Connecticut’s Artist Expressionist: RC deWinter


Throughout many many years, we all have been educated and gained tremendous  amount of  learning experience  about creative arts and various ‘styles’ of creativity brands of arts. Currently, we know that there are different genre of artists around the world that uses art as a universal language to tell a story on canvas and on  camera with a mix of technology to bring active imagination to life. And from what I researched on  RC DeWinter  life work, she have successfully made her style of art an universal language in various types of industries. When I review the work of RC DeWinter , her classic style of art remind me of Francis Charles Publius quote: ” Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”  Indeed,  this is where I allow myself to get to know and understand how RC DeWinter successfully  have achieved  ” looking at things in different way” through out the years .  When you review  RC DeWinter creative style of art , you will be reviewing and observing  real life work of expressions. According to RC DeWinters bio, it states the following :

“RC DeWinter is a self-taught photographer, digital artist and poet currently living and working in Middletown, Connecticut. She has been shooting photos for over 25 years, using both traditional and digitalSLR equipment. Her digital work is created using a variety of software andincludes oil paintings, watercolor sketches and drawings.

Her work has appeared in print, notably in Pink Panther Magazine, Arts Creation Magazine and The American Muse as well as in online publications including Somojo Magazine.

In addition to her personal online portfolios, Ms. DeWinter’s art is exhibited on of several internet-based showcases, including TheTrillium Gallery, Saatchi Online, ARTbracket, The Art for Cancer Gallery, Copperflame Gallery, b-uncut and Artists, Writers and Photographers in the Raw. For the past two seasons, ABC has licensed several of Ms. DeWinter’s images for use as set decor for the television show Desperate Housewives Ms.DeWinter is honored to be the first digital artist invited to exhibit her work at the Arts of Tolland Gallery”.

1) To stay updated on the latest adventures of RC DeWinter’s work, you can follow and make contact as follows:

@RCdeWinters via twitter

2) Here is the viewing of RC De Winter’s work of Fine and classic works as follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

RC DeWinter – The Spoken Word Poetry :

Link to videos: Medieval Men – Art by RC DeWinter

Art – Eclectica – RC DeWinter


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