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Meeting “ Dj G “ is another pleasant and best journey I’ve taken during my time on social media network. The more I conducted  research and got to know “ DJG “,  immediately I could  tell that he is definitely a humble individual who does not take life for granted when it comes to music creativity; his family and giving back to the community.  Right now, it is so coincidental that just recently , I read one of Joel Osteen quotes :  “As you grow, as you let God mold you, those seeds of greatness God has placed on the inside will take root and start to flourish. “ https://www.facebook.com/JoelOsteen    When  you listen to the awesome gospel mix sound created by “ DJ G “ ; listen to his syndicated radio shows; attend his successful events ; or  perhaps, learning to get to know “ DJ G”, you would definitely understand  why his “ Seeds of greatness have flourish “ among everyone that knows him in his community and even around the world.

** Official Interview **

D.Cox:  What inspired (or who inspired) you to become a professional DJ?  How long you’ve been a DJ? (Include explaining how your history began as a DJ)

DJ GMix :  I started playing drums in church where I started buying records to hear drummers and learning the craft of beats and rhythms. Then I started helping out with a hospital radio called ‘Radio Cherwell’ in Oxford, this inspired me to pursue my dream in radio and then it was a natural progression on to become a DJ. While doing a variety of RSL’s (Restricted Service Licence Radio Stations) I started gaining training with a variety of radio equipment and mixing tracks both CD’s and vinyl. My music taste began to expand while remaining true to my roots in Gospel music.  Over the years Gospel music has gone from the Traditional, Contemporary, Urban, CEDM (Christian Electronic Dance Music).My DJ-ing spans over 17½ years starting by boring the churches equipment to play at my first birthday party, this consisted of borrowing the speakers, amplifier and using my two domestic CD players. I’d built up a massive collection of music on CD’s and vinyl but wanted to share my passion and music style with others and DJ-ing allowed me to do this.

D.Cox:  Tell the audience about the business man behind “DJ G”.  Explain who you are in the business of music entertainment.

DJ GMix :  I as DJG have many facets from being a Husband; an amazing father (quote from my son);  to being a professional Chef for 20 years; including, working with young people (children) with physical and mental disabilities as a Youth Worker.  These things have shaped me as a business man  and  develop my craft as a DJ as well over the years. The business started after having an accident at work and having major surgery on my knee. This gave me a few months of reflection and charting my new pathway which has not been easy.   Having a supportive family helped me to make this transition into starting my own business and gaining the flexibility to launch my business into the music world and get into different schools as a peripatetic teacher (travelling teacher).  Even though I feel that I have accomplish a lot over the years,  I still consider myself as a new comer in the music industry with my goals and dreams that I would like to reach in the year 2013.

D.Cox:  Your website: http://djgmix.co.uk/djg/  indicates that you have been very active in events, including charitable events for children. Do you have any upcoming future events in 2013 relating to any charity, including show case?  If so, what are the names of the future events, dates and time?

DJ GMix :  The Miami Winter Conference in March 2013 is one of the events I have been seeking sponsorship for, as I feel this will launch my career to have a much bigger audience.  I have also been invited to play at the Monaco Grand Prix in May 2013 which this will be a spectacular event to play for over 200,000 people.  I currently do not have any planned charity event so far but would love to do another 24 hour none stop DJ set.

D.Cox:  I have listened to all of your hot mix tracks on Sound Cloud within the past couple of days.  I must say that your mixes are definitely a hot unique gospel sound. Some would think to compare your mixes as mainstream house as well. But with gospel sound and tune, your style will remain uniquely successful for those of us that is into cross over music. Indeed, career DJs have crossed over into diverse style of music. Can you tell your  fans what makes your style as a DJ correlating with gospel sound different or similar from other music genre (soul  R& B, rock, hip hop etc)?

DJ GMix :  I feel that my style is a mixture of  Soulful, Deep, Uplifting, Inspirational, Gospel, House, all encompassed in EDM, including cross over in diverse of music cultural around the world as well.

D.Cox:  Congratulation on your latest success for having sponsorship from “Life and Limb London” a clothing company that’s successful for year 2012-2013 as per your website.  For those of us here in the US and around the world, can you explain your experience of closing this sponsorship deal and explain to your fans and business owners the importance of having a sponsor when operating a business and/or brand within the entertainment world or non-entertainment world?

DJ GMix :  A sponsorship deal gives you credibility and gives other companies a level of confidence in you.  When having a sponsorship deal this has two benefits

  1. a.    This gives exposure to both parties
  2. b.   This is a more cost effective way of advertising direct to your customers.

D.Cox:  I have always said, “Doing good deeds for your community or for anyone is a way of showing the true nature of an individual soul”. Can you tell us what it is like to be a DJ (Skills) tutor for youth in your community over there in Europe? And how do the youth respond to your dedication to them?

DJ GMix :  Young people are looking for someone to give them a chance. Indeed, this is an avenue for me to provide a way that they will respond in a positive and productive way towards their future or future goals.  Not to mention, they will feel valued and that they have more self-worth and belief far as self-confidence is concern.  Also, every young person I’ve been in contact with have responded in a positive way and my ethos is ‘respect’ as this will carry them a long way in life.

D.Cox:   Thus far in your career, what is your greatest accomplishment in the area of music entertainment? Are there any particular top mixes that you are most proud of so far? If so, what are the name(s) and title(s)?

DJ GMix :   My greatest achievement was playing in Monaco for the first time in 2010 and then playing in front of 30,000 people in my home town at the Oxford Carnival. Worship Mix on YouTube which has received over 20,000 hits and Off the Cuff Vol 18.

D.Cox:  DJs are known to make history in the music industry.  When it comes to your radio station/show; your contribution to the community and music mixes, what do you want your fans to remember you the most for?

DJ GMix :    I feel that I am original, funky, fun, full of energy and likeable.

D.Cox:  In conclusion of this interview, what is the best advice you would give to the up and coming DJs, especially when music is always constantly changing with time?

DJ GMix :    First trust in God for direction, be yourself and do it for the right reasons not just for money or fame.


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