Put It Out THERE ™: Lord Kaos and LongTime Records Featured Artists

Since last interview on August 14, 2012 { http://officialfeature.net/put-it-out-there-august-142012-interview-with-lord-kaos/ } , Lord Kaos have made tremendous movement with his label –LongTime Records; with himself;  with his ground breaking artists from LongTime Records , including his strong  promotional team . Right now , Lord Kaos   continues to take each step to forward towards dominating the social networking as evidenced by video promotions;  radio air plays and online radio plays; hosting parties ; participating in local scheduled concerts, including events in his city. While he takes this journey, his fellow artists Volkano and Magnetic takes the journey with him to  bring in their own incredible sound and style of hip hop (lyrical) music . Together they re-enforce the meaning behind Long Time Records and their meaning to  “ Bringing back true Hip Hop “.


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D. Cox : Since your last interview ( Aug.14, 2012) , you have been making major moves and connections with online social media and outside the social media overall. Your friends, fans and family know you by “Lord Kayos” as well as your birth name. Can you tell us –your fans who is  the man behind “Lord Kayos” and how was “Lord Kayos” was born?

Lord Kaos: My given name is Juan Vasquez, My righteous name in the Nations of Gods and Earth is King Allah.  The name “Lord Kaos” was created in Douglass Projects in Harlem, New York. Lord Kaos was a name given to me by an old associate by the name of Effrin as the years went by and through all the trials and tribulations that I had to go through in my life. So therefore, I was given the name with a lot of  character and meaning.

Deborah C: According to your bio, you dropped out of school in the 9th grade, graduated from ITT Tech NYC ; now successfully working for a major tech company and perusing your music career. What advice can you give to teenagers who are possibly thinking about dropping out of school and the importance of having goals and education in their life?

Lord Kaos: Yes I dropped out of school in the ninth grade as well as graduated from ITT TECH,however for many years school was not an option for me. After 5 felonies and spending a number of years incarcerated I began to take my music seriously. It was a long journey and trust that nothing came easy during this journey. In the last 3 years I have had to work three times harder than the average person due to numerous encounters with the law and an extensive rap sheet it was hard for me to get a job. While I was still on parole I started attending ITT TECH I wanted something different then just  being guaranteed three hot’s and cot. I give myself a five year plan after I was release from Cayuga Correctional Facility. My first week home I recorded the independently released album “DOCUDRAMA” and I sold copies everywhere I went just to have money to make it to ITT TECH, right before my graduation I was offered a position to work for Ingram Micro the largest distributor for technology in the world in the same month I signed my contract with Universal Music Group. So to the teenagers  running them streets I know what it is like, but the only I advice I can give is when you figure out what it is you want to do in life never stop fighting for what you believe in always follow your heart. Use life experiences to your advantage and go hard at all you do in order to become what you know you can become. The most important thing to remember is that knowledge is the key to get through the lock doors you think you cannot get through.

D.Cox:  Your past and current history of life challenges reminds me of a quote given by Bob Marley : “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”With that quote in mind, what gives you the strength to keep moving forward through the challenges of life? And how does that same strength allow you to be who you are with your music?

Lord Kaos: I would have to say one having the freedom is a valuable thing to have, however having freedom of the mind is Priceless!

D.Cox:  You have in the past posted photos and videos of you with some classic Hip Hop artists (DMX,Bizzy Bone etc). What is it like to work with and/or engage with those classic artists who are known to carry the heart of hip hop cultural with them consistently? And what characteristics about them that stood out the most that may possibly influence you when it comes to your work ethics?

Lord Kaos: It was cool to engage with them, especially Bizzy Bone, I got a chance to sit down and kick it with him and pick his brain about the “behind the scenes” of the game.  With that I learned that there are still Trials and Triumphs that one must face even when one gets to a successful point in their careers.  Hanging out with DMX was a fun night, although I did not get a chance to pick his brain like Bizzy Bone, it was great experience to hang out with one of my 5 top rapper, and just seeing how they both remind so down to earth, let me know in staying down to earth myself, and to just be Me!

D.Cox:  . I love your tracks you have created thus far; out of all the (hot) tracks you have out now, the track that really sticks out the most to me is “Look At Me Now” what inspired you to write that track? And which tracks thus far since you began your music career is one of your most favorite one(s) and why?

Lord Kaos: Being on parole and feeling that no matter what I did they were never going to let me go.  It was like taking one step forward and two steps back.  I would have to say “If you were here” is one of my favorite tracks, because not seeing my father for so many years and my mother still fighting addiction, it was a way to express how much I love them and appreciate  them for giving me Life.

D.Cox:  LongTime Records became a part of your life as well. As an entrepreneur in the music industry, how important is it for artists like yourself to remain educated and train on the Importance of the following: Copyright, branding, contracts and receiving royalties correlating with radio air plays (including online radio); events/shows or related  ?

Lord Kaos: It is always important to stay educated in the game and have your paperwork in order.  I think in any business ventures that you get involved in that you should educate yourself on all aspects of that business, if you plan to make the best of it! Hip-Hop is competitive so it is important to remind in the eye of social media, in order to remain relevant and continue to move forward in your career.  Doing research and talking to people with the knowledge of copyrights and branding also goes along with educating yourself.

D.Cox:  Do you believe that any artists and/or managers can do their work alone without a team? How important is your team to you? If you can describe the strength of you and your team, how would you describe them?

Lord Kaos: I believe you can’t make it in this game without a “Team”, friends, family and managers.  It’s all important to keep a good balance, I feel as if the “Team” I have behind me is like my family, we are more like brothers and sisters.  Growing up on the streets we all seen the good times and bad times and now that I have a shot to bring around more of the “Good Times” that’s my plan, so I describe my team as “Unbreakable”!

D.Cox:  As an artist, is having mix tapes more important than creating your own sound of music ? Which is more beneficial to you as an artist? And  Why?

Lord Kaos: I can’t say that one is more important than the other, although having your own style and being original shows people your creative, and also allows you to open up doors for new concepts.  The mix tape circuit is more freedom of your own expression, you’re not bonded to the rules and regulations of the FDA and you get a chance to give the fans more of yourself thru mix tapes.

D.Cox:  Here it is the New Year and I understand that you have some new projects coming up with your music. Can you let us and your fans know what you have in store for 2013? ( Name your upcoming projects and release dates; name upcoming shows/events including dates &time; Send 4 update photos and fliers )

Lord Kaos: Well in this New Year we got the Longtime Records mix CD “Sede Vacante” coming out in March 2013 hosted by Legendary  DJ Ron G, we also have untitled mix CD dropping in the UK in late March 2013.  I have a performance in April 2013 in Kanas City, and I will be working on the “Lord Kaos” documentary hosted by Cookie “The Queen Bee” and filmed by J-Boss TV RuffRyers.   I am also looking into contracts in London, Canada and the West Coast for tours.

D.Cox:  Last year you spoke very highly of your grandmother and I must applaud you for showing undeniable respect towards her. How does your grandmother feel about your life success thus far? And because time changes and New Year’s bring in new beginnings, what is one of the classic-best advices that your grandmother has given you for you to carry during   your life journey?

Lord Kaos:Forget, but don’t forget” would be the one thing that I would say is one of her classic lines that I always remember and carry with me.  I thank you for asking about her and she is doing well and is very happy of how far I have come so far , and can’t wait to see how far I will go!

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D.Cox  Life presents challenging circumstances. According to your bio, you have experienced challenges after challenges during your adolescence and teen years. If you could, can you express to your young fans how at a young age did you develop the strength to overcome those life challenges of detachment of family dynamics; time during detention and becoming a young parent ? And because there are many young children experiencing the same thing you use to experience but don’t have the same strength as you did , what advice would you give those kids today?

Magnetic :  Peace . Yes, I’ve  had a rough childhood. But the truth is,  I’ve started getting into myself and starting to think about where I would like to be in life. It took 5 jail bids for me to get it together and still is..I never once gave up on myself, nor giving up on educating myself.

 D.Cox   You have identified that you adopted the name “Shaheem Magnetic Allah” .Whois “Shaheem Magnetic Allah” today?

Magnetic :  First I came into the nation of god’s and earth at the age of 14, during my first upstate bid. Shaheem Magnetic Allah is just 1 of the 99 attribute under Allah. Shaheem Magnetic Allah today, is a strong, creative, individual who is focus on life; loving the kids; being a good father; a motivator and continue to be very energetic in order for me to be optimistic about life  in a positive and negative aspect. However, within my music I can show and prove who I am as (Magnetic) also (Damen)!

D.Cox   You have indicated (via bio) that during your challenges in the earlier years, you acknowledge that hip hop did exist but hip hop did not motivate you enough because life on the streets was too attracting. How is hip hop motivating you now? If you have any inspirations in the world of hip hop music, who would you say inspired you? And Why?

Magnetic :  Hip Hop have always been in me from birth watching ; from watching the creativity of  my cousin writing  bars and spitting to those instrumentals. Not to mention, a lot of my people’s and some family members are in the music industry. So yes hip hop is me, and I am hip hop. The streets had more going on for me as I child which was that fast money. Now that I’ve got older I never stop writing . Thus far in my life,  I have met a lot of good people’s . However, I’m going to have to say my cousin (Rock City) he was the 1’s that introduce  me into this music cultural. Indeed it motivated me more now , cause as I write I learn more and more about myself.

D.Cox   Now that you have become involve in the world of hip hop and we know you have tracks on Reverbnation. How many throw back mixtapes do you have out now? Where can we as your fans can listen to some of your old throw backs – the beginning ?

Magnetic :  Yes I do have tracks on Reverbnation, also on Soundcloud. I don’t have any throwback mix tape at this time. You can hear my music on reverb also the first Longtime Records mix tape. (SEDE VACANTE) I have 3 tracks plus a ft, with lord kaos & volkaneo.

D.Cox   Currently you have some hot tracks on Reverbnation and I must say all of your tracks is hot! Your lyrical flow, especially your hooks kinda remind me of one of my favorite icons- Rakim and a little twist of Wu Tang Clan. Especially, when I have listened to “I Said “; “Lime Life “; “Lights Out”; and “ det place”. What inspired you to write those tracks in particular? Give a brief synopsis. Also which tracks is you’re most favorite ? And Why?

Magnetic :  Thanks for saying that my tracks are hot! Also I’m glad that I can remind you of some of your favorite icons. That track (I SAID) was something that was builded within me. (LIME LIFE) that track was written cause I’ve done live the life of the streets, all I got was heart aches and pain. (LIGHTS OUT) now that track was written when I was on 1 of me bid’s, also it give the people that don’t know about jail some type of insight. (DAT PLACE) I mean that place where you were born. Truth I don’t have no favorite, reason because all my songs is my life!

 D.Cox   You are currently with Longtime Records How did you become a part of Longtime Records?

Magnetic :  I am currently with Longtime Records. I was promoting myself on the internet facebook to be exact, where I did a homemade video and started tagging people. Kaos was 1 out of 50 people that I had tagged. A month late Kaos hit me up.

D.Cox   During each interview I have conducted thus far, I have always asked about the importance of having a team and/or being a part of a team. Being that you are part of Longtime Records, how important is it to have your team to back you up in creative decisions; promotions and your brand?

Magnetic :  Yes, I do feel that it’s very important to have a team that supports and motivates each other in moving forward. However, I do also believe that it is important for and individual(s)  to continue to push themselves as well.

D.Cox   I notice that you have been a part of Lord Kaos’s videos. Do you have any videos coming out soon for one of your tracks? If so, when is the release date- for which tracks?

Magnetic :  Yes, I do have a video coming out soon for the track (I SAID). It was release on (VALENTINES DAY) Feb 14, 2013. Also you can find me in a video that was released a few months back. This video is (TIMEZ LIKE THEZE) where you can find on YouTube under (Melmatics110 timez like theze.)

D.Cox   When performing on stage, what feelings do you have when you express yourself to the audience? And out of all the shows you have done, which show performance is your best? And Why?

Magnetic :  My emotions are based on my music. I feel my music while I am performing. My music varies, which means my emotion varies. I can feel the vibe from the crowd, which also fuels my veins. Truth- everyone, because it just get better and better every time.

D.Cox   Now that you left the streets behind; nearly finishing school and embarking on a music career. What keeps you motivated today? And what advice would you give to those who are struggling themselves to make a change out of his her life while pursuing a music career or any career?

Magnetic :  What keeps me motivated today is the fact the life is good. Plus my family that support me. My advice to the world is to stay focus on yourself, love your family, more of all listen to others. Struggling is a part of life that doesn’t mean to go and do things where in the long run you will have to pay for. Number 1 factor in life to get a head is education. To me the biggest part is change. Once you learn to change yourself, life will get better. Don’t give up on yourself no matter how hard times maybe.

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Fan Page  https://www.facebook.com/magnetic4life?ref=ts&fref=ts


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D.Cox :  In your bio , you describe yourself as follows: “ HUSTLER, PIMP, BOSS, WORKER, STUDENT, TEACHER, THINKER, MUSLIM, ARTIST, O.G. MACK” ~ How does those titles reflects your life path thus far today? ( give a brief synopsis)

VolKaneo I feel that I’ve played these parts in different situations in my existence; these things don’t define me, they define what I did to survive in the situation that was presented’ “on this grand stage we call life.

D.Cox :  Who is the man behind the name “Volkaneo” in the world of music entertainment?

VolKaneo The Man behind VOLKANEO? This is a driven individual the under-dog that always had to fight for respect, sort of the slave that became master of his own destiny, An individual that doesn’t change for cameras, opposition, or the BS!, I handle my business at my leisure and at my speed. Regardless what is in my way I will OVER-COME to do me and come out smelling like a rose.”

D.Cox :  What is your history with the hip hop culture? And were there anyone from the hip hop “CLASSIC “culture influences you today and why?

VolKaneo Well the people that I’ve listened to for some type of inspiration” First off I’d like to say rest in peace, BIG-L form 140th, BIG PUN from the BX, JAM-MASTER-J from QUEENS,  Big Daddy Kane, BIG-L, big Pun, Cannabis, Tilib-Quali, (excuse the spelling) EMINEM, 2Pac, Biggie,  I Also BIG-L got inspiration from the Roots ,Common Sense, Tribe Called Quest, Black Moon, ONYX,  Jungle Bro’s, Smith-N-Wesson ,Cam-Ron and Dip-Set, The Lox, DMX, Jay-n-NAS, (you Already)  and Especially some official Brooklyn cats HELTER SKELTER. I used to visit Brooklyn as a youth’ and they were always in the hood chilling with respect, and that’s What I Became Like, I always was in Brooklyn up-town or in the Bronx doing my hang out thing.

D.Cox :  At what age did you actually become an artist of hip hop music? And as an artist, what type of style do you have when are creating your lyrics; when having the right beats, including the right production to match your style of hip hop?

VolKaneo :  I call my style a chippy chop flow, it consists of beat waving’ surfing the Rhythm of the music with style and presence. I have changed my style a few times to get it where I want it to be, so now I can switch up change up and never miss a beat. I use lyrical delivery while teaching, utilizing the syllables some punches lines and comedy to create a message sometimes within a message.

D.Cox :  I am aware you are part of LongTime Records and you know Lord Kaos. How long have you known Lord Kaos? And how did you two meet? ( give a brief synopsis about you two’s journey)

VolKaneo :  I’ve known Kaos Since forever’ I guess like 15 years or so, Back in the day when I hustled in the Douglass Projects Lobby’s Wit O.C.F, We had to always rough K up and send him to school’ but he always kept coming back so after a while we just said forget it’ and let him hang out with us, (not justifying it) but since he wanted to hang in the streets we decided to have him hang with us and learn from multiple entities on how ‘ and how not to’ run in the streets and handle business so he won’t get herd about on the evening news. Even though we both did bids” our time in these streets helped us not get lost in the madness, When K got back home off a violation he asked me to come to buffalo and help him out with the expenses’ and also go to school since he was going. And the rest is history”

D.Cox :  As being a member of LongTime Records and working with them as a unit, what does this phase mean to you : “ Keep your circle small and tight “?

VolKaneo :  This means that there are many snakes that don’t have your best interest at heart’ so you’ve got to be aware of all the loop holes and the glitz and glam.

D.Cox :  As a member of LongTime Records, do you have any other diverse roles or responsibility within the company? If so, what are they?

VolKaneo :  My role is basically to hold us down, To make sure that everyone is pulling their weight and contribute to the LONG-TIME/O.CF movement While trying to incorporate some of my peoples and hopefully’ they will shine from maybe something we did.

D.Cox :  Hip Hop music have come a long way even to the point that there is diversity of cultural who is allowing hip hop to become a part of their life style as well. Indeed, which to me diversity have proved to show how hip hop have become a strong positive influence in bringing people together. In your opinion, what do you see that is “negatively wrong” with hip hop today compare to how it started far back as late 80’s /early 70s?

VolKaneo :  What is negative about Hip-hop is the how the art used to about lyrical skill, and now it’s on some other s#*t” These hooks are repetitious and the flow pattern is predictable” And when people say that “this is a free-style” A free-style consists of an individual spitting to a beat with something made up on the fly” not a memorized script wrote days or weeks before presenting it. Those are 2 major down falls of hip-hop and also the EAST-COAST/ WEST-COAST so called beef” how u have problems with someone who you’ve never met? Well LONG-TIME is here to change all of the misconceptions and unwavering thinking.

D.Cox :  You have successfully become an artist with LongTime Records ; graduated from college and develop a sense of self. What keeps you motivated during your journey?

VolKaneo :  I haven’t graduated yet but” my projected date is in June, What keeps me grounded is life experience and people probing, what I mean by this is by me having a thirst to earn about stuff’ this made me an analytical thinker’ so I sort of can feel out a situation or person and almost immediately know if they are right for a situation in my life or in someone’s life who is considered family to me, And most of my fam know I tell them like it is and not what it appears to be and I am like 95% right most of the time so they respect my judgment and my struggles and where I am today.

D.Cox :  What advice would you give artists or any individuals who want to take the “short-cuts “ in life ?

VolKaneo :  I’d tell them to never give up your dreams keep fighting for a respectable and noble cause and never change up no matter how much success you have, cause the same ones you see going up” is the same ones you face on your decent.

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Fan Page  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Volkaneo/385769568182764

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