Put It Out There™:TEXAS ARTIST “ModriiiAngelou”


Brief bio introduction according to  ModriiiAngelou  :   Coming out of West Texas, and more specifically, Lubbock Texas, with the type of music I make? Most would say I’m taking a huge risk of being shunned. 1/4 of  Starvin’ Artists. Which also includes D. Rashaan, L.O. Key, and Eks Official? I’ve opened up for Currency, Dmx, and have done many shows at various night clubs. Hip-Hop is shifting, and this my wave to catch. My favorite quotes: “No one ever achieved anything great by playing it safe.” – Harry Gray; “For success, attitude is equally important as ability.” – Harry Gray


” ModriiiAngelou ” is not just the stage name when you watch him perform or when you hear the lyrical flow of his words. To me when you listen to the flow of his words, ” ModriiiAngelou ”  represent the meaning of poetic diction ~ ”  term used to refer to the linguistic style, the vocabulary, and the metaphors used in the writing of poetry”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetic_diction. I am definitely sure that his fans is not disappointed by his poetic hip hop style as they listen to   ” ModriiiAngelou ” breath life to his words. I have  indicated to him during this interview that his lyrical flow and sound reminds me of Wu-Tang Clan, but you can add some of that classic  ingredient of  the famous hip hop group  ‘ Leaders of New School ” as well . Especially when you  listen  to “ The Statement”; ” Stay Classy “; ” Too Fit Tee ” ; ” Summer Fling ” ; “ Audio Dope “; ” Inner City Love ”  and ” Live On” .


D.Cox :   Tell me and your fans how long have you been involve in hip hop music, and overall the music business itself as a artist? And what /who inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

ModriiiAngelou :  Music has been always been a major part of my life since an adolescent. Whether it was something involving church, rapping with close friends, or with older cousins who were trying to get their hands in the business. I can’t really say that someone inspired me to “become” an artist. I’ve just always had the love and passion for it, and felt like it was something I should be doing. And when I met L.O. Key, and he introduced me to the squad Starvin’ Artists; I saw that they actually took this serious and had passion for it like I did. So in a way I guess you can say my squad Starvin’ Artists. Which consist of D. Rashaan, L.O. Key, Eks Official, and myself.

D.Cox :  There are a lot of hip hop artists in the state of Texas, what makes you different as an individual and as a hip hop artist from the rest of the artists from your home area when it comes to the value of your music and competition?

ModriiiAngelou :   I try to keep it original and authentic in my music 100% of the time. I’m just me. There is no mask, or no facade. I feel like a lot of the artists in my home base are just chasing a hit. Like they just want the fame and fortune. And you can hear that in their music, because it usually sounds like whatever is “hot” at the moment. We don’t do that. We just do us.

D.Cox :    What are some of the major projects you have worked on in the past, now and in the near future (provide title of your projects, describe the purpose of those projects & release dates ) ?

ModriiiAngelou :   I got asked to write a hook for Detox by a guy I knew that was working under Dr. Dre supposedly. But I doubt that even made it through the door lol. But I just released “MyStruggle”. Which is just an opening of life sequences. Next up for me is one I titled “Meraki”. D. Rashaan also just released a tape, “Sincerely Yours”, back in October. L.O. Key is setting up to release  “Off Key: The Autobiographical Musical” December 21st. Eks Official is currently working his tape which is still untitled.

D.Cox :      Your video “The Statement “gave me the feel of the Wu-Tang vibe, who are the major artists that influences you and your music from the past and currently today?

ModriiiAngelou :  I was heavy on the east coast wave early on. Jay-z, Big L, Nas, Biggie. Also Pharrell, Outkast, Scarface, and Will Smith. He was actually on of my favorites. I still jam “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” till this day.

D.Cox :   Your tracks “ Summer Fling “ ; “ The Statement “ ; “ Audio Dope “ are few out of the hottest tracks you have on sound cloud , what are the inspiration or story behind those tracks ? And also, I have heard many artists say “When I write my lyrics I go to a place to write a story”. How can you identify yourself with that statement?

ModriiiAngelou :  Summer Fling is a track of “My Struggle”, and is kinda the front half of a 2 part story. It’s basically the “how we met” part of the relationship. And on the tape, it’s followed by a story about the break up, “Love Lost”. Which featured my good homie Dave (The Mohicans). Shout out to him, he killed that verse. With “The Statement” I just wanted to showcase what I could do lyrically. With audio dope, I just wanted to play with that title. I’m sure many know that that’s actually a Curren$y song. I can identify with this because that’s what I try to do. If you listen to “My Struggle” the entire thing is one big story. I don’t wanna just rap, I wanna move people with my lyrics.

D.Cox: Finally, we all been through struggles to accomplish our desired goals, have you ever struggle to get where you at now? If so,can you describe what the feeling is like and what advice would you give to other artists who is  struggling  and who often times feel they need to just give up ?

ModriiiAngelou :  Yea definitely. We’ve struggled to get where we are now and we’re still no where near where we wanna be. Just got to keep pushing..got to persevere. If this is something you wanna do, you got to have thick skin. Not everyone is going to like what you do. But if you believe in what you do and a vision..then see it through. Despite the difficulty. No struggle, no progress.

In conclusion, ” No struggle, no progress” is the exact words we all should live by when there is a goal to accomplish. And as you all get to know “ModriiiAngelou”, you will know that he stands 100% behind his motivational words.  In order to stay updated with “ModriiiAngelou”, follow him at the following sites:





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” The Statement ” by Modrii Angelou III

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