Put It Out There™ : Columbus, Georgia artist ‘ D –my The Champ ‘


BIO synopsis according to Terrell Taylor :

D-My the Champ was born Terrell Taylor in Columbus, Georgia on September 7th, 1982. From his early upbringing, Terrell has always had a natural love and talent for music. Learning to read music at an early age he has always been involved in some type of music related activities. He received his early start to his music career as the communications director for ML Harris Umc Church also in Columbus, where he was in charge of recording and producing the tapes of the Sunday morning services. Later under the expert tutelage of Mr. Hugh Moffett, Terrell learned how to play several different instruments as a part of the mighty & feared” Carver High School Marching Tiger Show Band”. Often referred to as “The show within the show”, Terrell has always given music his all. After high school he joined forces with his soon to be long time teacher & mentor “Dj.Big Boy” to form the group MBR. While under the teaching of Dj.Big Boy, Terrell received his first artist name of Mr. Mystique, for his strange and mysterious ways of mixing music.After 1 year Mystique decided to join forces with longtime friends Mr. Silk, Big Rod, D-Roc, Big Heezey, & WB Steve, as a part of WHOA Records. After 6 months and some creative differences once again Mr. Mystique was without a label home. Alone and uncertain about the future of his music career, he decided to take some of his connects he had made being a part of his previous label homes, and start his own label. With no one willing to help him and limited funds, Mystique received a lot of assistance from established artist and friend Kaos. With a re-newed passion for music Mystique started Tmr Entertainment along with lifelong friend Damion Hill. Also it was time for an image change along with a name change. From that day on Mr. Mystique would be known as The Champ.DJ-Mystique (D-My the Champ) is the CEO of TMR Entertainment and the Senior Producer of the label’s talent. D-My the Champ is currently producing the long awaited mix-tape entitled “Street Kings” which will showcase local unsigned talent whose incredible flow might otherwise go unheard. D-My the Champ’s solo debut album “The Champ Is Here,” is scheduled for release between late July 2013 to September 2013. In an effort to touch ALL the people D-My the Champ and the whole TMR family is currently touring the state of Georgia performing in numerous talent showcases and open mic venues.

** Official Review/Interview **

D.Cox : According to your bio you have started getting involved in music at an early age and had a lot of inspirations during your earlier years. What are some of the activities that correlated with music or recreational activities that kept you involved with music throughout your years?

Terrell Taylor: Well I have always been in or around music. I actually didn’t even take a real interest in music until 5th grade when I joined the school band. But I was always surrounded by my cousins who would be singing at different events and I had one cousin Darnel that rapped all the time, so I guess you can say he is responsible to me writing my first rhyme.

D.Cox : It appears you have played various musical instruments during your school years. What is your favorite instrument? And do those instruments have a key role in your music creativity today?

Terrell Taylor: My favorite instrument was the drums. I marched drums in high school where I was the Bass Drum section leader. Now days I can’t say that a certain instrument has any certain outcome on the rhymes I create.

D.Cox : It is understood that DJ Big Boi was one of the instrumental factors that influence you to become a skilled DJ . What are some of the disciplines you have learned from DJ-ing and how does that same discipline apply to you as a hip hop artist?

Terrell Taylor: Dj.Big Boy was the person who discovered me. He took me under his wing when no one else would give a rookie a chance. He owned 3 clubs at the time and he allowed me to work his clubs. He would bring his turn tables over to my house and we would spin hours trying to teach a young DJ the art of DJ-ing and not just being a “Record Player” as he calls it. We would go to a club at about 4pm and stay there practicing until about 8pm right before the club opened.

D.Cox : Because you are also known as both  “Mystique” and ” D –my The Champ “, can you tell your fans who is the man behind the name “Mystique“?

Terrell Taylor: Mystique or D-my the champ stands for real hip hop. I create music that is based off of a lot of real life situations for me. I can paint a picture clear enough for you to feel like you were right there with me. I stand for no short cuts. I think good music sells itself.

D.Cox : It is known that groups, individuals and labels often have creative differences that tend to end working relationships. As a music artist, what are some lessons that you have learned thus far when there is a need to have your own creative control of your music, including creative differences?

Terrell Taylor: Well let me say this first. “Some situations will not be able to be worked out depending on the mind frame of the artist involved.”  It is ok to not agree it happens in this game but you both have to be professional enough to agree to dis-agree and move forward. But also as a artist you have to be real enough with your self to be able to accept constructive criticism and not call it hating.

D.Cox : Hip Hop music has with stood against time and some would say it may outlast most music of genres. When you listen to classic hip hop and compare it to new school hip hop; in your opinion, what are the pros and cons between the two as an artist?

Terrell Taylor:  There is no real way to compare it. They are as different as night and day. I grew up listening to the UGK, Outkast, 8ball & Mjg, Nwa, Snoop Doggs, and the list goes on and on. One thing artist did back then would be to tell a story about something simple and real to them and make you feel along for the ride. Now days a lot of rappers either talk about the same topics, sound the same example Auto Tunes on everything, or rap about stuff they have never done.

D.Cox : During your mid-peak of your career as an artist, what motivated you to start your on industry label?

Terrell Taylor:  I actually started TMR Ent with my life long friend and now Co-Owner Damion Hill after seeking help from a lot of local artist and labels and having the doors slammed in my face. Bottom line my mother always told me “Son you can’t tell someone else how to run their show. If you want to be the boss you have to pay the cost.” So that’s what I did.

D.Cox : As a hip hop artist, how important is it to manage your brand correlating with your label and with the image of an artist?

Terrell Taylor:   It’s very important. They have to go hand in hand. It’s like making a good meal. You have the main dish but the sides compliment the main. This also applies to the label and the artist brand. They have to go hand in hand or at the end of the day one will always look out of place.

D.Cox : Now with your (new ) label TMR Entertainment and managing current artists, how do you feel about the importance of “ Ethics “ as a business owner and manager?

Terrell Taylor:     Ethics lol. That practice is dead in Columbus, Ga. A lot of my artist I work with have come to me with horror stories of their past producers or entertainment companies. I hear the same thing 1. Heavy Drinking and smoking in the studio. 2. People hanging around that have nothing to do with music. 3. The producers trying to use his position to gain sex from the female artist. The list goes on and on. They made it easy for me to take over. Just listen to what they are doing and do the opposite. Lol.

D.Cox : You have written several hot tracks including worked on a lot of mixtapes. And I am feeling the track “ D-My-Breathe “ . What inspired you to write “ D-My-Breathe”? Also, which tracks are your best tracks thus far? and why?

Terrell Taylor:     Wow Breathe. Breathe is a true story of an event that happened to me 2 years ago. I had a back surgery that went wrong which lead to me needing emergency surgery again on my back in less than 48 hours of the first one. When I came out of the second surgery that was 6 hours I was paralyzed from waist down. I had to be transported from Columbus to Atlanta to attempt to rehab at a Trauma center “ Shepherd Rehab in Buckhead Ga. The doctors to my parents that I would never walk again and 3 months later I walked out the front doors of the Trauma center. I wrote Breathe while I was lying in my hospital bed.

D.Cox : Do you as an artist along with your label having any upcoming projects for 2013? If so, what are they ? ( Include dates/times of shows and music releases ) .

Terrell Taylor :    As of right now I’m finishing up my debut album The Champ is here along with a few other projects that have not been named as of yet nor has a release date been set. But keep an ear to the streets.

D.Cox : Because this entertainment industry is a competitive market, what are the lessons that you have learned thus far about having passion and working hard to succeed as an artist?

Terrell Taylor :    I can keep it short and simple. This business owes you nothing. There are no guarantees. If anything you owe the business the respect of making good music to honor everyone that has come before you. Simply – You can have all the talent in the world but without drive and determination behind it – It means nothing……

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