Put It Out There ™ : Country and Folk Music Artist Bill Madison

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Throughout the years, music has provided artists a passionate creative way  to express themselves and allow their fans to relate to them. Country music is one of the leading entertainment markets today and it have been for decades. However if you take a look back on how country and folk music started since the early 1920’s (even earlier), you will know that the music successfully stood against time; have been embraced by new generations and diverse cultures around the world. And with that said, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Bill Madison. According to the excerpt from Bill Madison bio, he quoted the following : “My musical career spans more than 40 years; from the Folk Music venues of Boston, New York City and Montreal during the 1960’s, to the ski resorts and honky tonks of Northern New England from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.”   I feel Bill Madison is a “Successful  Cross Over Artist “ not  only just through  music production and writing  , but having the years of experience and knowledge of the overall business approach to music industry .  Bill Madison is an artist  that I feel is definitely a famous cross over artist within his community and a broad thanks to social media community.   Bill Madison is not an artist with gimmicks! He is an artist that I feel who is beyond today music  industry’s gimmick approach as evidenced by demonstrating an (above) exceptional level of live show performances, interviews and through his ability to write successful songs in one or more areas of Country , Contemporary and Modern Folk  music. In other words,   Bill Madison is a 100%- original true artist for the music industry to fully continue to take notice .  When you listen to   Bill Madison’s music, you would immediately feel like you know him like you would know great famous artists, such as  Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Syrus and many other artists you can relate to. There should not be a second thought about discovering who  Bill Madison is, especially once you take the time out and listen to all of his songs  as well.    Bill Madison has written and produces several songs and have many to share with the public within and outside social media networks. I feel that Bill Madison have something to offer in this music industry and I truly do not want his talents to be over shadow by the competitive nature of this business.  I have listened to all of Bill Madison’s  tracks including his music videos. I  have   picked 7 tracks  which I feel is my personal favorite as follows:“ Desperate Wind” ( a live video ) performances ;“ Angel ” ( a live video ) performance;  “ Softly”;    “ Sky Blue and Black ”; “ Baker Street  “ Never Like This”;“ God Help Me ”. In Conclusion, I would like to take the time and tell everyone thank you for   reading this review on Bill Madison. I truly encourage you to take the time to get to know Bill Madison, because he is an artist that you will definitely not regret knowing.

In order to get to know Bill Madison, stay updated with him at the following social sites :

Social Network Links:

web site – http://www.Billmadisonmusic.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Billmadisonmusic

Twitter (new there) – https://twitter.com/BillBillsong

Singers and Songwriters of America – http://nsswamerica.ning.com/profile/BillMadison

Madisonmusicblog – http://madisonmusicblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/springing-into-summer-road-trip-part-9/

Linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bill-madison/32/b12/80b/

Music Network Links

YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/Madisonmusic1?feature=watch

CD Baby – http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/BillMadison

itunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bill-madison/id308814319?uo=4

Reverbnation – http://www.reverbnation.com/billmadison

Bandcamp – http://billmadison.bandcamp.com/

Folk Alley Radio – http://openmic.folkalley.com/BillMadison

Mint Music – http://www.mintmusic.com/mm/billmadison

Exstreamslive.com – http://www.exstreamlive.com/profile/preferences/151:bill-madison

IMRadio – http://www.imradio.com/main_index.php?f=artists_view&id=17885

Aurovine – http://billmadison.aurovine.com


“ My musical career spans more than 40 years; from
the Folk Music venues of Boston, New York City and
Montreal during the 1960’s, to the ski resorts and
honky tonks of Northern New England from the
1970’s to the 1990’s.

In 1973, I released my first album called
“Sunday Mornin’ Hayride”. That album has been
re-released by Riverman Records and Yoga Records
and was voted in the top ten retro re-issues for 2009
by the Acid Archives.

In 1974, I formed Them Fargo Brothers which
became New England’s Premier Country Rock Band,
and I toured with the band until 1990.

I am currently writing and recording in my studio
and marketing my CD’s through my web site and
have downloads available across the web. I am also
seeking to license my music to films, etc. And I am a
Featured Artist on IMRadio.com.” ~ Bill Madison


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