Put It Out There: 2016 Interview with CONCISE

    Most people would say: “It doesn’t take much to make a transition “. However, making a transition can be a challenging. Often times when the transition occurs, we have to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of questioning ourselves about the decisions we made and whether or not we regret it. Changes have become a challenge in our daily lives, but if we want something more out of life, we have to “Just take a leap of FAITH “and not let fear take over and change our minds. Even though CONCI$E have taken a successful journey to build his catalog since 2011 as one of the leading lyrists in Virginia, CONCI$E had decided to move to Colorado which allows him to act in faith and not let fear nor other people’s opinion to stop him. Not to mention, his decision leads him to leave friends and family behind to pursue a path of (increase) independence and explore who he is as a man and as an artist . Soon as CONCI$E established himself to what is now called his second home, CONCI$E found a job and immediately started working on his music career. Surprisingly, Conci$e booked his own shows and is currently known as an independently nominated artist for the “ SouthWest Indy Awards “; including, open up for well-known artists today. Prior to the interview, CONCI$E stated: “ I am going to continue to follow my dreams and always put God first. He is the only one have my faith 100% and without believing in him, I don’t know where I would be ~Amen and Praise him”.


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Dancy: What were your major influences growing up between both cities of Matoaca and Petersburg, Virginia ?

CONCI$E:   My major influences were my family, friends & things that I witnessed in the city areas of VA. I feel when you  go through something or deal with  someone in certain situations  that awareness to your life, it inspire you in some shape of form to either get motivated to be on the right path or on a downward spiral. But for me, when it comes to my family , friends and life experiences I’ve learned to be driven despite the challenges that come my way. 

Dancy: Would it be fair to say that the way you grew up as a young child made who you are today?

CONCI$E:   Yes it did. I witnessed a murder at the age of 10 Not to mention, every night that I  went to sleep I’ve heard guns being shots which no child shouldn’t see or hear at any age. also,  when you are raised around wildness no matter where u go you always take a piece of that chaos with you. Truth be told , having to experience a lot in my life allows me to breathe life into my lyrics.

Dancy:  (I) Noticed there has been a transition for you from VA to Colorado and that was a major move. What made  you decide to make that move to Colorado?

CONCI$E:  My decision to move to Colorado was based on my position at the time and  my need to spread my music & brand to the West Coast.Not to mention, to take the challenge as an individual and as an artist

Dancy: Do  you feel that you are destined to be a Hip Hop artist and/or be a part of this huge music industry, especially during your transition within the past couple of years?

CONCI$E:    I always loved Hip Hop. But,  when I started rapping I didn’t wanna be an artist at first  I only wanted to insult people with rhymes which made me a battle rapper first.  However due to my recent transition, I knew I was going to have to challenge myself especially more without   my best friend/Sis’ (Ms. Proper ), other   friends  and family while living in Colorado. But , I realize during my transition it was  for the better , especially allowing me to see that I can be more than just an artist within this industry . I’ve learned to take control to   increase my knowledge in management  responsibilities;  increase my participation in sounds, production and ensuring full control of my  writing (ie lyrics) more like  a publisher as well.  

Dancy:  When did you exactly become part of So Proper Entertainment (SPE)? Would you say SPE change your life after joining the label?

CONCI$E:    I first joined SPE in 2006 cause my sister Ms. Proper knew I rapped and she believed in my talent. Not to mention, she wanted me to be (one of ) the main artist at the time while she was making moves as well on the label , especially as an artist herself and CEO of SPE. The label didn’t change my lifestyle ,but it provided me the opportunity to do better. Especially, at the time when  I  was still feeling  the streets .   That is why I am thankful today for making the right choices in my life and thankful for those who believe in me.

Dancy:  What is the name and year of your first   your Mixtape? And  did you experience total independence  at the time ? Also, what are some of your past single/album releases ( title/ month& year )?

CONCI$E:  Yes,  I had (experienced) full independence with all of my projects. “Make Em Go” (2008) “Gone Head, Give Head” (2006) “It’s Like That” (2012) & “Ima Get Mine” (2012) are singles I’ve had.

Dancy: Name your top 3 favorable moments  of touring with SPE?

CONCI$E:  At the time, 106 & Park, meeting Big Krit, & jus the moments I’ve had wit my brother ( NSane) & sister (Ms. Proper )  on the road. And I must say, those road trips always kept a brother alive and happy because of the bond we had to motivate one another.

Dancy : Are there any additional shows other than the tour that you performed at SINCE 2011- 2016 ? If so, what are they ?

CONCI$E: Randomly  as both an individual performer and  hype man (for my sister Ms. Proper of SoProper Entertainment ) and collabs I have performed shows at GA,NY, NC ,VA and CO as follows:  Epic Fest, Underground Sound at NYC ;Indie Elite Promo show; Hype-Notic show ; Bad Boy Street Model showcase;  WRIR 97.3FM Anniversary; Winter Fest ; Young Money Concert; Richmond ,VA; Richmond  Royalty; Sweet Auburn Festival , Triumph Concert; Meet & Greet – Tito Lopez ;Triumph Concert ;North Carolina Apple Chill, North Carolina Cumberland County Fair; North Carolina Summer Jam -104.5 FM ;open for Jae Millz; Open for Big Krit  at Greensboro , NC; Fayetteville , NC  Teen Summit ; Fayetteville, NC Pre-Memorial  Day Bike & Car Festival BET 106 (WOW)  with these past shows, I must praise God and definitely show love to my sis’ Ms. Proper for believing me all these years . I thank her for often encourage me to strive further and stronger and that is one of the reasons what lead me here to Colorado now. I felt the spirit within me to  take the chance , but I thank everyone who believes in me. Currently this year, I had recently  performed in local club areas;  Open for one of the Bone Thugs –n- Harmony artist Lazie Bone; participated in the Colorado Festival : Cinco De Mayo ; ‘ Good FXN VIBE tour’ with my sis Ms Proper at the DAB Lounge  here in Colorado ;Las vegas ( the Vibe  and Las Vegas  Hype Wednesdays) and live Radio interview with DJ Zahra.  You know, as I look back I have to thank God for given me the Faith spirit to trust myself and continue to stay on the path he laid out for me to receive more blessings.

Dancy: What do you want your new fans from Colorado to know about the Artist “ Concise804” who is now ” CONCI$E ” that the East Coast already experience?

CONCI$E:  I want my fans in Colorado to know that every time I hit the stage I show up to show out.  But,  I think they catching on now since  I’ve done shows here. Not to mention, I am going to continue to ensure that they know my style of hip hop and how my style relates to what the Kings and Queens of the Hip Hop past ~ Much respect to them for making a way for artists like me !!

Dancy: Challenges comes in many different forms, but each challenge that you overcome provide lessons. What were your top major challenges thus far from the past year ? And what lessons did you learn from them?

CONCI$E:  Well, the hardest thing for me this past year has been juggling my career, personal life, & adjusting to a new environment. But,  I’ve  learned as long as my life is in God’s hands I know that  I got this no matter where I’m at

Dancy: As a hip-hop artist, where do you possibly  see yourself in your career  1-5 years from now ?

CONCI$E:  I see myself in 5 years being one of the biggest household names as the new face with new sound(s) in this game of  hip hop 

Dancy:    If you can describe yourself in 5-10  sentence as an individual , how would you describe yourself ( also include the meaning behind “CONCISE “ )and what is the best advice you can give someone who is currently facing challenges in their life?

CONCI$E : I feel like no matter what challenges I go through in life, I know I am growing from those challenges but my personality remains the same. I think that when you provide the originality about yourself  people will be more excepting and not trying to change you. That’s why I stay true to myself and continue to allow God to show me the way and stay humble even through adversities and challenges.

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