North Carolina’s Artists : ” CAPE “

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” Born and raised in the city of Fayetteville, NC. Capies Pitts known for his hip hop alias CAPE is an artist of versatility. CAPE comes from a family with a strong musical background. Being exposed to music at a young age, CAPE was instantly attracted to the feeling of making music, whether it was singing, playing an instrument, or even spoken word, CAPE expresses himself through his music. With everything that CAPE does, he puts his everything into it. CAPE started getting involved with music at the age of 11. From then on, he has been involved with playing in many different ensembles and shaping himself as a performer. CAPE being a trumpeter, he has been playing since middle school and still plays at the present day.
After graduating from Douglas Byrd High School, CAPE continued his education at North Carolina A&T State University where he is pursued a degree in Architectural Engineering. He also contributed services in the marching band and in the Jazz Ensemble at North Carolina A&T State University so music has never left his side. While in the Jazz Ensemble, CAPE played along with jazz greats such as Mondre Moffett and Delfeayo Marsalis to name a few. Music is an outlet for CAPE’s life isn’t an easy one. Coming from a single parent home, CAPE is always eager to work and after going through many dilemmas with the conditions from which he lived, the struggle was that of an inspiration and enables CAPE to stay motivated to chase his dreams. In 2009 he became more influenced by the hip hop scene/culture. Showing his respect and paying his homage to the scene, he is active in breaking and more so emceeing but he also shows his love to the other elements such as DJing, and Graffiti. Studying hip hop, CAPE has a unique way of expressing himself. In 2010 CAPE participated in a spoken word group known as Couture Word, which he very much enjoyed, and by respecting the arts he expressed himself poetically. With the music industry being the way that it is, with the diverse music being brought to the table and with various artist presenting their styles and expressions of music, CAPE is pursuing his dreams of being a world renowned artist and a prolific musician. Be on the lookout for CAPE as he takes it to the sky and reaches for the stars.”

Stay tuned to this artists and love his naturally poetic skills at the following sites:


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