Put It Out There ™ : August 1, 2012 Interview with Anthony ‘Q’

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Interview with on August 1, 2012 Anthony “ Q “ :

There are so many words to describe a man or a woman when he (or she) makes a successful  journey throughout the  stages of life. Indeed, Life lessons do allow each and every one of us  to experience stages of   life wether there are challenges or not. But one thing for sure, we can learn to be humble and allow the opportunities of  being humble enter our hearts while we take our journey through life . This is what I learned about this gentleman who goes by the name of Anthony “ Q ” ( past member of Day 26) . During my interview with Anthony ” Q “, I have listened to every words of excitement coming from the soul of Anthony ” Q’s” heart as he describes where he is at now in both music and in life. As I asked the questions and listen to his responses, instantly I remember one of Oprah Winfrey’s quotes that reminds me of Anthony ” Q’s” journey and how he often expressed how very humble he is today.  According to Oprah Winfrey’s quote, it states the following: “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment”. And that is the journey of Anthony ” Q ”  ~which is to prepare for each moment that he have planned for the rest of his life.  According to the interview:

D.Cox:   Because time have changed over the years with new generations of young music fans along with the fans that is historians to music, tell the audiences/readers who is “Anthony ‘Q’ is today since the start of your career
Anthony Q:

” Well who I am today ,is  Anthony “Q” who is very excited about what I have accomplish thus far in life, especially with my music and my management team. Right now, I am so excited about the new sounds that I am anxious to share with my fans that have been with me from day one. Currently, I have a new distribution deal with “ Twenty Two Recordings/Capitol Records/EMI  “ and I am definitely bless to share this excitement with my new management team “ Sky’s The Limit “. I am also excited about releasing my new sound and album that is a cross between  pop and R&B by no later than October this year. I feel even more excited for my female fans to hear what I have  created for them, because I dedicate the album to them. Especially, the two songs : “See Me”  and “ Melody “. But, even though the album is dedicated for the ladies, the album is for everyone.  

D.Cox : There have been  tremendous a lot of emphasis on maintaining image in the music industry ranging from the way a individual dress to being in the public eye appropriately representing  ” his/her brand “. Tell the audiences/ readers  in your own words what is important to you when you are representing your brand  and do you think being sexy as a male or female artists should be before the music you are trying to create

Anthony ‘Q’ :  

From what I have experience thus far,  I would like to say that within this industry it is important that you must be confident ; be who you are with humble characteristics  and be humble while representing your image .  It is important that you represent yourself in a healthy way (mentally, physically and emotionally) in order to with stand any challenges of the industry. Keep in mind, it is important that when you have to manage the creative side of your brand , you want to ensure that your brand reaches your fans , because they are your number one supporters.  Again, I would like to thank my fans who been with me and my brand since the beginning ~ “ luv ya” for the supper support

D.Cox “ We all face challenges in pursuing our dreams and no doubt we face obstacles while we reaching our dreams. Without getting personal, tell your audiences / readers the lessons you learned from family, friends and the music industry”

Anthony ‘Q’ :

Well the lessons that I have learned is to remain humble. I must say, being famous is not fun. And I say that because when you have the passion to do what you love , you have to work hard and have that 100% commitment  in order to balance your dream and reality.  I have learned throughout my years is not to allow myself to miss out on any doors that are open to me and take chances in order to experience the true meaning of life while I am taking this journey in this industry as an artist.

D.Cox: We know that your career really took off with Sean “Diddy” Combs creation of the show Making of the Band, where you were a part of the 4thseason. Are you still in contact with the other members of your former group Day 26? As well as do you still communicate with Diddy? Or Any collaboration in the future?

Anthony ‘Q’:

Right now, I am contact with a few people. However, I see that everyone have successfully moved on with their own project and I am extremely proud of them and where they are headed. Because each one of us is in a new place in life. So, I extend my love and  happiness towards everyone.  But if at any point in time there is opportunity to do collaboration, I wouldn’t shut the door on the possibility.
D.Cox : Where do see yourself in the next ten years? Are you satisfied now where your career is headed?

Anthony ‘Q’ : 

I am very satisfied and bless  about my career and  I am motivated to keep going, including possibly look into an acting career to show my other creative side. I would like to add that  I am currently involved with a group of Pittsburgh students “Writer Blocks” . These are a group of individuals who I find I can relate to when it comes to achieving educational goals and achieving dreams. 10years from now , I definitely want to continue to share my vision and  journey with my team, friends, family and definitely with my fans.

D.Cox :  What is one of your favorite quotes that keep you motivated during your journey?

Anthony ‘Q’ :

“  Have faith and believe in yourself. In order for things to happen, you have to believe and never give up.” I always say, “ When a door shut and open back up and never miss out on any opportunities”

D.Cox:    This concludes the end of the interview at approximately 4:01pm ; 8-1-2012 with Anthony “Q” .  I would like to humbly thank Anthony Q and Mr. J Smith for allowing me the opportunity to conduct this interview. Continuous blessings to you and your team ~ always !

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http://www.skysthelimitet.com/         Owners names are Jason Griggs  &  Travis Looney

Read the successful update article on Sky’s The Limit with Twenty Two Recordings/Capitol Records/EMI:


{ Disclaimer: photos courtesy of yahoo.com  and approval from manager J.Smith }


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