Put It Out THERE ™: August 14,2012 Interview with Lord Kaos




My conversation with Lord Kaos was a whirlwind of emotions, everything from touching, comical to inspirational. Lord Kaos was born in Harlem NY, and endured a difficult childhood. His mother addicted to drugs and his father spending time at a correctional facility, life was tough for a young man and his baby sister. He took me back to the day when he was only twelve years old, he was at school when Social Services came to his school and took him away. He and his baby sister were separated due to their mother not being able to properly take care of them because of her drug addiction. The interview begins with me asking Lord Kaos about his grandmother who stepped in and took a vital role in his life.

L. Monroe:  I understand your grandmother raised you and had a lot of influence in your life. Tell us about your song “Granny Da Great”.
Lord Kaos:

“My grandmother went through the courts to gain custody of both my baby sister and me, she means everything to me. I am the oldest grandchild so my grandma and I are really close. I had not seen my grandma for a while, and she got sick. When I found out that she was sick, it really shook me”.
After finding out his grandmother was sick, Lord Kaos wrote the song “Granny Da Great”( see promotional video below)
L. Monroe: Reading your bio, I see a lot of the old school rappers have influenced you. Looking at the state of rap now, who would you like to work with?

Lord Kaos: “I don’t know” (hesitates) J. Cole because he is lyrical…yeah J. Cole”. Lord Kaos added that Hip Hop has lost insight, his feelings are that a lot of rappers have forgotten that Hip Hop is an expression of the culture, and that in a whole artist now a days are more focused on glamorizing street life.
L. Monroe: What do you think of the state of females in the rap game right now?

Lord Kaos: “I think female rappers are needed, there has to be a balance – there needs to be a voice for the females. I think with the rap game, you have to be careful not to let it run you down. If you’re nice- you’re nice, if you’re not –you’re not”.
L. Monroe: Do you feel that rappers have to be role models?
Lord Kaos: “No and yes- I feel responsible to teach kids and parents, but on the same token I have kids that listen to Hip Hop, I let my kids know that things are real out there so I think ultimately it’s up to the parent’s to teach their kids, It’s a two way street because tomorrow I may drop a song with the F bomb”.
L. Monroe: What is your goal with your music career when you say in your bio you want to “make it big”?
Lord Kaos: “I want to leave an impression on the world. I want people to say that dude was intelligent, not just a rapper”.
L. Monroe: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Lord Kaos: I want to contribute to the rap game like DMX, 50 Cent, and Eminem……

In other words Lord Kaos wants to be a legend in the game, and he wants it to be known that his favorite rapper, who he once had a chance to chop it up with is DMX. He gives a huge shout out to the Ruff Ryder’s and Busy Bones of Bone Thugs and Harmony. I encourage the readers to listen to his song “I Am Struggle” featuring Queen Royalty” This song is hot and definitely shows that Lord Kaos is preparing to take the rap game by storm.


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Take a listen to Lord Kaos’s two video tracks

First video Lord Kao’s wrote and dedicated to his grandmother:  “Granny Da Great”


Second video track , blazzin’ with his lyrical sound and spoken words of ” I Am Struggle “


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