ATLANTA, GA Artist: ” Sublyminal “


Eric Marcelle Flood aka ” Sublyminal ” is taking the social media network by storm with his smooth, but hard core lyrics that shows evidence that he can hold his own in this competitive world of hip hop. ” Kill the Beat” is one of his top hits but when you listen to ALL his tracks , you can understand his love for being in a competitive world like  hip hop. Not to mention, you can definitely understand the man behind ” Sublyminal “. According to his bio, it states the following:

Coming from Birmingham, Al and currently residing in Atlanta, Ga an un-disputable rising star known as Sublyminal born Eric Marcelle Flood. As talented as they come, Eric was dubbed the pseudonym Sublyminal due to his cleverness with words, unique lyricism, and wordplay. Sublyminal understands completely just how much of an obligation he has to separate himself from the pools of others and establishing himself as a true artist. CEO, artist, & businessman with an immense passion for his craft he began writing song lyrics early on in his teen years. Around 2008 he began recording his first studio album Controlling My Own Destiny which released in the summer of 2010.

The album went on to sell in large numbers on his independent label Eminent Muzic Group earning him unquestionable recognition as one of the cities greats. Now with the upcoming release of his second album Inspiration on July 7, 2012 Sublyminal has evolved to the next level. Listening to Sublyminal’s flow and razor sharp delivery definitely separates him from most of his peers in this hip hop game. One must definitely be prepared to rewind the track every once in a while to catch on to what this clever artist has said so cleverly yet effortlessly. With the work ethic, ambition, perseverance, diligence, and determination that Sublyminal possesses, he will definitely be around for a long time producing and delivering hot tracks that’ll keep ears open wide and heads moving.


Kill A Beat –


California –






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