Put It Out There™ : Interview Of Indiana’s Artist @Raelity444

I remember when there were a time (some) people and politician have made a fail attempt to bring down the cultural of Hip Hop and also stated that “Hip Hop music will not last for long”. Well, they were wrong! As time passed, the more there was attempts to shut Hip Hop down the more hip hop grew across the nation even across the world to reach people of diversity. This nation of Hip Hop open many doors to well over hundreds to thousands (or more) inspiring artists who would love to demonstrate their freedom of expression through their music. And one of those artists go by the name of “Raelity “. Since the last review ( https://officialfeature.wordpress.com/put-it-out-there-indianapolis-artist-raelity/ ), Raelity have continued to dominate the music industry with his recent release of “Dark Energy “album. Not to mention , releasing 3 world premiere videos on YouTube : On Oct 25, 2013 Raelity release his debut video “ Habit “ which is currently near 60,000 views ; release his second debut video “ Karma “ on Dec 11, 2013 which is currently going strong ; Finally, recent release on Jan 29, 2014 “Different Color Of Money “ . Now it is the year 2014, “Raelity “is getting a lot of attention by the minute. Raelity is an artist who has proven throughout the years that his heart and his dream are equal and there is nothing to stop him!

D.Cox: You have transition from a poet from the age of 9 to become a hip hop artist at the age of 14. It is known that there are a lot of people who transition from a career poet to a hip hop artist and often times have not prepared themselves for the transition. How did you effectively manage that transition from poet to an artist?

Raelity: Well since I was a child, I have always prepared myself to make my art unique and original. At that time and even now, being a poet was my art. As time passes I found out that music of hip hop and poetry has similarities, especially when it came to my thoughts and creative ideas of what I want to say. So, the transition was easy it’s almost like I was born for Hip Hop.

D.Cox: During your time in college the artist known as “RAELITY” was formed. For those of who is not yet familiar with you, describe the meaning behind “RAELITY “as a performance artist and producer?

Raelity: As a performer and producer means staying original; being someone that never produces the same material when creating a new album or project. Now as for my fans and the industry “ Raelity “ means that I am a man of knowledge and I’m always going to be the existence to my own dreams and my dreams is constantly in real time for all to see.

D.Cox: The year 2013 has been a successful journey for you as an individual and as an artist. Describe the meaning of ‘self’ in terms as an artist and individual below:
a) As an individual, what were your most highlights for the year 2013 (or the last 5 years) in the realm of your own ‘self-actualization’ which allows you not to doubt yourself?

Raelity: The highlight of my life was the birth of my son. He gave me a second chance to make everything right in my life. He taught me that I am here for a purpose. I promote “do for self” because that’s what life’s about.

b) What was the moment during your journey you knew you never will forget which allow you to move forward without doubt to taking place for the rest of your life? ( note : indicate your top 3 or 5 highlights )

Raelity: My “can’t look back moments” would be when my mom disconnected herself from me when I got in trouble which gave me the motivation to move forward. Again, the birth of my son and to definitely know that “ LIFE IS A LESSON “.

D.Cox: We often have dreams and we are determined to make those dreams happen. Kevin Heart said in one of his interview,” My success comes from my life experience; family; lifelong friends (team) and all my determination”. How important is it for you to allow people to know your dream? Including, having that “strong unit “to ensure that your dreams and goals are accomplished while taking this successful journey in your music career?

Raelity: It’s very important because people need to know the pain I’ve gone through during my music career and how my let downs in life correlated with people who did not believe in me and that the same ones who kept me moving and motivated. Now more than ever after 8 years, I have overcome my lack of confidence and became more determine not to give up on with my music.

D.Cox: I had always asked Hip Hop and R&B artists this question, because I often get to know them for who they are as an individual(s) with great strength and positive personality. But, what makes you different or your style different from other artist?

Raelity: My style is different because I believe I AM YOU AND YOU IS ME. I feed off energy and listen to my mind and self.

D.Cox: From the past/current generation of hip hop, who or which artist(s) is one of your most significant inspiration and why?

Raelity: Tupac gave me my inspiration because you can feel his pain. He is real and not a “character”. He gives confidence, something I didn’t have beforehand. I remember one quote that sticks out and how I relate. Tupac stated: “I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep ya head up, and handle it. “

D.Cox: I definitely agree that Tupac is one of Hip Hop’s and Poet’s world’s greatest

D.Cox: From the last review, we conducted a survey out in the community base off the tracks you currently have on Reverbnation. The outcome of that survey was that your skills in lyrics; theme and delivery (bars/flow) was significantly high according those 11 random participants from the streets. Also, you ranked being #2 on the chart on Reverbnation near to #1 and that is a clear sign how your fans supports you in your journey and that they can relate to you as an artist. When it comes to your fans, the entertainment labels and sponsors you are considered as a brand now. From having this tremendous amount of experience thus far, how far would you like for your brand to go without having to bend down to the idea of being “ Gimmick “ ~ meaning what do you want the world to understand about the ETHICS behind your brand as an artist and for your independent label – Get Right Entertainment?

Raelity: If they want to “brand me”, brand me as “A creative right brain thinker.” I’m left-handed so I use my right brain a lot and just like I named my own brand, “Get Right Entertainment” we inspire to change people’s emotions, pockets, and everyday life through music.

D.Cox : This year you released two videos from album release” Dark Energy “ : “ Habit “ released November 1, 2013 which now have over 50,000 views and “ Karma “ on December 2013, currently seasoned up to reach the “ Habit “ goal on YouTube . When it comes to creative content and lyrical theme of your music, such as “ Mardi Gra “; “ Habit” , “ Karma “ ; “ Steve Nash “ ; “D.C.M” ; “ Flight Risk “ ; “ No Limit” ; “ Peel It Off “ ;“ Step It “ and other hot tracks you have ~ How are you able to create such different themes for each track? What gives you the inspiration to write a creative hip hop theme to your lyrics that would allow the audience sees your vision?

Raelity: The different themes kind of come “spur of the moment.” I just listen to my conscious. I write and rhyme for my people so they can gain self-knowledge, self-improvement, and to be somewhat of a light carrier.

D.Cox: There is a saying: “Enjoy this moment right now, because you would never have it again”. Which show or event gave you that moment? And why that particular event was so significant?

Raelity: When I attended the Lil Wayne and Rick Ross tour, they both talked freely about how hard they have worked. How they would never stop and have been in many of our shoes before. The emotions were so real; I knew I would never give up.

D.Cox: For (this) year 2014, what are some of the major projects you will be working on (name title/release dates)?

Raelity: My next major projects are: AD-Brainstorm Mix tape; C. Wells-Nationally Distributed; also working with Brown Jack on his next mix tape and my next mix tape will be out midsummer this year.

D.Cox: And are there any 2014 upcoming shows & events lined up so your fans; potential sponsors and labels can see you perform? (Name dates /location /time)
Raelity: My upcoming shows and events for 2014 are as followed: March 15 Trinity Club hosted by Brick Squad DJ, DJ Deceptacon in St. Robert, MO. February 20 1-Rock Nightclub I will be opening up for Young Bleed, Boss, and Chucky Work Clothes in Detroit, MI. Also I’m throwing and promoting my first show on March 21 for my Birthday Bash at the Alpha Club in Indianapolis, IN. Also, April 11 Beer Fountain hosted by DJ Deceptacton from Brick Squad Monopoly DJs.

D.Cox: You have a strong foundation and support right now to carry you on your next journey. Is there anyone significant or significant people you would like to thank?
Raelity: First I would like to thank myself and the Holy Spirit for never giving up on me; Second, my mom; my whole family and son because you are my focus; also, my girl for tolerating me and the whole Get Right Entertainment and Frequency International team for believing in me.

D.Cox: LL Cool J was quoted saying “Hip-hop can be limiting and I refuse to accept limits.” ~ As an artist, what does that quote mean to “Raelity “?

Raelity: Well, that quote take me back to Tupac quote and LL Cool J is similar. I just know that as long I remain strong within myself, there are no limits. Well actually, there is no such thing is limits in my world only allowing the opportunities to come through without closing my eyes. My journey doesn’t involve being closed minded, my journey involves having faith in God and with God there are no limits.

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For more Music and event updates on ” RAELITY ” follow up here http://www.raelitymusic.com/


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