Put It Out THERE ™: Virginia’s Own DJ STACKZ

 BIO synopsis according to DJ Stactz
DJ Stackz (Feb 27, 1985) 27 year old disc jockey originally from Norfolk, va is one of Hampton Roads, VA most respected DJ’s. He started spinning in Mid 2005 in local night club/bar spots on their off nights. After developing his own style eventually moved to weekends, and premiere nights in some of the area biggest and well know night club spots. By early 2006 stackz had done over a dozen night clubs in hampton roads virginia and he started getting calls to do even bigger night club grand openings. Within a year dj stackz was invited to open up at numerous events for Charlotte, NC CIAA weekend. Dj stackz has dj for grand openings for big named stores like Forever 21 that opened in Mac Arthur center in downtown Norfolk. He also dj for major comedy shows for BET standup comedy host Antoine Scott and did shows with one of Martin lawerence 1st admendment stand up comic Anguz Black. Dj stackz later did events in Elizabeth City, NC, Charlotte NC, Richmond VA, Washington DC to name a few. Dj Stackz specializes in Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Top 40. Dj stackz worked hard on his own to get his name out by planning and promoting his own events. He discovered by him doing his own events that he can build a following and market himself by djing his own events to keep his name in the buzz.Dj Stackz later started working with Djs from a college based station in Norfolk, VA by the name of WNSB Hot 91 FM and a well known internet site by the name of mix305radio where his 7pm est show broadcast www.mix305radio.com , andwww.tunnelvisionradio.com. you can find some of his mixes at www.soundcloud.com/djstackz757 or www.hulkshare.com/djstackz757 and www.mixcloud.com/djstackz7572 you can also follow him on twitter/facebook to get daily updates on booking and event info at www.twitter.com/djstackz757,   www.facebook.com/djstackz757  when you see his name on a flyer come out and check out the event, you’re sure to be impressed with his quick cuts, smooth blends and artistic style of mixing.
** Official Review/Interview  **

         Having creativity and the skills for what you love to do does set the path for your destiny.  As a creative artist, you have to allow yourself to expand your mind to where you want it to go, especially in the world of entertainment. In this world of entertainment you will not only find that DJs have an extraordinary talent, you find that their extraordinary creativity and their confidence are truly a live and “hyped” to the point that you would never want to take your attention off of them when they perform at various events or when you listen to their creative mixes on various social sites.  However out of many DJs I know ( or met) thus far , DJ Stackz is one  out of many that I definitely consider as extraordinary when he independently  demonstrates his strong  management skill  in correlation of his own business;  when he  captures the audiences/fans attention; promote opportunities for  artists of all genres ; constant allowing his creativity of what he design as a DJ to be in the fore front  for all to  hear; finally  his   self-confidence when he performs and engages with others which is an attractive quality that constantly have this entertainment industry strong and un divided attention.  While getting to know DJ Stackz, he reminds me of a quote by Jimmy Hendricks when creativity brings music to life:  Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”

D.Cox : Your bio indicated you started spinning in yr 2005, how did you actually began your DJ career ? Who? Or what inspired you to become a part of this entertainment industry?

DJ Stackz:  Well all my life I have always had a strong passion for music I started with just playing music at my family functions when I was around 14 years old. But around 2005, I felt like I was ready to step it up independently which led me to start  out doing a lot of house parties just to make a name for myself in my home area and outside my home area as well. But, I was actually introduced by my older cousin that DJ  and known as ” DJ Flava” who is also a producer who  lead me to go beyond my own expectations  move forward with my craft in music mixes

D.Cox:  You are well known as “ DJ Stackz “ , describe to your fans who is “ DJ Stackz “ and what are some of the things they should know about you and make you different from other djs?

DJ Stackz:   DJ  Stackz is a hard working dj that takes his craft serious while giving the people what they want. Some of the things that make me different from other DJs is I’m not a playlist DJ;  how I create my own sound; how I make and play my own remixes; finally , how I  play for the crowd .

D.Cox:  You have until this day has been successful in participating in major shows and events ranging from television to community events. When you participate in these various events do find yourself feeling restricted by others (entertainment productions, event coordinators or related) on what to perform? Or Play? If so, how do you feel about being restricted as a DJ,especially when music mixes is considered as an “art “within the music industry? What advicewould you give other djs who is starting their own career when changes occur that correlates with performances /music is restrictions?

DJ Stackz:  Yea sometimes I feel like I have to go out of my element for certain events, but by me being a versatile DJ I don’t feel as restricted anymore. I’ve  played for all types of crowds so I know what to do…to other DJ s i would say practice every day or whenever you have time….practice makes you a better DJ…dont just practice with hip hop music. Whenever I practice, I open up my crates and locate where all my music is stored cause you never know when you have to dig in the crates to find it.

D.Cox:  Even though you are definitely a successful DJ,do you still find yourself competing with other well known djs? If so, how do you handle competition? And what do you find as a valuable lesson for yourself in this competitive world of entertainment involving DJs?

DJ Stackz:   I don’t feel like I’m in competition with no one I respect the other DJ s and their craft. I am trying to stand out by being different and having my own sound. Keep in mind, that it’s all about being different and when you do, you will def stand out from others.

D.Cox:  According to your bio, I would consider you at “corporate” level when it comes to managing yourself and your brand as a “Performing Artist” in this entertainment world. How important   is it for “Any “ performing artist to remain consistent ; remain in the fore front of their team and their own business while representing their brand ? And how important is it to have your team on the “ same page “ without restricting each other while they are representing you ?

DJ Stackz:  The main thing is to network; build your own team and  make sure that they are at all your events networking. Keep in mind , its very important for everyone on your team to be(100%) on the same page cause you will never know who you may run into . Not to mention, it is important to hold weekly/bi-weekly meetings to ensure that being a team equals being in compliance of the business.

D.Cox:  You have a pretty much successful record of downloads, favorites, and plays on Hulkshare, Soundcloud and Mixcloud . How important is it to keep updated on what the fans (or the market) want to hear from you as a DJ when you are creating your mixes and promoting them on a daily basis? What are some of the positive and negative feedbacks you have received? And how receptive are you when you listen to these feedbacks from both fans and specific markets (of all genres)?

DJ Stackz:  the most important thing is to stay current. Now days the people are rocking with the people that’s current and who keep up to dated with mixes. As a DJ ,  I try to make a mix weekly and/or sometimes bi weekly which allow me to  do everything from current music to throwbacks.. pop, hip-hop etc.  Honestly, I haven’t got any negative feedback yet hopefully it will stay that way…I get a lot of positive feedback like “you did your thing”; “  that’s a good blend, scratch, mix” or related. But, I have pretty much been on top of the feedback as well as the request for mixes. So, I try to give the people what they want.

D.Cox:  You have several mixes that I love, for example Reggae mixes, Dirty South throwback, Stuck in the tunnel mix and various mixes you have through tunnel vision. Which mixes that you have created thus far is one of your most successful ones? Or Which one are the most popular according to your fans?

DJ Stackz:  This mix that I  have called the “Twerk mix” which is  one of my hottest mixes I  have the most plays and downloads  than any other mixes

D.Cox: What are some of your successful major projects for 2012? And because of those projects, how does those success help you move forward to future projects for 2013 ? (include some of your upcoming projects for 2013)

DJ Stackz:  One of my successful projects is my mix tape that I had dropped called “Back to the Money” that was real major and lead me to lock down a 6 city tour with Keisha Cole, Miguel, and Robin Thicke this February 2013

D.Cox:  Finally, the entertainment world is a billion dollar industry and pretty much every starving artist of all genres has a need to be a part of this industry. What is the best advice that you have used thus far to help you to be where you are at now?

DJ Stackz:  Keep doing me stay on top of my craft and p.u.s.h . What i mean by p.u.s.h is (p)ray (u)ntil (s)omething (h)appen !  If you not serious about your craft , no one else will take you serious


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