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Rhythm and Blues is one of the classic forms of music that is known to stand against time and throughout generations. We are thankful today for many great producers, artists and historic labels from the past and present who shared the soulful voices; the lyrics and creative sound (production) for all fans to hear and to enjoy. We are also thankful for decade(s) of RnB’s greatest who have successfully created a strong infinite path for those RnB artists today to continue the rhythm and blues legacy. One of those artists that have the gift of and for RnB music, is the artist that goes by the name of Evin Gibson. Evin Gibson is originally from South Carolina and is currently a resident of the state of North Carolina. Evin have a “ A+” soulful and spiritual voice (mix with pop) to capture the attention of many fans around the world today. Evin is known for successfully working throughout the years to make a name for himself as evidenced by participating in some sponsored (world) tours and opening for major artist(s); participating in state to state events and show cases; wining the best artist award ; not to mention, participating in events that is meaningful to local communities in his home area.
According to Evin’s bio, “In 2006 he decided to share his vision with the world writing all the songs for his first project. “ Life in E-Vision” was sold independently and reeled in impressive numbers. Evin personally sold 5,000 cds and generated a worldwide audience via the internet. “Life in E-vision” hit #1 on several online charts including unsignedband.com and andium.com “. Indeed, I am a fascinated by Evin’s soulful charm that he demonstrates in his tracks “ Instant Fire” ; “ Alarm”; “ Saxophone” and “ What Was Said “ . Because Evin have the hottest RnB tracks and is known to be one of the top ranking indie artists that is out today, I encouraged everyone who is looking for a new RnB sound; who is part of (any) major labels or well-known sponsors to open their eyes; open their ears and use their hearts to get to know Evin Gibson ~ I promise you , you will not regret knowing his true soul and spirit for the legacy of RnB!

Deborah C : Being that you is originally from South Carolina and transition to North Carolina. Your childhood beginnings in singing and acting at both school and church is very impressive. At what age did you began your entertainment career?

Evin Gibson : “ Ever since I can remember I have been doing music so I can’t remember the exact age it began. I know as a child my family always sang at home, at church, or anywhere we could. I remember making songs with instrumentals of other people songs. Entertaining has always been a part of me so I had no choice but to do it.”

Deborah C : While pursuing your dreams, is it fair to say you have a strong family foundation that played a major role in your journey from childhood to adulthood . How important is it to you to have a strong family foundation to support you in your dreams?

Evin Gibson : “ My family has always been very supportive in my musical journey. I do believe that it has been an enhancement to have that foundation of family that prays for you and wish you the best. I think that rather it is your real family or a network of true friends, everyone should surround themselves by positive and supportive energy to help guide them to their destinations.”

Deborah C : If you can give a message to the youth that do not have a strong family foundation, but have a desire and/or dream to be somebody, what would you say to the youths of today?

Evin Gibson : “ I would say to never be discouraged. Never feel like what you want to do in life depends on rather another person or group of people are in your life or not. You may have to work twice as hard but hard work pays off. Focus on what you want to accomplish and believe that it will happen no matter what and it will happen. Sometimes you have to be your own support system. “

Deborah C : Congratulations for being ranked #1 on Reverbnation for the state of North Carolina today. There are a lot of talented artists here in North Carolina and all over. When you around other artists performing at a major events/shows, those events can be viewed as naturally competitive at times. Can you describe your behavior when you find yourself in the midst of competing with your peers? Would you say the competitiveness is a healthy competition? And why?

Evin Gibson : “ I have never been one to compete with other artists. I think we are all blessed with individual talent and we have to find what platform fits us and which ones do not. I have been around artists who don’t share those views but I have never let it affect me. I am here to do music with the gift that I was given. I can only be supportive of my fellow musicians and those who are doing that same thing. I do feel that competition is healthy if it is a mutual thing and is not something you base the measurement of your talent around.”

Deborah C : You have often been compared to Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, El DeBarge and Usher during your shows . When you think about those classic RnB and Pop artists from Motown Records , Universal Music, Def Jam and related labels , what makes you significantly “ Independently “ different from both major and indie artists? What do you feel that you can bring different in your music where others never heard before? or if they have heard similar sounds before ,what would be the overall difference ?

Evin Gibson : “ Wow, those are great artists to be compared to. I only try to be myself in making music or performing. I don’t try to be so off the wall different unless it’s natural. I am not trying to be anything other than an artist that makes clean and lasting music. I think the part where I stand out in my individuality is that being me comes from my soul. It is the person I am on the inside that comes out when I make music or perform. I think people connect with that. “

Deborah C : According to your bio Evin, You have a successful track record as an artist since 2006 from going on tours to overseas (ex: Japan ) ;winning best artists awards and topping the entertainment charts. As a brand; as an entrepreneur within the music industry and having a strong team, what are the main 3-5 key points to ensure that you remain focus within this diverse entertainment industry?

Evin Gibson : “ That’s a great question. You begin to notice as success comes your way that more and more is required of you. I think one of the main ways to stay grounded is to always remember what your purpose and your message is. Trying not to be so current that you are no longer true to your message and what you want to represent you. Remember that it’s not about money, but more so about connecting to people who need what you do. Also, we have to be patient but don’t stop being productive. I remember thinking that things were never going to happen for me, but I had to get rid of that train of thought and just do what I know I was here to do. “

Deborah C : I must say , I have listened to all your tracks and they all are hot! But, I have to tell you I love “ Instant Fire “ & “ What Was Said” . Can you tell me the inspiration that led you to create both of those tracks?

Evin Gibson : “ Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. “What Was Said’ was a track I wanted to write about loving someone when it’s a little too late. It’s like the person was telling you the whole time that they weren’t happy and you didn’t listen. I just thought of all the times I wish I could have gone back in time and make situations right. With “Instant Fire” it was the complete opposite. I wanted to make that song about a very special love that touches your soul. I really am enjoying all the love I have gotten on that song because it’s simply about being in love. “

Deborah C : You had participated recently in the October 19th An Anti-Bullying (campaign) Talent Showcase. And that is a needed campaign to increase protection of both children and adults alike who are currently experiencing bullying and at times alter the outcome of their life. Have you experienced being bullied by someone? Or bullied someone? If so, what was the outcome of your experience? And what message you would like to get out there to stop the on-going rise of bullying?

Evin Gibson : “ I can remember being joked on about things as a child, but not being bullied as much. Either way, things people say hurt peoples’ feelings. We have to know how to speak up and how to have confidence in ourselves to know we are better than what people make us believe sometimes. I find it important to tell our kids how great they are so that they won’t allow someone to intimidate them. I want to encourage everyone to speak up in situations that they find that someone is trying to bully them.”

Deborah C : For the remainder of the year 2013 and for the year of 2014 , what are your upcoming projects far as your albums release; tour dates; possible clothing line or related ?

Evin Gibson : “ I’m excited that my label, Str8Wired Ent, is putting together so many great things for me. I am truly excited that I finished my album and we are ready to put that out at the top of the year. We are also working on a tour right now so that I can get my music out to the world. I am sure I will be doing promo from all over the world and then hit overseas again next year. I have some other projects underway from acting to writing that I hope to have out next year. Just alot of work being released next year. “

Deborah C : I would like to tell you thank you for taking your time out for this interview. If you can give a positive message on what you learned throughout the years of your music career and/or journey, what would it be?

Evin Gibson : “ There are so many lessons I have learned. Overall I will say be true to yourself and your dream. Learn as much as you can to enhance your craft. Do your research because this is a business and if you want it to be successful you can’t just consider yourself as someone who has a hobby. You have to be someone who knows how to make your business work. Also, make sure that you are professional and dependable as much as you can be.”

In order to stay connected to Evin Gibson for more music and upcoming updates, follow him at the following sites :


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