Put It Out There-2016 Interview with Mahagony Brown: Creator Of Raging Boom

It is amazing that women of today are taking a strong independent role to allow their creativity and their voices to leave a remarkable impression in society.  Over the years or should I say over the past 100 years or more, women in the Entertainment industry is known for their creative art, music, diversity and style which gain them tremendous notoriety, success and ultimately gain respect for who they are. Today, Mahagony B has the talent to carry on the next 100 years through her work of art and music production for all to be a part of her creative process

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Dancy: From the age 6 to 12 years of age, you had developed the passion of exploring the world of Art and Music. Now if you had a chance to go back in time to talk to your younger self, what would you say?

Mahagony B: If I could speak to my younger self after my exploration of the world via art and music I would tell myself never lose yourself in life but always lose yourself in art and music.

Dancy: Now that you are older and have a more self-conscious about your creativity, what would you say the lessons you learned about your creativity throughout the years?

Mahagony B: The lessons I have learned about my creativity is that it is one of God’s greatest gifts to me as well as the characteristic that displays the God in me. It is freedom amongst life’s prison.

Dancy: Thus far, what would you say is your top achievement in this entertainment industry, especially in the areas as a producer and a director?

Mahagony B: My greatest achievement as a producer and director has yet to be done however in 2010 I sold out the Alvin Ailey theater 3x’s with my release of the STRAIGHT TALK DOCUMENTARY at double ticket price. Being an unknown filmmaker at the time this was a huge accomplishment, but I plan to top that with the release of my new project THE RAGING ROOM.

Dancy: When it comes to a specific point in your career and there is a one-of –a –kind opportunity to work with someone famous, who would you work with? And why?

Mahagony B: If given the opportunity to work with anyone of choice I would choose to work with Oprah and/or Dick Wolf. Because I can learn a great deal in business from Oprah and I’ve watched Dick Wolf’s growth as a director, so I believe he could teach me lots about our shared craft.

Dancy: What is your music composition approach in filmmaking (stylistic trends), especially to provoke an emotional reaction from your audience?

Mahagony B: My musical approach to filmmaking is the same as it was while I was creating music. I connect with emotion. Music speaks to me rhythm tells a story and creates feelings which are exactly what THE RAGING BOOM is about. I score what feels right. I try to incorporate sounds that tell the same story as the scene.

Dancy: In your video “ Straight Talk “ documentary, you interview several people throughout your session just to get their different POV (point of view)  on “ Being Gay” and making the point that rights of each individual are equal. Do you feel that more people need to be educated about being an “ Individual  ( focus on who they are as a person )” more over than classification ? or Both?

Mahagony B : I interviewed many individuals in THE STRAIGHT TALK DOCUMENTARY about their sexuality because it was a topic that was flooded with misconceptions at the time of creation; this conversation did not exist prior; at least not with the approach we took so it was necessary although I don’t necessarily feel that classification should be a focus on individuality. People being their best selves should be the only focus all else should matter less.

Dancy: Also, is it important to have a voice and/or to express yourself through the art of filmmaking, music, and the arts? And if you can be that one voice to those who often doubt their creativity that correlates with being who they are whether they are gay or straight, what would you say to that person(s)?

Mahagony B: It is very important to have a voice; a loud one. Indeed, it’s more important to use that voice in your creative way. As a youth writing music was my therapy as someone who is sensitive yet strong I dealt with a lot; alone, and the only thing that lifted that burden even a little was being able to speak my piece through music. These days it is the same in my creation of movies, my writing of poetry, and drawing… It’s an outlet. I always urge creative minds to vent via their work because creators happen to deal with depression most. We feel differently; something that may not be so heavy for others may be very heavy for us; it is a gift and curse. That deep sensitivity feeds our passion so it is necessary for our gift but really hard on our lives.

Dancy: There is a lot of competition in this entertainment industry and the saying goes “ Competitors can be your ally and your teacher “. How do you view your competitors? And what makes you different from those who are taking the same path as you are in the Film Making, Music, and Arts?

Mahagony B: They say there is lots of competition in this industry however I don’t view others as competition. I am an artist I am competing with myself every step of the way if I write a script it must be better than the last if I direct a piece my eye must be more mature this round. I don’t compete with anyone but me. What makes me different is something that is very hard to explain. I was chosen differently given a brain that sees things differently a heart that feels things differently and a need to do that, that hasn’t been done so putting all that together creates a different outcome.

Dancy: Have you ever collaborated with anyone outside of Mo’Arts? If so, who was it and what was the experience like for you?

Mahagony B: Because Mo’sArts is also service based I have worked with many upcoming artists, however, I am looking to make a particular mark in this creative space so before pulling collaborations in I’m not choosing to (right) collaborate at this current time.

Dancy: For those (fans) who is getting to know you, what made you come up with the idea “ Raging Boom “?  As an audience, what can we expect from the “Raging Boom” for the year 2017? And what target audiences are you aiming for and why?

Mahagony B: As we know there is nothing new under the sun so the concept of THE RAGING BOOM already exists in life I just took something that exists and exaggerated it a bit. I can’t take credit for coming up with this, but God puts things in my head and I run with it. What you can expect from THE RAGING BOOM is a movie that will excite you with situations that you can actually see happening in real life making it that much easier to connect with. THE RAGING BOOM has just enough drama and action to hold your attention and keep you wanting more. This movie will be relatable to anyone from fifteen to forty because the concept is just that close to home.

Dancy: It is important to have a team (and trust) to support you during your journey, can you tell me who is on your team and how did you hand pick each individual? ( provide a brief description of each of them)

Mahagony B: Yes it is very important to have a team, however, I became a one-woman team for this project that’s what makes the project that much greater; the idea that I wrote, produced, directed, and edited it myself. I had some assistance from my partner at the time and a couple of fellow camera hands stepped in once or twice but I was forced to do it on my own. As far as my marketing team is concerned that’s where it differs I have two other very prominent allies that have held me down every step of the way so I value them a great deal ; for instance,  Irving Wright whom I met in my years doing music is brilliant in the area of keeping a focused strategy and targeting the intended audience. Also, All Wynter whom also came in my path via music is my right hand in the creative marketing process and is brilliant with branding as well as keeping me spiritually aligned. So this is my team of important people. Very different from how most pull a team together, but  I do everything different.

Dancy: During your journey of Arts and Entertainment, is there any show(s) you participated in or created in the past? if so, Where and when did the shows (including filmmaking and music)  take place? (name month/year; location; and title) . Also, do you have any future appearance that we should look forward to? (name month/year; location; and title)

Mahagony B: Throughout the years I have ghost writing, however, I’m not at liberty to discuss these creations due to the way the deals were drawn out. Maybe in the future, I will be allowed to share.

Dancy: We love what you have done to Mo’Arts  thus far as a founder and CEO. Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now in this industry?

Mahagony B: In five to ten years I will be a household name amongst many of the valued players in entertainment. My steps are as follows: I will have a Netflix series that will allow me my own living studio where I will create everything from sitcoms to movies and air them on my own network. I will also be employing fresh talent to help kick off their careers.

Dancy: Finally, if you can sum up “Inspiration and creativity “in 25 words or less, what would you say?

Mahagony B: Inspiration and creativity go hand and hand. Inspiration feeds creativity and for me, I am inspired by the events that take place in my life as well as the events I witness in others lives. I’m also inspired by my thoughts and lessons. Once I apply them to my imagination and artistic ability it becomes a masterpiece.

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