New Orlean’s Artist : Yung Beezy


Young Beezy is known to friends and family to keep it real with his music. According to his bio , it is quoted as follows:

” Growing up he listened to No Limit Soldiers and Cash Money their music-blaring in his city and people singing their songs was what motivated him to start his career in the music industry. At the age of eighteen Yung Beezy met Priest a local producer who opened his studios to him. After hearing the tracks they were producing even from couple of  visits, Yung Beezy was determined to start his  career in hip hop along with being influence by rapper Yung Jeezy as well. According to Yung Beezy, he could relate to the topics that Yung Jeezy  raps about , including how he  remind him of his brother.“He spoke upon everything my brother did and I know my brother a real soulja so I figure Young Jeezy was too” as per Young Beezy. Being in the game professionally for approximately three years , Yung Beezy said that he has his eyes open and can distinguish who is  fake and those who will go out their way to jeopardize his career.  However from  working with the likes of Rizzle Eddie ; Lee Priest Twinn from (BEP);  including having to complete tracks on a lot of Sound Click productions , Yung Beezy created  his official mix tape called “3rd Time The Charm” .  Currently  Yung Beezy often express how   his music describes  life and the daily struggle that people go through in life.  Currently, Yung Beezy  is currently working on shooting and directing his own videos. However having to come from New Orleans , Yung Beezy acknowledges that  there is  a lot of work to be done since hurricane Katrina  created a lot of destruction within the city.  Indeed , Yung Beezy  hopes to be very successful and be among  of many to assist to help rebuild the city of New Orleans.  In conclusion, Yung Beezy is one artist who is well known from his home town area and  among the social media  market to continue be the best in the world of rap music (ie Hip Hop world).”
In order to get to know who is Yung Beezy, get to know him on the following sites
( NOTE: UPCOMING SHOW JULY19TH  at in 508 frenchmen st.  new orleans la at the mansion for sound clash event. )
Cashin Out Freestyle Video :
Nasty Freestyle
Do My Damn Thing:

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