Belgiums’s Artist & Producer: BLD


BLD is known to the world of social media as a hard worker and don’t believe in letting things go.  According to his bio, it quotes the  following :

” BLD artist and producer.Borned in Yaoundé (Cameroon) At the age of 14 the artist was already in touched with music.
Since he was hanging around with different musicians living and jamming all the time near his hood.
Although no one in the family had a music story, he was so impressed when listening to music from overseas like ragamuffin, rap and soul. Cause the vibe that was coming from this type of music was good and he wanted to do the same.
When reaching up on his 16, he decided to join a group of young rappers which he made his first song with. Writing was not yet a habit for the artist but he had to learn how to freestyle until he got the perfect way to rap.
Small time concerts here and there gave him lots of confidence and he felt ready to go on his own. Unfortunately things weren’t happening well in the country so he came to Europe.Dreaming about a new start, he immediately got involved in some couple music activities where he really got too deep into Hip-hop. Living it and singing it. Everything was then an easy for him to access. His favorite rapper who influenced him the most was Tupac Shakur not that Tupac was the best rapper in music but because what Pac was saying on his rhyme was also reflecting BLD’s life.
That’s why He got the same thug attitude. his music is totally different from the rest just by listening. Another thing that made him apart is his creativeness.From a artist to a new producer in the music industry producing his own production.
Discover a talented artist with great taste of music.”

If you want to know more about @BLD1 (via twitter) , you can follow his creative style of music at the following sites:

Website :
Social Media Website:


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