New York State’s Artist: Lord Kaos


While communicating with Lord Kaos, I can tell you that he does have a strong will and a high drive of motivation in the world of hip hop.  According to Lord Kaos Bio, it states the following :

” Born Juan Vasquez, December 1976 in Harlem, New York, raised by his single grandmother in the Douglas

Housing Projects, while struggling with the fact his father, who was doing 15 years to life in a New York State Correctional Facility and a mother who struggled with addictions to both crack cocaine and heroin.  LORD KAOS was attending Joan of Arc Jr. High School, until he dropped out in the 9th grade due to no real parental guidance at home.  With a mother who was dealing with an addiction and a father doing time, home was not always a happy place. Recalling times that his mother was so high off drugs that she wouldn’t buy groceries for the house leaving him and his baby sister starving and his little sister would walk around in a dirty pamper, because his mother was so gone off the drugs.  He says he can also recall the times before his mother got hooked on drugs that him and his little sister had everything, but as many people know once drugs start to take over it changes a person and that’s what was happening to his mother, so with all those burdens the young Lord Kaos stopped going to school and started hustling, in the beginning he only hustled up enough money to make sure that him and his baby sister would have some food in the house, clean pampers and just for everyday things, running the streets from sun up to sun down.  From being out in the streets, Lord Kaos hooked up with OCF (Organized Crime Family) a bunch of older cats, he says this is where the foundation of his love for the rap game came into play, while hanging out late nights in the staircases smoking on tabla and nucleus that’s  when the cipher would begin,” at first I was scared because the things I wanted to say were personal and I thought people would make fun of me, but once we wasn’t in the stair cases we would all be in scheme house and we would through the beats on and freestyle all night long, if it wasn’t for O.C.F I don’t think I would have ever discovered the hidden talent I have now” and at the early age of 8 or 9  the name given to him by the streets was Lord Kaos. 

Just like any other cat that came from the streets sooner or later it
 started to take its course and Lord Kaos started doing what was expected of him as a real dude, his love for his street family the  O.C.F squad were the ones who taught him how to be a real dude, he started to figure the rules of supply and demand and with that trouble came, his  grandmother caught wind of the things him and his cousin Heno were getting into and due to the great love, plus the fear that she didn’t want the streets to take over her grandson she made the decision to get him out of the projects by sending him upstate hoping it would change him, but like the saying goes “you could take the boy out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out the boy”, was a true saying.   He was shipped off to a small town in upstate New York called Bath this town had only two police cars and a demand for what Lord Kaos could supply for dirt cheap. He was only 12 years old at the time but he felt like he had been through it all, his knuckle game was tight because mostly everybody in his OCF street family use to box, and he learn how to use his hands very well.  Lord Kaos was way to advance for this small town and these people were not prepared for the problems that Lord Kaos was about to bring out there.  Equipped with a chest full of heart he brought his hustle game with him and begin making four times the amount he was paying and he locked the town down, nobody ate in that town less they were down with him. 

Having a rough adolescence and no one to guide him,  Lord Kaos found himself doing time in the New York State Correctional system for various drug related crimes himself, but knowing this is not what he wanted out of life and knowing he had a talent that could keep him from behind bars, and with nothing but time on his hands Lord Kaos begin to tighten his skills and being influenced by artist like Kool G Rap, Mob Style, Rakim, Lord Finesse, KRS One, and RnB artist like Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and the godfather of soul Mr. James Brown.  His lyrics are made of street reports, sex, money and drugs along with the long lonely nights of his own incarcerations.  Lord Kaos feels he delivers the ying and the yang of the rap game, he named his label Longtime Records and nowadays you can find Lord Kaos in Harlem, N.Y. or Buffalo, N.Y.  He received his GED in the state correctional facility, and now he has also received his Associate’s degree with highest honors in Computer Information Systems from I.T.T. Technical Institute.  Lord Kaos also was recruited and now works for a fortune 500 company, Ingram Micro, he is balancing two careers.  
Besides his music career Lord Kaos is very interested in finding ways to help parolees with signing up for school and finding jobs to assist them to become productive members of society.  When asked what his ultimate goal in music was he replied “to make it big” and his feelings on the current state of hip –hop, well he feels that its coming back to life “there are a lot of new and upcoming lyrical rappers getting noticed in the game nowadays, Drake, J.Cole etc.”, he still listens to some of his favorite artist Cam’ron, Pappose, Manio, Red Café, and DMX. Lord Kaos is looking forward to releasing his first single and working on an album, which at this time he says has no name, but be on the lookout for Lord Kaos Longtime Records coming to your hood soon.”




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