Put It Out There™: Louisiana’s own creative artist Damon Nailer

Damon Nailer
@daril1 via twitter

“Arriving at destiny will definitely be a scenic route and not a shortcut. You will have to walk down the road less traveled, go through the valley of rejection, and make pit stops at the following places: betrayal, ridicule, disappointment, delay, discouragement, and grief. And, if you decide to continue after having experienced these places, you will eventually arrive at your destination(destiny)” by Damon Nailer

  I have always believed that” God will put people in your life for a reason “. And I must say I am glad that I have met Mr. Nailer on the social media network.  I must say that I am always very cautious about who I meet while conducting business and even in my personal life. But when my spirit speaks to me about the good in an individual(s), I will definitely listen and move forward on faith to get to know that individual(s). Right now I am excited about this interview with Mr. Nailer, because I feel it is an opportunity for my audience to get to know who this talented spiritual man is. Not only there is a spiritual path that guides him through his outstanding projects in music, writing books and other productions, he is a gifted motivational speaker as well. 


D.Cox:  I have read your bio and conducted my research on you. I must say, you definitely have some outstanding journeys. So tell me how or what inspired you to begin a music career and become diverse in hip hop music using gospel?

Damon Nailer:   When I first came to Christ, I could barely find any artists who were producing Christian rap.  As a result, I began to experiment with it and perform some of the songs I had written at church.  After doing it for a season, I really began to like it and see that it could be used as an evangelistic tool to promote the gospel in a catchy way.  I prayed about it and received confirmation from God and my Pastor.  From there I recorded my first single and it generated a nice buzz and received local radio airplay.  Once I realized that people were interested in supporting Christian rap, I decided to record a full length LP.  Since then I’ve recorded three more projects and I’m currently producing my fifth.

D.Cox:  And how old were you when you began your career in music?

Damon Nailer:   As a teen I dabbled into hip-hop.  My friends and I recorded a mix tape but we never officially released it.  I began my actual music ministry at 24.

D.Cox:   Other than what is written in your bio, describe to us audience (fans) who you are as an individual outside of Arts and Entertainment?

Damon Nailer:   Outside of the arts and entertainment I am a devoted husband and proud father of four sons.  In my spare time you will find me hanging out with my family.

D.Cox:   As a young gentleman in the music industry, how important is it for you to have a strict and positive frame of mind when interacting with (potential) stake holders while representing your brand as an artist and as an entrepreneur?

Damon Nailer: I believe that it’s very important to have strong mental discipline in order to be successful in any arena.  I try to conduct myself as a professional at all times because you never know when and who you will come in to contact with that may offer a huge opportunity to you.

D.Cox:   They say music does have its way of bringing people together. But, music of some types have received some criticism and some parts of the market feel that certain music is sending the wrong message. How do you feel about this “form of assumption “that is a part of anyone’s musical journey?

Damon Nailer: I am totally aware that words have tremendous power.  King Solomon said that “life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall it the fruit thereof.”  In my perspective words are seeds and when seeds are planted they produce a harvest.  As a result, our words create our environment and atmosphere.  Since I like a peaceful environment and atmosphere, I choose to sow those kinds of words so that they may create the type of atmosphere that I like to be in. 

D.Cox:   Again, you have participated in many major shows and events. Do you feel having high expectations are important when you are on stage?   And when you are performing in Front of a huge audience, what does that moment feel like to you?

Damon Nailer: Yes, I believe as an artist that you must always have high expectations and consistently bring your “A” game.  The audience will mimic the vibe that you send out.  They can tell if you are passionate about what you are doing or if you are just going through the motions.  When I perform I am in an awesome place.  I’ve performed while being sick and experiencing all kinds of drama.  But once I’m on stage, I enter a special place/zone and I’m able to get beyond what I’m experiencing at the moment.

D.Cox:   One of your highlights of your journey is that you are part of the Supercuts Rock –The Cut: Artists Ambassador Program. Can you describe the purpose of that program? And how did you become involved with that program?

Damon Nailer: The purpose of the program is to provide lots of exposure and credibility to independent artists.  Supercuts are a huge brand and to be selected to partner with them gives tremendous credence to an independent artist.  The endeavor has been very rewarding.  I became affiliated with the program through a website I’m a part of called Sonicbids.  I recommend it to any independent artist.  It helps you to find gigs and opportunities all over the world.

D.Cox:   I must say I have read your inspiring quotes and blog post on your website. You are definitely gifted in inspiring others. I can definitely relate to Proverb: Enduring strong tribulation will lead to powerful revelation. It’s a principle. If we can’t take the tribulation, hen we can’t receive the revelation” and “Arriving at destiny will definitely be a scenic route and not a shortcut. You will have to walk down the road less traveled, go through the valley of rejection, and make pit stops at the following places: betrayal, ridicule, disappointment, delay, discouragement and grief. And, if you decide to continue afterhaving experienced these places, you will eventually arrive at your destination (destiny)” via your site http://www.daril.org And I can actually hear “Restoration “as I read your entries. What inspires you to become a motivational speaker?

Damon Nailer: I came to the realization that everyone has dreams, aspirations, concepts, and ideas but many just lack motivation.  Oftentimes people just need someone to act as an encourager to say” pursue your dreams” and “try that task regardless of how impossible it may seem.”  As a motivator I serve as a catalyst to ignite people and inspire them to action without fearing failure.  It’s all a learning experience even if things don’t go the way you think they should.  Life still goes on.

D.Cox: You have created several awesome tracks and when I had listened to your tracks, I hear the stories in your rhythm and rhyme, especially in “Paradise “and “Thug Story”. What inspired you to write those two tracks? Also out of all the tracks you have created so far, which one is your favorite and why?

Damon Nailer  :  Paradise” was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  God literally began to just give me the words of the song and I began to write them down.  There’s also a montage video that gives vivid images to match the lyrics of the song.  The inspiration for “Thug Story” came from me personally and consistently witnessing family members, friends, and former students endure the perils of street life.  As a result, I just began to write what I know about the game.

D.Cox: Now that you have created an successful journey thus far, where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Damon Nailer:  I see myself still producing music, speaking, and writing but on an international scale.  I am about to launch a TV ministry next month.  Prayerfully it will have an international audience as well within 5-10 years.

D.Cox: Do you have any upcoming (major) projects for 2013? If so, what are those projects? (Provide titles, dates, time to be posted on all our sites)

Damon Nailer:  Yes, I will be releasing a full length LP entitled Triple Threat and publishing my second eBook A Greater Taste of Success in December. I will be releasing single entitled “Make Em Say” on March 15, 2013 through GooglePlay.

D.Cox: There is a lot of younger generation getting involve in gospel music and becoming inspirational to other peers as well. What advice would you give to our younger generations who want to pursue their dreams?

Damon Nailer:  Allow God to inspire you and once you realize they are God’s will, pursue them with everything you got and don’t let anything or anyone stop you until you are actually living what you have seen in your mind

In order to stay updated on the latest projects by Mr. Damon Nailer, you can follow him at the following social sites:

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYsUYhnAezk

EPK: www.sonicbids.com/damon94

Website: www.daril.org

Twitter: www.twitter.com/daril1

Facebook: www.facebook.com/darilmusic or www.facebook.com/damon.nailer

MySpace: www.myspace.com/rillay


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