Put It Out There ™ : Boston’s Artist @Mystery_Cipher

MysteryCiper is another talented artist who is currently embracing both the Hip Hop industry and the world of Hip Hop. When you speak of someone that is career minded; lyrically creative; always focus and willing to make use of his time 100%, then you are talking about MysteryCipher. MysteryCipher is one out of many talented Hip Hop artists who demonstrates the ability to have a (creative) lyrical flow and producing talent since the age of 6 years old. According to an excerpt from his bio, it stated the following: “As early as 6 years old Cipher can remember writing down words that rhymed together and was fascinated by it ever since. As he grew older his inspiration for music grew as well.” Because of this divine inspiration, MysteryCipher created hit tracks like “ Sometimes I “ ; “ After Touch Beats “ and many more you can find on SoundCloud, Reverbnation and YouTube. Get to know this talented (humble) Hip Hop artist “MysteryCipher” ~ you will not be disappointed!

INTRO COMMENTARY : “ Before I start I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me over the past couple years and a special thank you to everyone at BasicPrincipal,LLC for blessing me with this amazing opportunity! Looking forward to working with you throughout the future!” ~ MysteryCipher

D.Cox : You have an amazing journey with your music career since the age of 6, especially in the area of Hip Hop. What lead you to become inspired by hip hop music at such an early age? Or should I say, who or what inspired you?

MysteryCipher : At age 6 I can remember myself writing down words that rhymed. I’m not exactly sure which artist in particular inspired me at that young of an age but I know as I began to grow older I was influenced by artists such as: Big L, Eminem, Fabolous, Cassidy, Big, Pac, etc. I was mostly inspired by artists who could paint a picture with their lyrics. I’m also a huge fan of punchlines and that’s what artists like Big L, Cassidy, Fabolous, and Freck Billionaire are known for. Growing up I was and still am a huge rap battle fan. I was amazed at how these ridiculously talented rappers could get in front of a crowd and just try to completely demolish his/her opponent. It was like a full out war was happening right in front of you without the violence. Then after the battle both competitors shook hands like nothing happened. I studied and literally took notes on these battle rappers rhyme schemes and how they set up words. It was something beyond my belief. My favorite battler of all time is most likely Murda Mook. If it wasn’t his bars alone that were going to kill you he had the confidence and stage presence of a legend. I was also always inspired by the fact that artists have unlimited creativity. There is nothing that an artist cannot address in a song, and I truly believe that is a beautiful thing. To be able to express your emotions and moods through music is something that still fascinates me to this day.

D.Cox : Now, your name represents your brand within the music industry and for your current and past projects. Can you tell me (us) what does “ MysteryCipher” stands for those who do not know?

MysteryCipher : “MysteryCipher” is actually a name my friend gave me back when I was around 12-13 years old. When I first started making music on somewhat of a good quality microphone I was entering these online youtube “cyphers” hosted by bigger named youtube artists. At that time I still wasn’t sure what my real style was as an artist so it was a “mystery” to me. My friend put both of the names together and got “MysteryCipher”…well technically “MysteryCypher” but I never liked how it looked with the y in Cypher so I decided to give it my own twist.

D.Cox : Now it is mention in your bio that you started recording at age 11 on your webcam for production and that was a creative idea to do at a young age. How does it feel now to record more effectively in a studio compare to back then using your webcam? And what have learned now about the importance of quality of production in music?

MysteryCipher : At age 10-11 me and my friends would be recording on a webcam mic all days for weeks and thought it was the coolest thing. Shortly after that I upgraded to some dynamic USB microphone which for some reason at the time made me feel like I could now record in professional quality. I think at age 13 I got my first USB condenser microphone which was really a huge improvement in my sound quality. Between the ages of 13-17 I went through a whole variety of condenser microphones. I now use the Blue Bird Condenser Microphone and I love it. I actually record most of my music at my house, and do all my own mixing & mastering. I will sit on a mix for days or even weeks just to make sure my sound quality is perfect. Quality a one of the biggest and most important keys in the music industry. So if you are reading this and need your music professionally mix & mastered just contact me! I’m always willing to help out other artists as much as I can!

D.Cox : For a while, I and some friends have discussed how kids now days apparently have more motivation and drive to reach their goal to be a part of the entertainment industry than most adults out there. Amazing enough, kids with that type of drive appears to manage both the Competitiveness side of the business and able to remain grounded with the help of their team and their family. Can you tell me how the same motivation allows you to continue on through such a competitive world, such as hip hop?

MysteryCipher : I try to keep my music persona and my personal life as separate as I can. When I’m with my friends or family I don’t want to be seen as an artist or any of that. I want to be treated just as if I’m the same person you have known for the last 18 years. I try my best to keep everything balanced, but once I’m in my music zone it’s hard to take me out. I can remember as far back a week or two ago I told my friends I couldn’t go out with them because I had to finish up some work in the studio. It’s hard for me to do, but at the same time they understand it’s going to benefit us all in the future. I feel like whenever I’m with my family or friends and we’re doing something that doesn’t involve music I forget about it for a moment or two, and when I’m in the studio with the music all the way up I completely blank out and forget about everyone and everything around me. I see it as the best of both worlds and try to balance it out as best as I can.

D.Cox : Now that you are a more experience artist compare to years ago, who have you worked with during your journey far as collabs’ and production? And how did they successfully contribute to your journey ~ meaning, what experiences have learned working with people who supported you during your success?

MysteryCipher : I have been blessed to work with many ridiculously talented artists/producers. Song collaboration wise I have worked with artists such as: Cassidy, Chubby Jag, Future, Freck Billionaire, Offishall Time, etc. Production wise I have worked with many amazingly talent producers such as: Studbeats, 2Deezy, JayBoose, D-Fixx, IamNotChalant, IrateGenius Beatz, The Legacy, Lewi V, Timmy Da Hitman, Amp On The Track, Swamp Crew Beatz, etc. All of these people have had a tremendous impact on my journey as an artist. I am extremely lucky to have been blessed enough to work with all of these artists/producers. These are people who work around the clock trying to achieve success in this music industry, and you may not like one of our style/type of music but you have to respect our work ethic. Just as I always say I believe hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, and that is what the people about motivate me to do. Work Hard.

D.Cox : Right now as we doing this interview, you are ranked #2 on Reverbnation in your home area of Boston, MA. And you are one of the examples of how hard work does pay off one way or another, especially in the competitive world of hip hop. How do you handle the Competitive nature of rivals in the Boston area of Hip Hop?

MysteryCipher : #2? Thanks for notifying me on that, just realized I got to go get #1 back. Hahaha No, but seriously I support every artist from my city regardless of what he/she has to say about me or my music. If you’re putting on for Boston you have my support to the fullest. As far as the bars go I still feel like I’m one of the sickest in Boston, but I mean every artist should feel that way about themselves. One artist I have to pay homage and respect to from Boston is the boss Chilla Jones. That man represents Boston to the fullest in every battle he goes into. He has been tearing these men apart like rag dolls lately. That is one artist I am looking forward to hopefully working with in the near future.

D.Cox : Now that you have successfully achieved one of the major parts of your dreams and that is to become a hip hop artist, can you name some tours or events you have done thus far for those of us who do not know? ( provide dates location of venues and with who , if applicable )

MysteryCipher : Since I just turned 18 less than a month ago, it was hard for me to get shows due to the fact that I’m underage. I had the opportunity to open up for King Los when he came here for a show a year or two ago, but unfortunately I was told last minute that the club couldn’t allow me in due to my age. Now I’m just working and stacking records so once everything is done I’m gonna hit the club scene around Boston HARD. Just watch it happen.

D.Cox : I have listened to all your tracks. And you have hits on your hand. However if I had to choose my top 6 favorites I would say it would be the following : ” Dumb out ” ; “Prayin’ 4 My Enemies” ;” Sometimes I “; ” Pop It ” ; ” Eyes Low ” and “ Self-Made” . Because you are a lyrical writer, can you give a brief description what inspired you to write each of those tracks?

MysteryCipher : Thank you! I really appreciate that! “Dumb Out” is a song with well-known artist Cassidy & his artist Jag. This record was sent out and I received a DM from Cassidy saying he was going to drop a record for the street and wanted to see what I got so I decided to hop on it and got some amazing feedback. This song was really a blessing and helped verify my skill level with a lot of supporters. “Prayin’ 4 My Enemies” is a song with one of my closest artist friends I have Marcus Majorz (@iAmJusticeMusic). This song came into my hands and I loved it from the minute I heard it. I was lucky enough to have Marcus call me up and tell me he wanted me to fill in that last verse. Marcus & I have a lot more music coming real soon! “Sometimes I” is a more soul sampled type of song produced by one of my best friends Studbeats. I asked Stud if he could make something soul sampled, and he sent me that. As soon as I heard that beat I knew it was going to come out and be a fan favorite. Stud and I were best friends in middle school way before either of us even thought about music and we just came into it together. Stud is one of the hardest working producers I know, and that is why he gets nothing but love and major respect from me. “Pop It”, “Eyes Low”, & “Self Made” are all made by D-Fixx. I want to say these tracks were made early 2012, but I felt like they had something different and special about them so I decided to hold off on them and put them out with my debut EP “Well Connected”. D-Fixx is an amazingly talented producer. Every beat he sends to me is something worth me jumping on & that is exactly why I love working with him.

D.Cox : Now that 2013 has proven to be a successful milestone for you, what are some of or one of the major projects you worked on that sent a message to you as an artist and cause you to say, “There’s no stoppin’ who I am “? And Why?

MysteryCipher : I feel like 2013 has just been a stepping stone to what is to really come. I look back into 2013 and see nothing but a promising future for myself in this industry. I have been recognized and have worked with artists/producers who at one point were people I were listening to on a daily basis. Once I release this project I am just starting I think the people who had their doubts about me will begin to realize that I’m not playing and will quickly change their opinion. The difference between me and the artist they listen too is I don’t need all to talk about all the cars, clothes, and money to become successful. I’m coming up on my own with lyrics that make people want to replay the song 4-5 times and make them recognize and understand the meaning behind every bar. There is only a handful of artists who you can allow you to listen to a song numerous times and you catch a new line that makes you go “Wow” every time.

D.Cox : Currently you have an upcoming music production (album) coming in 2014, what can we expect different on your next project compare to your projects in 2013?

MysteryCipher : I feel like I am at a much better advantage in 2014 compared to 2013. I stepped my sound quality up tremendously, I have found a style that suits me well, and I have a list of artists and producers who want to see me succeed with this next project. I now just want to be able to focus on the music and get to work and see what I can come up with. In 2013 my debut EP “Well Connected” was something unexpected that I just wanted to release to see the feedback it would receive. To my surprise it received over 400 downloads in the first 24 hours on Datpiff.Com. With this upcoming project I hope to hopefully at least triple that number, and with all these amazing supporters on my side I believe that is possible.

D.Cox : When you think about how far you come as an artist since the age of 6, What do the quote by KRS1 mean to you : “ Rap is something you do Hip Hop is something you live”
And how does this quote apply to you as an creative artist?

MysteryCipher : KRS1 is a legend who is one of the best to ever touch a microphone and that is much more than just a quote. It can separate the real artists from those who just do it for other reasons. Rap is something that these artists do who just write a catchy hook and don’t worry about anything else. Hip Hop is something that lives inside you. Being a Hip Hop lyricist you never settle for the average. Even if you are tired or just plain out being lazy there is always something inside of you that is pushing you to make better music with a true meaning behind it. Hip Hop is something that you live and no matter where you are being a Hip Hop artist/lyricist you are always thinking about that next line. You could be walking down the street talking to your friend and then something crazy just comes into your head. It’s so much more than just being in a studio and working physically on music, it begins to take over everything you do. I will go to sleep at night and just when I’m about to fall asleep something new pops into my head that keeps me up and I have to write it down in my phone so I don’t forget. You begin to realize this isn’t just something you do when you feel like it. This is something you live.

To stay updated with or contact MysteryCiper’s journey, here are the following sites :
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mystery_Cipher
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysteryCipher
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/mysterycipher
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/ciphermusic1


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