Atlanta, Georgia’s Artists : Cane The Tyrant

 BIO synopsis according to ‘ Cane The Tyrant’  :
         Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Cane saw his love for music during the early 1980s. His interest in rap/ hip- hop flourished as he bought his first rap tape, Kool Moe Dee. He listened to Steady B , the the Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Grandmaster Flash. After leaving at the age of 12 to move to the ATL, Cane continued his love for music by writing his first rap with a local associates. After graduating he went to college and played basketball while stile dabbing in his love for music (Hip Hop). He first got serious with rapping was around 2002. To work on his craft he began creating a barrage of mix tapes where he began acquiring recognition. He started recording locally with fellows rappers in the city. While having his hands in another musical venture, he recorded viciously.While once again finding out that everyone wasn’t on the same page, he started work on his own. At times on his own he  created approximately( at least )6-8 songs a day for a long period of time. He release a fury of mix tapes in Birmingham, Alabama, selling bunches of cds to his work mates at his job and through the city. After timeless of life alterations that drug him through the very fabrics of misery, his writing become his outlet. A sort of therapy for the demons that plagued him throughout most of his life. Back in the ATL, Cane joined forces with CeRTiViSION (a strong southern, local, hip-hop group with a loyal following) ans Tru Key Entertainment and QuezMusic , including  with an alliance of affiliates ‘M4’  who is now working on various projects, the Underground super-group begins, what will be along awaited change in music…………………………..The next project entitled “EMERGE” will drop on January 4, 2013 available for download on

** Official Review/Interview **

When I think of “ Cane “ as an artist, I think of his strength behind his lyrics and the strength of his self-confidence when he expresses himself  to others.  When there is a world to conquer, there is no such thing as “Man down “only “Man moving forward towards his success”.  When you listen to Cane’s music on media or at a live show, I do truly believe that you as a fan cannot compare him to today’s artist.  Why is that you say? It’s because, it’s called being “different “and being “original” and that is who Cane is an artist.  If I have to give a definition to describe Cane, it would be a man who have absolute power over the mic  ; having control of his own destiny and determination  to live life to the fullest.  However, when you listen to Cane’s tracks, you will hear that same power in his lyrics.

D.Cox : According to your bio, you had moved to ATL from Connecticut at the age of 12. It is known when there are changes in environments, changes creates challenges. When you  are face with challenges  in the music  business( ex: cases /events or related) expressing your creativity  as an artists and dealing with different personalities of individuals within the entertainment industry, how do you effectively practice positive self-control when at times things you want at the moment does not successfully fall through?

Cane:  There are plenty challenges and changes every day in this world and a whole slew of different people you meet. But, life is about living, learning and responding accordingly. For example, people change every day from the people that used to be your friends down to the mailman. I ‘ve always just continue to be myself and I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. You can’t worry about other people which that is something that I never have done. Every day is not like the next so you have to be positive and move forward, including keep things moving; put God first and everything will fall in place.”

D.Cox : You are known as “Cane the Tyrant “.  What made “Cane the Tyrant “come to life in the hip hop industry?

Cane:   It was the pure energy that came from the words that I speak. It comes directly from the heart. We are in a day where everyone is trying to prove who they are to the next person. Everyone is trying to get one or piece of this industry. Millions of artist or most of them, look just like the next person who is  saying the same thing that the last person had said. How is that creative? Where is the creativity? I salute everyone trying to get down for theirs and trying to make things work for them. But, what makes me –ME is because  ‘ I am who I say I am’ – period. It’s not a put on for the cameras ; not for the women and definitely it’s not a gimmick -.. it’s me !

D.Cox :    Because you were greatly influenced by few out of many greatest 80’s hip hop artists, in what way did they influence you? (Give an example who and how the one of the classic artists’ style influence your style as an hip hop artist)

Cane:   I am influenced by many artists as you know, because I listen to everything. I listen to every genres of music. If it sounds good, I listen to it. But growing up the first tape I have purchased ever was Kool Moe Dee (“How you like me now “)- lol …he was the man. I listen to LL Cool J ; Run DMC; The Fat Boys; GrandMaster Flash and Steady B. But Rakim was one of the main artists who had everything. Such as stage presence, flow, intelligence, wits and a ‘take no shit’ attitude. Rakim had the type of street knowledge that made him who he is today- he is own man! Indeed, there are a lot of artists that molded me. And I also would like to add that I am also a big fan of. N.W.A and Spice 1 who took part in making me look at things a little different than I did before. N.W.W and Spice 1 didn’t give a fuck who they were like ‘ I’m going to say it fuck the censor’ – LOL . Now that’s real! All of them kind of molded me growing up listening to them and for that am definitely thankful!

D.Cox :        I am always known for telling any artists(of all genres) to continue to promote their old (products) mix tapes/tracks along with your new tracks, because I have always looked at the fact that there is millions of people who have not heard of or have not had a chance to know an artist and would like to do “research” involving going back to the root of the artist(s) musical history which in turn creates a larger fan base.  Indeed, You  are known for creating  numerous successful mix tapes throughout the years,  can you tell your (new) fans (us) the name of your mix tapes and where can we find  most (all)  of your  mix tapes online?  Or is there an available date you will have your flashback tapes available?

Cane:    It’s funny you said that cause I was in the process of revamping and putting out my older joints. My old joints are dear to me , because they indicates the points of  my struggles as I express myself through my music overall. However, I did about  6 six mixtapes on my own in Alabama when I started doing mixtapes and then I did about 8-10 here (GA) that were not released. We are in the process of building our sites and they will be available for the fans to listen and download . Some of them I will also place on some hip hop sites so eventually they will be more available for fans.

 D.Cox :     Throughout your journey as a hot rising artists, can you give your fans a brief detail on how you “ joined forces” with CeRITIVISION, Tru Key Entertainment , QuezMusic and M4 ? ( give a brief detail description /synaposis  of your experience with each of them.    )

Cane:    Well, I was on my own as I stated working on my mixtapes and I ended up going to a show by CeRTiViSiOn. We all went to school together and they had been doing their music thing. And I enjoyed the hell out of their show, it was raw and real. Fast forward a little bit we were working on a collaboration mixtape- me and CeRTiViSiOn. Pujo Williams, CEO had a lot of ideas and tracks and we said “Let’s do this shit” . He is very talented producer, engineer and artist whom I ve learned a lot from. Not to mention,  the venture actually turned into something that became a lot bigger than that. Other artists I have went to school with (Moreso Jaqo) also joined us, including Quezmusic CEO of “ Tru Key Entertainment” and a long time friend of Pujo Williams . He is a real producer. He puts out a lot of material. We pulled together all the resources and started working on what is now known as “ M4” . I’ve learned so much from them. I couldn’t have chosen to work with any better artist(s). ‘ Me ‘ on the respect level for them is off the charts and we got a lot of joints –a lot! I owe them a lot and I have to give them a straight up –salute!

D.Cox :      When I listen to your tracks, you put me in mind of one hip hop’s classic male artist “Scarface “who is known for his poetic   style and diversity of hooks, especially when he collabs with other artists.  When I come across hot artists like you, it difficult for me to choose which tracks I like the best. But if I had to choose, it will be “Wild Fire “, “Beast “and “Feeling Myself “.  Out of all the tracks/records you have created so far, which 2-3 tracks have a definite meaning to you? And  why?

Cane:   I appreciate the compliment and that is a big compliment. Scarface is a legend. Thank you. Those are big Well, out of all the tracks I’ve recorded so far that I think define me haven’t been heard by the general public yet. I have a track an entitled: “You Owe Me”. I also have a track  “Emerge” that just dropped  and  another  entitled “ On Me”  ft Pujo Williams that is a broad look into my feelings about the world simply because the trials and tribulations in my life. But, individuals are defined by who they are based and it is all about how you deal with them.  However I don’t want to give away the true feel of the song “ On Me” just yet, cause its hasn’t been heard at this time.  Next, “ feeling Myself”  is an M4  affiliates track with my team, Pujo Williams and Mike Twice who is  another talented artist that is with “Rebel Hard”. In a sense, they all describe me. For example, “Wildfire” shows a side of me as an artist (only) few know me as. My flow doesn’t ever stay the same, the tracks decides. I’m kind of like a prism, based on the brightness of the light touches -you get a broad spectrum of feedback when you are able to go beyond the spectrum of which those light touches.

D.Cox :    There is a saying: “ Enjoy this moment or each moment , because you may not have this moment again”. Out of all the shows /events that you have done, which one had a major impact on you and your team – And why?

Cane:    Speaking for me one stands out was the show we (M4) had when we release our M4 affiliates promo. It was off the chain. Everyone had “go time”! Fans ended up throwing paper, walking on the stage, dancing everywhere, including yelling out “encore”. But for every last show is the best for me. I appreciate what’s given to me each day.

D.Cox :        I feel everyone is successful in their own right.  Can you tell me why is it so important to have an successful team by your side as an artists, including representing your “brand” as an artist?

Cane:    I mean… I understand this to the fullest I’ve had a bunch of people around;  heard a lot of things; saw a lot of things and learning a lot of things as well. A lot of them were really out for themselves period. I ‘m a team player ~I feed off that! My team now is just true individuals that love the craft. We watch out for each other business wise and personal with no egos. Truly, fuck them egos!  That pre Madonna shit isn’t where it’s at. I hate to give you a clique everybody says they are truly down to the letter, but there is no “ I “ in team.  The “ I “ It doesn’t work with a real team. You cannot do everything on your own. You need help. Every successful artist has a team. Whether you see them or not, they are there. And I must say this : “ I’m blessed to around my team”  ~ Salute to my team!

 D.Cox : For this year of 2013, do you have any future projects coming out? If so, what are they and the expected/potential dates?

Cane:   Actually I have plenty  “ Emerge” was a long time coming. It needed to be out there, especially out of the first week in the year. I wanted to set the tone for bigger things, especially with my team and I. Since things are under wraps, I can’t tell you the names of the other projects until at a later date. But, I can tell you the next its entitled “The Bomb” ~ it’s craaaazy!!  It’s nothing like “Emerge”. Actually none of my projects are like the previous ones. It’s just how I am ; how I’m feeling at the time or what’s going. What I can say is that the “Bomb” will be out (very) soon ~ Hint..Hint –LOL

D.Cox:    Finally when it comes to self-confidence, I feel that you have an attractive confidence about yourself. Can you explain to those who are starting a music/entertainment career about the importance of having self-confidence even through the toughest times?

Cane:    Thank you that means a lot. Well when speaking on confidence, in music, sports , acting, debating at a job. Hell, whatever you’re doing, you have to believe in yourself~ hands down!  If you don’t believe in yourself who will?  Especially this day in age when time is constantly changing when everyone is trying to prove something to the world. You have to look in the mirror and “know” who you are. With me, I “know” who I am and I don’t put on; I don’t try to be something that I am not. What you get is me – “ CANE” and I display that with no pauses!  Indeed, this is a highly competitive business and you have to know who you are as a person and allow that confidence to displays itself through various types of business. Hell, I love myself…LOL and they should as well, especially through the tough times. Everything isn’t gravy all the time, especially when It’s 10% show and 90% hard work. Talent is a bonus in this industry. You just have to believe in yourself or you will not last.  Not to mention as I spoken earlier, you gotta have that team – straight up !


In order to stay update on the latest of ” Cane The Tyrant”, connect with him at his following sites:

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3 thoughts on “Atlanta, Georgia’s Artists : Cane The Tyrant

  1. Man….great interview!! not only did i enjoy your words Cane, I can really appreciate the professionalism it took to create this. So not only SALUTE to Cane P, but SALUTE to D. Cox for a great piece. Shout out to Tru Key, Mr. Hall, M4 Affiliates and Affiliettes, PC3RD, Pujo the Villian, CerTIVISION, Mike Twice, Straight Gleam, Jaqo, Mic Dubb, Eddie Lewis Clemon!!!!….I am Quezmusic Productions+

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