Texas’s Entrepreneur and Hip Hop Artist: ” YUNIK DA BOSS “


Having to come across this gentleman and one of the hottest hip hop artists in the indie music industry, Chris Johnson aka YUNIK DA BOSS  is known to have a driven confidence that allow his fan base to relate to his creative style of lyrics.  Chris Johnson is not only a hip hop artists, he is a well  known as a entrepreneur within the state of Texas.  To those that know Chris Johnson aka YUNIK DA BOSS, they know that he is capable of achieving both business and the competition challenges of the music industry. According to his bio, it is quoted as follows:

” Born in Alexandria, LA and raised in the infamous Oak Cliff area of Dallas, TX comes an independent artist with the heart of a hustler. Yunik who is  born to the name as Chris Johnson, is a new artist who’s music career is just starting to spring up out of the Dallas underground segment. With the dedication of a soldier and the mindset of a business man, Yunik is destined to shine amongst the biggest stars. His first lyrics were written as far back as 3rd grade when he started writing as a hobby. But it wasn’t until the 7th grade that Yunik first started taking writing a bit more seriously and wrote a small number of songs that he still keeps to this day. The real start point of choosing music as a career later came when he met a friend in college, Aaron Carter who told him he needed to start recording his music and then informed Yunik that ”You have a unique voice”. Not long after he met couple more friends that  was also looking to get into music , they started a group called ‘3 Strong’. While in the early stages of the group one of the members was contacted by another artist who was promoting his studio in Dallas. The promotion gained their interest and they made their first appointment with ‘ In Tha Crib Recording Studio’ to record their very first song entitled ‘Actin A Ass’. They were soon-after invited back to the studio for an interview for a promotional CD that was being produced by In Tha Crib Recording Studio. This marked Yuniks first interview and gained him his first placement on a CD that was mass-distributed in Dallas. The group soon fell upon some difficulties and the group dismembered on good terms. From this point Yunik started going to the studio by himself as a solo artist keeping his name, ‘DJ Yung Blak’ until he later changed his performing name to Yunik Da Boss. Since he has gone solo, Yunik has recorded many songs and has built his catalogs independently. With a goal of starting his own recording label, he chose to take the costs of studio time on by himself with no label to support him. With his own earned income Yunik invested in his career and bought exclusive beats and paid for all his own studio time while never putting cost over quality. These are the signs that Yunik is an artist who will take it to the top. “

To continue to stay updated with YUNIK DA BOSS , follow him on twitter @YUNIKDABOSS



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