available on SoundCloud.

Dancy:  Since joining forces with Certivision ,What is your current role and expertise within the company? Also, have there been any latest achievement/success since working with them?

Cane :  Since I started working with them I haven’t looked back. As far as my role, we all come together just to make music. I just work with them CeRTiViSiON, learning things I don’t know. As for the achievements, I get them every day. I’m not concerned with what anyone is doing. I’m just on what we are doing.  I know who we are and what we do, anything outside of that has no interest to me.

Dancy:  Since the last album/mixtape releases in 2013 & 2014 , what are your current album/mixtape releases for 2015 and 2016 for fans who have not heard of you yet?

Cane : In 2015 I dropped “Literature”  , that there is a thing in itself. I dropped it cause I felt I needed a body of work out there that spoken for this thing called hip hop. It was a silent and  loud project that will give itself its own wings. I just sat it down and let it resonate. This year, August 20th, I had released  “THE INNER ANARCHY” Also “DLTWTY” will be out this year and ‘ABOMINATION” At this moment circulating is a track called “RECKON” and “FROSTBite”.

Dancy:  Speaking of new releases. Describe the meaning behind the meaning of each (new)  tracks that you now have out on release on Soundcloud (note : if you have more releases add them as well )

Cane: “DLTWTY” – This is a HOT M4 RADIO exclusive, actually  the whole project that will only be available through Hot M4 Radio. This track is a look into the world we live in and the way it affects you and also the beauty of it, along with the struggles.

– “All We Do “– This is a CANE* MIX of the actual song done by Kaytranada. This is pretty much the way people act in certain relationships to each other.

– “Don’t Front”- This is just straight spittin

– “Crumblin Urb”- This is the first track from “Literature” . This is where you get an entrance to the project. This is a raw cut that speaks for itself

Dancy:  I notice you have some collabs on your new tracks, who are they ( Artists) ? And are they part of M4? And what’s it like for you to do collabs on your current tracks, especially providing new sounds for the crossover market that is going on in the hip-hop industry?

Cane: Yeah, I collab with Mic Dubb, straight out of Gary, Indiana an affiliate that’s dope as hell. He actually just dropped a mixtape and then the album “Work of a Genius” which is fuckin dope. Pujo Williams and I are also featured on that joint. ,Of course, Quez Music and Pujo Williams from M4 Affiliates were part of those projects. I don’t collab with everyone. When I do collab with an artist it’s always dope cause I like to see an artist rip shit. Not to mention in my opinion, collaboration does  put out a certain energy that fuels the music.

Dancy : Do you have any future projects coming up ? if so, what are they? What can we expect?

Cane: Currently , the release of   “THE INNER ANARCHY”, “DLTWTY”, & “ABOMINATION” have been circulating successfully since the release date of August 20th . The first one is more on a look into the way I’ve seen things transpire and the effects of them.  The next is a HOT M4 RADIO exclusive, a look into the world we live in and the way it affects you and also the beauty of it, along with the struggles.  “Abomination”, I’m just going to leave that one alone. Just stay tuned for that shit.

Dancy: Within the last 2 years , what do you feel was your growth period within the Hip Hop industry?

Cane : I’m always growing as a man and as an artist every day on anything that  I do. However, far as the hip-hop industry it’s not on my radar, I’m not concerned. We do is what we do over here and they do what they do over there . Know that I have a  love for good music.  I have a lot of things going on and stopping is not one of them. The value of hip-hop has always been there for the world to see; it’s still there and  some don’t know it for what it is.

Dancy : Within the past interview , you spoke highly of your label/group M4. What do you say the progress is now in the year 2016 compared 2 years ago?

Cane: The progress is totally limitless. All do to the Lord above, without him there is # 1. However, 2 years ago with some things around music were just starting and we were getting used to some things. Also, life stepped in with all of us, from death in families, to babies, and all other types of things. We just do what we do. Pray. Then go. We have been blessed. There are a lot of surprises in store for the people, though. A whole lot of things! Hell , we all just steadily growing.  As a group and as individuals , we businessmen. We have just added to what’s  going on with us and  lead our plateau of the business itself (successfully). Two years ago is not much different than the present. We are just better with more duties, more projects and other endeavors  that we are pursuing diligently.Dancy:  If you can describe yourself as a creative artist now in 2016 compared to 2 years ago ( and how others compared you), how would you describe yourself ? and What would want others ,especially your fans to understand about you ?

Cane : I’m the same as I’ve always been. I just learn every day. You can always learn from a person. Every person can teach you something you just have to have your eyes open to receive it.  I think my fans that already listen to me get an understanding. What I think they should is that I am an artist in every form of the word.


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