Music Industry’s Own : ” Dave Tolliver ” Of Men At Large


After meeting , communicating  with  and watching Dave Tolliver perform with his long time friend (Gemini Porter) of  “Men At Large” , Dave Tolliver  is one of  ” MANY”  who have proven that Soulful R&B  music is not going anywhere no time soon to those who thought so.  Singing live performances or watching Dave Tolliver’s classics and current videos, you will be able to  transcend to some place in your memory where good times started , possibly a place call ” Home”   immediately at the sound of his voice. When you thought Dave Tolliver retired, he was working while others were possibly sleeping as time passes . According to Dave Tolliver’s bio, it states the following about this passionate soul artist as follows:

Born in the city of Rock n Roll (Cleveland) this Rnb crooner was destined for fame and celebrity status.

Son of a Gospel singer, nephew of a nationally celebrated radio announcer and gold selling BMI award

winning writer, and Grandson of a man who once sang for President Roosevelt what else was he to

do. His future was preset like a wedding between two royal families. Starting at age 4 he began

singing in the church and eventually directed the children’s choir. By the age of 15 Dave was

summoned to become a part-time radio announcer under his Uncle Lynn Tolliver. This brought instant

success to a teenager in his junior year of high school. For 16 years he would successfully lock down

the #1 spots of any time slot he held. During his radio tenure Pavi also spent a stint in the Virgin

Islands as co-host of the Big Fat Morning Show. During those radio days he would go on to interview

some of music’s biggest stars from Martin Lawrence to L.L. Cool J and many more, then it was his turn!

The world of the MUSIC for D.T. started with a bang as the late great Gerald Levert who handpicked

Dave and his first partner Jason Champion. Before you knew it the Men at Large were topping the

charts and selling millions of albums. After 2 cds on the Atlantic label Dave and Jason would part ways

Dave hooked up with Gemini Porter an ex-gang banging rotund tenor from Chicago who slid right in

as a perfect fit. They went on to record 2 more cds that gained critical acclaim, and an independent

award nominations. Recently Blaq has released a solo project “Blaq Pavarotti” and his next project

“The Green Jacket” is due late 2012… If that’s not enough during all of this Dave has performed in 21

stage plays and 6 movies as principals and extras always handling his functions to the fullest! Tollie

has appeared with some of Hollywood’s big names and music’s best always garnering praise from his

co-stars. On the other side Mr. Tolliver is a C.E.O. of his own Blaq Eyes Entertainment specializing in

the development of the future of the business as a whole, from artistry to the improvement of artist,

radio station, and label relations. He feels we have all lost the connection and the community

intertwinement that once made the music business a thing of integrity and pride, IT MUST GO BACK

ITS BIGGER THAN THE MUSIC!!! A resident of Atlanta Tolliver hosts numerous industry events and is

consistently called upon to sit on judging panels for local talent showcases often giving dream

shattering advice but constructive as well. For 25 years Blaq has been in and around the business and

as if there was nothing left to do he has been selected as an A&R for both M.L.S./Atlantic and IMG

Recordings/Universal and is currently touring the nation looking for “GAME CHANGING ARTISTS”.

There are plans for a performing arts school in his native Cleveland, Ohio to continue the enrichment

of the arts to the inner city youth with courses in music instruments, reading, history, appreciation,

song writing, drama, and recording arts. “Music is my passion, my gift, and I want to share my gift

with those who want to learn”, says Dave. Some would love to count Dave out but how can you with

the fire this man encompasses. With two books on the way, and currently touring with his 90’s

cohorts, a reality TV show, as well as a more movie and stage play roles HE CAN’T BE STOPPED!


To  Dave Tolliver for show performances ( Serious Inquiries only) at


Also, you can follow Dave Tolliver  & Men At Large  on twitter:  @Davetolliver  &  @Themenatlarge

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