World’s Radio Entertainment’s CEO : ” Darnell “Uncle D” Metcalf


Darnell Metcalf aka ” Uncle D” is constantly working taking the social network by storm. Darnell Metcalf is known for his hot radio mixes and an true advocate for indie artists across the world. Darnell Metcalf is not only known as ” Uncle D ” to the world, but known to me as the ” 24 Hour Grinder ” in the radio world. There is not a day go by that ” Uncle D ” share his creative work to the world of social media. According to Darnell ” Uncle D” Metcalf bio, it states the following :

” Darnell “Uncle D” Metcalf
Current: C.E.O./Program Director
MMS World Wide Radio Network Inc.
Age: 49
Birthdate: 07/15/1962
Home Town: Gary Ind. USA
Lives In: Saint Louis MO USA
Status: Single
Uncle D Entertainment Inc.
DarnellM1 Designs
All Rights Reserved 
Uncle D a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and veteran of internet promotions has been in the game since his 1st Black Planet Dot Com page in 1995. Uncle D quickly began to teach himself html web design and began his journey on the internet, designing custom layouts for his Black Planet friends. Then along comes the Myspace Dot Com craze where Uncle D officially launches DarnellM1 Designs, Uncle D Entertainment, The Myspace Mixtape Series, & DJ Q – Uncle D Productions with the success of his online Talk/Interview Morning Show The Uncle D Morning Show in Dec. of 2005. Uncle D and The Uncle D Morning Show interviewed many many talented guest from around the world for 3 years and in all types of talents. In 2008 The Uncle D Morning Show and his Myspace fan base won The 2008 Best Talk Show Host Site from The Black Web Awards Dot Come beating out Oprah, Steve Harvey & Tom Joiner on the net. In 2009 Uncle D was renominated for the award but did not win. In that same year Uncle D lost his long time friend and #1 supporter of the show to cancer, Michael Knox creator of the Madden Football game and C.E.O. of Voice2Page Dot Com at which time Uncle D retired the show in his honor. That same year The Myspace Mixtape Series was founded by Uncle D and another long time friend, Brooklyn NY mobile dj DJ Q which also became a big hit on Myspace in 2009 with a group of over 9 Mixtapes for HipHop R&B & Reggae indie & independent up and coming artists with over 100,000 downloads for the combined mixtape set that year. At this point we fast forward to the present Facebook & Twitter times when Uncle D & DJ Q decided to make the Myspace Mixtape Series a radio station and move operations to Facebook and thus the birth of MMS World Wide Radio Network Inc. a internet based 24/7 streaming radio station dedicated to new artists from around the world in HipHop R&B & Reggae. Since 2009 MMS Radio has racked up over 3 million plays for it’s artists and in 2011 DJ Q left MMS Radio to pursue his career with the K Squad DJ’s a Brooklyn NY based DJ crew. DJ Q & Uncle D still remain good friends and Uncle D credits DJ Q for being one of the hottest remix DJ’s in the bizz today. Uncle D has now taken over full operations of MMS World Wide Radio Network as Program Director and studio engineer with his over 250 custom station minimixes that this year alone have racked up over 750,000 plays and are well on the way of setting a station record of over 1 million plays in 1 year for the station and promotion department and it’s artists.  “
In order to follow the super creativity of “Darnell “Uncle D” Metcalf ” you can contact /follow him at the following sites:
MMS World Wide Radio Network
MMS Radio Facebook Fan Page
Exclusive Free Station Minimixes
MMS Radio Twitter MMS World Wide Radio Network YouTube
Uncle D’s Facebook
MMS Radio “Live” Feed Myspace Page
Donate Any Amount You Can To Help Keep Us On The Air
Uncle D Entertainment Inc. © 2012

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