Put It Out There : 2014 Interview with Cane The Tyrant


Since the last interview ( https://officialfeature.wordpress.com/atlanta-georgias-artists-cane-the-tyrant/ ), Cane The Tyrant have been creating more music; increasing his investments into his label and his brand as an artist. Not to mention, Cane The Tyrant have been constantly connecting with his fans as evidence by using the “Element of Surprise” approach which not only he uses that method during show appearances, but at his online music sites as well. When it comes to planning the next project, Cane The Tyrant main priority is to be focus on good quality and production so that his style can correlate with the message theme that is often on his mind.


D.Cox: In your last interview on Jan 8, 2013 you were asked: What made “Cane the Tyrant” come to life in the hip hop industry? And you quoted: “It was the pure energy that came from the words that I speak. It comes directly from the heart. We are in a day where everyone is trying to prove who they are to the next person. Everyone is trying to get one or piece of this industry. Millions of artist or most of them look just like the next person who is saying the same thing that the last person had said. How is that creative? Where is the creativity? I salute everyone trying to get down for theirs and trying to make things work for them. But, what makes me –ME is because ‘I am who I say I am’ – period. It’s not a put on for the cameras; not for the women and definitely it’s not a gimmick -… it’s me!” Since then do you feel now its New Year 2014 more than ever that everyone can relate to you as an artist, especially your fans?

Cane P: Well, let’s see….2014…..I figure this…as far as people relating to me is similar to getting used to something not of the norm, obtuse, and totally in its own realm, yet totally hip hop…..it takes time. Just like when meeting me in person, it takes time. So in music people relate to me even more, I just grow on you…lol eventually…..you gottem…

D.Cox: Now we know who Cane The Tyrant is, if you have the opportunity to be signed tomorrow by a major label. What would be the final selling point about the artist Cane The Tyrant without comparing you to other artists that is out today?

Cane P: As far as a selling point…my subtle originality to be politically correct but since I’ve never been politically correct I’d say “just because I’m me” “Simply”…….you hear me, you feel me, if not this is not for you….and I respect that….but I always move forward…..it’s about progression…

D.Cox: Since last interview “Emerge “was released in January 4, 2013 and “The Curse of Cane”10/18/2013 on YouTube, Reverbnation, DatPiff and sound cloud. Are there any tracks this year you have and have not release yet? If so, when making a decision to release the right track and right sound, how much of it is your decision? And how much is it based on what the fans want to hear?

Cane P: You know what? I sure do….lol…You know what? That’s another selling point! Lol ….being completely honest I don’t know how many songs I have I’ve completely lost track….it’s like a mystery….there’s always music….always…..I got a little something laying around over here and over there….As far as decision making for which track and the right sound its initially my decision….but in the same breath the way we operate I run my info through my powers that be and get opinions, tips, points and such basically through my people and things take off from there…..As far as what the fans want honestly……it’s not about what they want it’s about what I want to release in accordance to the vibe that’s building at that particular time….at the end of the day you rock with me or you don’t…. general isn’t that’s how it is….how it’s supposed to be? You lik them or you don’t….not what we want you to say……I love it though….all in all its energy…..gotta love it….

D.Cox: I notice on YouTube that the video/track “Wildfire “is still taking the lead with your fans. How do you feel about the video success thus far since release 2012 as fans choice?

Cane P: Yeah it still has wings…..we have some videos we are on in the works of releasing….We have been working on some treatments and bouncing some ideas around….a lot of artistry involved in everything we do…..it’s gonna be some wild shit…..lol

D.Cox: Now you released 2 mix tapes on Datpiff: “Emerge “01/04/2013 and “The Curse of Cane”10/18/2013. As one of your fans, I want to get inside your head again, especially when you write your title tracks/lyrics. For those of us who is learning about you today -2014 and following your career, can you give a brief description why you’ve written following tracks from each mix tape?
From “Emerge “:
a) “Prelude”? –
b) “Tension “? –
c) “Further More”? –

From “The Curse of Cane”
a) “Heart Killer “? –
b) “Getcha Some “? –
c) “Steady Line “? –

Cane P: With the “Prelude” the energy that was in the air at that moment was something new yet still familiar, I had a lot going on with me, as we all do, but it was a newness to it…it was my emergence…so at that point everything had come to a head and it was address in a manner, to be put on the chopping block….. “Tension” was just that….it was tension in music as it always is but that’s how it came out at that point…..just not expected as is nothing we do, it was just raw cut…..it was a spark…..adjusting myself…… “Furthermore” now that’s my joint, that one right there was hip hop symmetry. It was kind of a throwback, I was sparring then, I was pushing and vibing. I was deep in the project that point. “Heart Killer” was to be poetry personified within a story with building intensity. A big shot out to Gossling. I wanted to build off their energy yet compliment them. Yet let the story speak for itself. “Getcha Some” was a push track….that wake up, pull the blinds open, sunny day, crack up the radio bumping your favorite song while you recite the lyrics at the top of your lungs verbatim get yours it’s on you song…..yeah it’s a bit much….but that’s what it was lol….let go get this done…that go make this happen song….regardless what happened yesterday today is here I’m breathing let’s get active song. “Steady Line” was organized chaos on steroids. It was everything of today, the news, sports, music, war, politics, racism, hate, prejudice, ignorance, and confusion all singing together at once as I orchestrate it

D.Cox: When it comes to your mix tapes projects, how do you determine the right track production and which producers or collabing artists to work with to give what you’re rapping about a true substance? Also is there a producer that you work with or would love to work with that can understand who you are as an artist and have the same work ethics as you do 100% ? If so, who would that be?

Cane P: It’s about vibe with me. If that vibe is there it’s already understood. It’s the same when working with other artists. You vibe off each other and It builds from there. My producers are the shit!!! Pujo Willaims (CEO of CeRTiViSiON Entertainment) and QuezMusiq (CEO of QuezMusiq Productions) apart of my team. I learn from them. All their tracks are soulful and innovative. I don’t have a problem working with other producers as long as the vibe is there. I like a lot of producers it’s about putting that music full of that good energy out. But I’d like to do a track with Black Milk, he’s dope. If you are working catching that vibe the work ethic thing aren’t a problem.

D.Cox: With that said, how many more (including perspective title name and date release) mix tape projects are you going to put out this year (2014) before releasing your original album?

Cane P: Honestly I don’t know at this point….I got plenty of projects lingering….but initially they all lead up to the next thing…..with that being said you just have to stay tuned. We put our exclusive joints on Soundcloud. Once you’re on there you really get some exclusives that aren’t anywhere else….there are a lot of things that are going on and soon as we make that move the fans will be the first to know….

D.Cox: When do you release your original album? Which part of “Cane the Tyrant “should us fans expect would give a different flavor; including the theme Cane the Tyrant planning for mix tape album? (Give a brief description about having a different theme on your albums reflecting ‘Cane The Tyrant ‘ )

Cane P: As far as that expect the unexpected yet expect nothing. It will be a very vivid inward look into me as an artist. The themes on my project come from the energy that is there at that particular moment with me. For example, has someone ever pissed you off, then two minutes later someone else pissed you off, and to top it all off the initial person that pissed you off, pissed off again? You with me? You got that feel? Now, let’s say the projected on to canvas; each portion of the canvas breathing in its own way which is displayed in a very image of you. That’s how my projects kind of come from me.

D.Cox: Now we have not spoken in def about your label / group M4. Tell me about M4 and how important it is to have the (your) label team standing behind you while being a brand in this industry and while you “STAND FIRM ON YOUR FEET “? Yes, I quoted that from the track “Getcha Some “…wink!

Cane P : M4 is my team and a function machine of pure artistry. Producers, artists, engineers, writers, and thinkers, it’s very important in general as an artist to have a support team. But in my case my team is not a support team, that’s kind of an oxymoron, a team supports you its apart of it, it’s more to it to just saying this is my producer, this is my manager, this is my such and such, that’s some ole commercial generic shit; my team is my team; we build and we continue to move, to rise and to grow in a very positive manner as always in every form that’s touched. Therefore, you have to have genuine people, not superstar Prima donna. But, everything is for a great cause; for the better cause and for the music.

D.Cox :You have made your way in the tour circuit in 2013: “Backet House of Heat “10/10/2013 and “SheWitts Lounge 10/15 /2013 in Atlanta, GA. Are there any other shows and/or events that you cover as well during the year of 2013? Which show was your most important highlight and why?

Cane P:Pretty much I haven’t done many shows in 2013; we are working on some things. We are on the cusp of a bunch of new things, shows, and new spots. We are about to be very active.

D.Cox :Now far as 2014 (thus far), is there any shows / events lined up for you? If so, can you provide us fans and potential stakeholders (investors /A&Rs) the date; location and time of each upcoming events?

Cane P : It’s gonna be a big surprise some of the spots and things we are doing, spread out all over in multiple opportunities. I don’t want to give away the upcoming yet you of course will be one of the first to know. I can give you a hint of at least one. It’s an annual hip hop event held here in Atlanta every year for pure hip hop lovers’ lol. It’s gonna be crazy.

D.Cox: At this very moment in your life and during your journey, do you have someone; family member; friends that keep you grounded and remain focus about LIFE? If so, how does their understanding about you keep you going both as an artist and as an individual when taking each step towards completing your goals in life?

Cane P There are a bunch of people and things that keep me grounded, first and foremost is the Lord, with him none of this is possible. I give all my thanks to him. My family also keeps me grounded; family is an important part of my life. You have to grow as a person and being around your family and learning from them and growing is an essential with me. Also my team, they are more than a team. My team is a fined tuned “monster” in every sense of the word. They are constantly helping; giving good advice and ideas are just a few things they bring to the table. I’m always learning. I believe everyone can always learn from something and somebody as long they leave that ego shit at the door. Far as I and anyone who supports me, we don’t worry about that cause it’s the way we are all wired. Being grounded is a big part of advancing as a person. It keeps me whole. It keeps me parallel with me. It’s a blessing.

D.Cox: In conclusion, I like to provide thought provoking quotes from influencers of this industry that paved the way. What is your final thought on TD Jakes Quote and how does this quote reflect the rest of your life? : “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

Cane P :That’s a great quote! It’s perfect. I thrive off the passion I have for music. I believe your purpose and your passion are hand in hand. Everyone is not able to line those up together. Once you find that passion that fuels you, the purpose is ignited. Once you feel the purpose the passion increases, and back and forth.

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