Put It Out There ™ : Poems by Bryan O. Taylor

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Music On My Mind

These thoughts cross my soul

Like sweet soul music

Playing different tunes

Varying from R&B

To jazz

And even some rock or country

Every song has a thought

Every thought has a tune

Making mixes with the right sounds

THe feeling hits you

Deep down in your soul

Tingling through your hands

What’s even worse

Is when this feeling hits you

Like Georgia it’s considered

Music on my mind

Intimate Void

Now usually I write these, but since it crossed my mind, I might as well be real with myself & express a poem sharing these thoughts.

This love struggle I go through

Trying to find a void

Filling it

A pair of struggles and troubles

Hitting me like a ton of bricks

This connection

This feeling

Wanting it badder than the other

How much is too much to ask for

A void

Filling it

Fulfilling it

Reaching it

Working at it

Just making the most of dealing with it

It’s pretty easy to handle

But the question remains

How do you overcome

The intimate void

Do you just take on the first thing

That comes your way

Or do you sit back and wait

While venting

About this touch

This kiss

This holding of hands

That you wait to seize

And possibly conquer

I know it isn’t easy

But since when has love ever been easy

The work and effort put behind it

Is what makes it all the more worthwhile

So I ask of you

Are you will to handle

The intimate void?

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