Music Industry’s Own : ” Princess Hiatus ”


Former Crime Mob Raptress Princess Hiatus Emerges with New Moniker and  mixtapes.  And Like the phoenix, she have been reborn into a more fierce and a more stronger woman who continues to  grow  into her own independence. While I listened to Princess Hiatus tracks , you will hear the sounds of her independence for  life and  how her love for  music continues to reach a tremendous amount of momentum that goes  beyond expectation of others. Not only she uses her female ” Intuition ” to manage the life that she truly  deserve, but she continues to allow her fans to understand and emotionally connect with her  through the passion of her music. There is one quote that comes to mind by Christina Baldwin when I listen to Princess Hiatus music :  “Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix”. As beautiful Princess Hiatus is ,you will notice the beauty of her rebirth as you continue to support and walk with her as she walk with  God towards her destiny.  According to her quoted bio, it states the following :

  ”    From left to right, Princess taught the world how to “Rock Yo Hips” then dared us to “Nuck if you Buck” now the former member of platinum selling Crime Mob is settling into her new solo career.  The Landsthul Germany native and Atlanta based rap-artist is renowned for co-writing hits songs with Crime Mob, winning the ASCAP writer’s award, and having record breaking platinum ringtone sales; she is reintroducing herself to the music industry as Princess Digital.  “I’ve grown as an artist and I’m doing more commercial music; as in numbers, digital represents my flow of talent which is endless.” Under her crown now as a solo artist is a fittingly entitled EP, “Taking Over The Throne.” Along with the way to the throne, Princess Digital has amassed 3 mixtapes, “Dirty Pop,” “P.S.A.,” and “Mixed and Destroyed” collaborating alongside rap VIP’s like Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka Flame, 3-6 Mafia, and Shawty Lo.  “The drive behind doing the mixtape was realizing that I am comfortable with being a solo artist and really making music that I enjoy.  I want to share my thoughts and emotions with the world and at the same time show the growth,” says Princess Digital of her creations.  
Fostering the new name was self-evaluation and finding a new passion in acting. Princess Digital performed in the hit play, “For Colored Girls,” playing the Lady in Yellow yet her passion for music always called her back to the mic.   She continues to tour across the United States as well as German and Turkey showcasing her talent.  
With a rebirth eminent, Princess Digital enlisted the talents of German producers DJ Dilla and Ptp to produce her new single, “Go” from Hiatus. When asked about the origins of the name hiatus, Princess Digital answers that it was inspired by the poem, “I Was Born,” by legendary rap pioneer, MC Lyte which in the end states, “I’m here now after a few years hiatus.”  When asked about why the poem made such an impact in her life, Princess Digital states, “I could feel the emotion in her words.  I felt like at time, MC Lyte was reading a page out of my diary.”   Fans will see a different side of Princess Digital with this release.  The songs will provoke joyful as well as relatable emotions because they are coming from a person who has examined the depths of her own emotions.  “I have taken time out to figure myself out and the direction I want to go in.”  That direction is certainly set on climbing the billboard charts. “

In order to hear the hot sounds of  Princes Hiatus and stay updated on her success follow :


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