Put It Out There ™ : Indianapolis Artist @Raelity444

Hip Hop Artist “Raelity” is originally from Columbus, GA and currently resides in the city & state of Indianapolis, Indiana where he is currently toping the charts on Reverbnation at #2. “ Raelity” is not only a successful indie artist; he is a successful college graduate from Full Sail University at Orlando, Florida. While some artists may feel that a college education may not be necessary during a (certain) marking point of their life, “Raelity” felt that having an educational background along with his music career would allow him to have some advantage of staying updated about the entertainment industry. As a resident of Indiana, “Raelity” started his journey along with his team by developing successful networking strategies to introduce him to those who have not heard of him thus far within and outside the state of Indiana and of course, outside the internet world as well. Due to the great accomplishments of “Raelity” and his team, they were able to successfully grasp the attention from fans that is both from US and overseas; received the attention from potential stakeholders and sponsors alike seeking him out for live interviews and to do live performances; not to mention, having a chance to work with well known dj(s) on mix tape projects. When you listen to each tracks like “ D.C.M “ ; “ Flight Risk“ ; “Keep It Movin ”; “ No Limit “ and more, you will hear the charismatic style and hooks of the real “Raelity”
On 10/ 19 / 2013 we introduced Raelity’s tracks from both Reverb and Sound Cloud to the streets. We randomly asked 3 of the following questions to 11 strangers (men and women age stated between 17-33 which were 4 military soldiers; 2 mall employees; 4 individuals from our neighborhoods and 1 individual at our local car wash ): ( 1) what do you think about the delivery /flow of all of Raelity’s tracks ; (2) Do you feel that he is someone you would love to hear from more outside social media, such as being heard or seen on syndicated television, radios and related ? (3) Finally, Do you have any final thoughts about the artists Raelity, including how would you rate his overall music between 1-3 with # 3 rank he highest? The chosen individuals stated the following: 4 out of 11 stated that Raelity’s delivery and flow definitely made him stand out and that his hooks gave him creditability. Also , these same 4 individuals favored the following tracks the most : “D.C.M” ; “ Flight Risk “ ; “ No Limit” ; “ Peel It Off “ and“ Step It Up “; 2 out of 11 stated they would love to do some collabs in the future ( note: we did provide twitter info) ; 2 out of 11 stated that although they don’t listen to rap, they do like Raelity’s voice and from what they have heard so far, they can see him on MTV or related music show ; 3 out of 11 stated they like how Raelity and co-host AD complement each other the tracks “ Steve Nash “; “D.C.M”; “ No Limits” ; “ Peel It Off” ; Finally, All 11 agree that as an artist, they rate Raelity with a 3 (highest in lyrics and theme; delivery in bars/flow ; sound/beats and overall album/tracks) and expect to watch him to top the Reverbnation charts soon. Even though we only asked 3 survey questions that may appear to be broad for some people, it seems that these broad questions allow the public to answer truthfully and use their critical thinking especially when they are taking the time out to listen to an artist’s they never heard of before until the day of 10/19 th ( from 5:30 -8:21pm ). I must say, Raelity is one of the top 5 artists that received positive feedback from the streets. Like we always say, “Sometimes you have to take back to the streets “.
However even though we feel that Raelity is 100% one of many talented hip hop artists out today , we would like to encourage those who is trying to find their favorite hip hop artist move towards Raelity’s world and allow yourself to experience what 11 local random individuals ; his fans ; his potential stakeholders and team experiencing right now. We feel that Raelity have what it takes to be a successful hip hop artist and who can use his delivery style to reach deep into you and pull out that feeling or that thing that touches you more than anything else from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds. Now if you can understand that plateau, wait until November 2013 and experience his upcoming mix-tape release “Dark Energy” hosted by DJ Deceptacon of Bricksquad 1017.

If you have not heard of Raelity and want to know how he reached #2 on Reverbnation, guide yourself to his past to current albums and track releases at the following sites:

• Website http://www.raelitymusic.com
• ReVerbnaion http://www.reverbnation.com/reality444
• SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/raelity
• MySpace https://myspace.com/getrighttent
• Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RaelityMusic

MixTapes Websites
• DARK ENERGY Hosted by DJ Deceptacon of BrickSquad 1017    http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=544624
• Coast 2 Coast Indie Top 50 Vol. 224( http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx/the-indie-top-50-vol-224 ) ;
• For the Love of Music (hosted by DJ Pyrex http://www.datpiff.com/Various-Artists-For-The-Love-Or-Music-mixtape.531627.html );
• Trap Traumatized (hosted by DJ Pyrex http://www.datpiff.com/Birdman-Trap-Trumatized-Vol-5-mixtape.534448.html

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For Bookings contact Dennard Jones ( @Turbulence2K Via Twitter / dennardjones@yahoo.com )

for bookings @Turbulence2K  via twitter
for bookings @Turbulence2K via twitter

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