North Carolina’s Artist: ” Do Style “


Having the drive and ambition, Do Style always believe that hard work means receiving the rewards. According to Do Style bio his hard work keeps him motivated no matter what.  Here is his quoted bio as follows:

” From Spring Lake N.C…Lamar McCutchen aka Do Style started rapping back in 1995. At the time he he started rapping, Do Style was not for real with it, because he viewed rapping at the time as a hobby and something to do. As time passes, Do Style along with his friend Kon Rad, they started making beats for the local artist in the hood. As the beats got better and recognized by many, Do Style rap flow went from good to professionally super. As time progress to  2001,  Do Style made his first demo on tape. In 2003 , Do Style started to travel places, such as  ATL to perform with Def Jam south. By 2005 Do Style formed his label MCCUTCHEN PRO and release his first album called ” The Start of Something” with the help of Josh Waters the CEO of Gone Ape Music. However as time moved on,  Do Style made his own sound and worked heavy with other underground artists around the Queen city area.  By 2008  Do Style  release MCCUTCHEN PRO classic (pure personal) where there was low promotional activities and little money where it was observed that the CD was over looked. However , that situation  didnt refrain him from loving the world of  hip-hop  music, including creating beats. In 2011 , Do Style’s made a come back  with the hit release of ” December76 SPRING QUEEN LAKE CITY “ which he received significant high reviews and received numerous radio air plays which  made his cd one of the best cd’s out today. Currently in  2012, Do Style is getting ready for his  4th album called ” Vicious Perfection” and following will be his upcoming 5th album in the works ” December77 SPRING QUEEN LAKE CITY II ” .. Do to Do Style unstoppable drive, he always say : “ I will never give up what is right for me ~ PRos up 7 ! “


In order to keep up with the updates on McCutchen, P  aka Do Style, follow him at the following sites:




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