Richmond, VA’s Super Group : R.a.i.g.e.


One of the most humble and sincere group I met thus far in the social media neighborhood. Their will power to continue to grow and expand beyond their success is best described in their bio as follows:

” R.A.I.G.E. Records was established in the Fall of 2009. The group consist of three talented artists – Torch (The CEO), Wize (Dub-I) & Fat B (B). Torch being the C.E.O. came up with the group’s name R.A.I.G.E. Records — which stands for ‘Real As It Get’s Entertainment’. The name of the group is inspired by the music they strive to create, consisting of real life issues, stories and topics, which started when Torch and Wize (who are first cousins) began to write together growing up. Working together as R.A.I.G.E. Records has made the two grow even closer, now considering one another as brothers (along with the groups other member, Fat B).

Wize grew up on the Southside of Richmond; while Torch’s unsteady living situation caused him to live on nearly every side of town in Richmond. As teens, both Wize and Torch took to writing as a way of expressing themselves; consistently making music that was honest and true to them, their story and their situations.

Fat-B entered the picture around 2009 as Torch’s neighbor and they’ve all been like brothers every since. Torch, Wize & Fat B (collectively as R.A.I.G.E. Records) have done dozens of shows locally in the Downtown Richmond, VA area. Including events like “Face melt Fridays” at Strange Matter’s thrown by Black Liquid, “2 dope to be local” thrown by Chi Chi the Kid at clubs like Have-A-Nice Day Cafe and Strange Matters, the “Clash Party”  also thrown by Chi Chi The Kid, a few “Show Your Skills” showcases thrown by Jay30, and a couple of sets at “The Camel” as well for events thrown by Noah-O.

R.A.I.G.E. Records has also been interviewed by a number of popular local online radio shows like ‘Repn VA iradio’, ‘The P Show’ and most recently with SouthStarr Entertainment.

Thomas “Torch” Lomar was born in July 1985. He has lived in Richmond, VA his entire life. Struggling to deal with hardships since a young child, Torch has always had BIG dreams and strong ambitions to make a better life for himself. At age 13 he discovered using poetry as an outlet to help deal with the issues he faced in his life. After learning how to properly format a verse and a hook, he took his passion full speed. At age 15 he converted from poetry to rapping. His frequent moving as a youth caused him to learn and see a lot growing up. At age 7 he witnessed a shooting and shortly after dealing with the trauma from that his father completely disappeared out of his life. Torch seemed to always get into trouble as a kid, possibly as a result of his rough upbringing, always partaking in fights and altercations. Due to his temper, he gained the nickname “Torch”. Despite all the hardships and road blocks he has dealt with, Torch has always wanted more out of life and has always been willing to go hard at what he believes in and what he aspires to accomplish. Using rap as a “release therapy” he writes about what he saw coming up in the city of Richmond and the things he wants to do and accomplish in life before he goes.

Becoming in tune with his rap style, Torch developed his own unique and authentic swagg, rapping about only what he knows, how HE feels, and his personal insights on life. Torch strongly believes that by simply being yourself on a track (and in life in general) and talking (or rapping) about what is honest and real to you, no one can copy that. Your honesty separates you from the rest……and that logic itself inspired him to create “R.A.I.G.E. Records, a label of true artists, who speak from the heart and focus on making music that you can relate to and enjoy. 
Derek “Wize” Light aka “Dub-I” is a hip hop artist born and raised in Richmond, Virginia’s South side. Very young he displayed a talent for writing and began poetry at the age of 11. A passion for spoken word burned within him for years after. Eventually he decided to make an attempt at rapping. Primarily judged for lyrical content, Wize learned the importance of “having something to really say” on a song. After performing at a talent show, he decided to go at rapping full speed, adopting the name “Wize”, from the block he used to play on as a child (Wise ST). Later, his background in poetry landed him the opportunity of performing with Lyric Ave, a poetry based group in Richmond. There he learned how to incorporate depth and content into lyrics, while the performing gave him insight on how to perfect his deliverance. With his undeniable “Swag” and unique wordplay Wize’s style is definitely his own. He gives off a charisma on the track that cannot and will not be ignored. Just as the other members of R.A.I.G.E. Records, Wize draws from personal life experiences and delivers the stories of those experiences on the track in a way that is fun, impressionable and passionate. 

Fat B also grew up in the city of Richmond, VA in the projects of Fairfield. Inspired by other artist such as Notorious B.I.G and DMX, he began to do music at the age of 14. During the “Golden Era” of Hip Hop when ciphers and freestyles were still an everyday thing, Fat B caught wind of his own talent in his first “around the way” cipher. He began to take his music more seriously when he was told by a neighborhood elder “You have talent, if you’re gonna do this sh**…make sure you got something to say!” B took those words of wisdom to heart and every since then, he began to go more in-depth with his lyrics and music. Thriving on holding nothing back on the track (somewhat like the style of his favorite rapper DMX), Fat B. gives his all in his music. After encountering a near-death experience in 2010, he really began to let it all pour out on every song, becoming more passionate with each verse and every performance. The experience of nearly losing his life helped B realize how temporary life can be. This awakening has helped him see the importance of making sure you chase your dreams and never allow any opportunity to slip through your fingers. Shortly after his life-altering experience, Fat B. officially joined R.A.I.G.E. Records and found his new home. “

Quote of R.A.I.G.E : 804 STAND UP!!
Upcoming Release : R.A.I.G.E. Records upcoming Mixtape “What’s the Word” will be hitting the streets this summer (2012)!!

In Order To Continue to get to know the movement of  R.a.i.g.e. , Link up with them :


TORCH – 804-519-1699
WIZE AKA DUB-I – 804-245-4005
FAT B – 804-269-6218




GET UPDATE at R.A.I.G.E website:




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