PutItOutTHERE ™ : 2012 Domestic Violence Awareness Review and Recognition to Yoshiko Ent-Va

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How many times does an individual tell his/her mate “I love you, baby “in a day? How many times does that mate say “I love you too, baby” in a day?  How comfortable is an individual when they are told by their mate that (s)he will always be the protector of their home ? Naturally as women, we would have no reason to doubt the safety and the security of our home with our husbands (or mates). Naturally as a woman we often times feel 100% sure. Some would say in today’s society that a marriage (or relationship) is an equal partnership of mind, body, soul spirit and safety. Is that true for some of you today?  Well, I cannot answer that for you. Only you as an individual can answer that question.   Do some women feel that pain is love? Only certain women (or woman) who feel that way can answer that question and decide how pain should dictate the rest of “her” life.  It is important for women to make the right decision to live without pain, such pain that is known as “Domestic Violence” aka “Domestic Abuse “. Does verbal or emotional abuse outweigh physical abuse? No.  Because each target behavior does lead to an negative outcome in a woman’s (individual’s) life and those involved in her life (ex: children) According to researched reports of the state of North Carolina and Virginia it states the following facts that bring alarming awareness about Domestic Violence cases:

I. North Carolina Report

(a)    According to Jeanette Stingley ,  “North Carolina has never publically released domestic violence statistics. On March 26, 2209, the attorney general made them public. The numbers released are staggering; According to the attorney general office, there were 131 people murdered during a domestic violence incident. Of those killed, 99 were women, 32 were male, and most of the offenders were male (103 male offenders and 25 female offenders). There is also a new law passed in 2007 in North Carolina that requires law enforcement agencies to report incidents of domestic violence related murders to the state bureau of investigations every year. These numbers may increase because not all agencies have turned in their statistics; The attorney general Roy Cooper is encouraging people to in an abusive situation to obtain protection orders. Only 8 out of 131 had a protection order against their murderer. And only 3 of the 8 were current. Even though protection orders are not fool proof, it is good to have one because it will lower the chance of repeat abuse. “ http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art61347.asp

(b)   “It is estimated that 4 million women in the United States are victims of domestic violence each year. Although women make up the vast majority of the victims in domestic violence, men and children are also its victims.
There are specific laws in North Carolina that provide speedy and effective protection to victims of domestic violence. If your spouse is uncontrollably violent and you believe that you or your children are in danger, then you should immediately call the police. When you have reached a safe haven, you should then call the domestic violence agency in your county which will give you additional advice and directions to a shelter if you are fearful of returning home.”

         II.   Virginia’s Report

(a)   According to the Virginia Department of Health, 1,731 homicides occurred in the state of Virginia between 2005 and 2008. Of those 1,731 homicide victims, 566 victims died at the hands of a family member or intimate partner (in 2007 alone, more than one out of every four homicides was family or intimate-partner related). 225 victims were killed by an adult intimate partner (in 2007, almost 12 percent of all homicide victims were killed by an intimate partner).2 In a Department of Health study focusing on homicides in Virginia occurring in 2007, the results show that when the state is broken up into four geographic districts (Central, Northern, Tidewater and Western), the Tidewater District, which includes the City of Norfolk, had the highest homicide rate of 10 homicides per 100,000 citizens. (The Northern District, which includes the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C., had the lowest reported homicide rate of 2.1 per 100,000 citizens.)3 https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/medExam/dvfr/documents/2012/pdf/Norfolk2012FinalReport.pdf

(b)   Family and intimate partner violence (also referred to as domestic violence) accounts for one-third of all homicides in Virginia each year;  (b) In 1999, the Virginia General Assembly enacted legislation authorizing family and intimate partner fatality review (hereafter referred to as domestic violence fatality review). The Code of Virginia §32.1-283.3 provides for the establishment of local and regional domestic violence fatality review teams (DVFRTs). It provides important statutory confidentiality protection, and directs the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to provide technical assistance and training; (c) The Commonwealth currently has fifteen local and regional DVFRTs. Teams are made up of multidisciplinary stakeholders who come together to review cases of fatal violence. https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/MedExam/violence.htm?mode=printable

Although the reports are constantly changing every year, it is still alarming that Domestic Violence have been a part of the American cultural for a long time. How did Domestic Violence become a part of our cultural? To be honest, I cannot say how such target behavior emerged into our American cultural or any diverse cultural. According to Drug, Diseases and Procedures they have identified the characteristics of Domestic Violence as follows: “Domestic violence refers to the victimization of a person with whom the abuser has or has had an intimate, romantic, or spousal relationship. Domestic violence encompasses violence against both men and women and includes violence in gay and lesbian relationships. Domestic violence consists of a pattern of coercive behaviors used by a competent adult or adolescent to establish and maintain power and control over another competent adult or adolescent. These behaviors, which can occur alone or in combination, sporadically or continually, include physical violence, psychological abuse, stalking, and non-consensual sexual behavior. Each incident builds upon previous episodes, thus setting the stage for future violence. “ http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/805546-overview

How do we decrease this particular epidemic against individuals, especially women? As you can see from previous statistics, the alarming rate does reflect mostly crimes against women nearly every year . One way to help the growing organizations across America is to take a stand and become an advocate against domestic violence.  During this review, we would like to honor and give recognition to Yoshiko Ent-VA for hosting, organizing and establishing the first Domestic Violence Awareness Brunch in Richmond, VA on October 13,2012. (via D.Cox )


Yoshiko Entertainment
Yoshiko Entertainment

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Conclusion Review :

The month of October is not only National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The subject of domestic violence is the most common abuse of women, and is often pushed aside. With this being said, when Yoshiko Ent-VA sent an invite to the Domestic Violence Brunch, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invite. The statistics for domestic abuse are astounding, according to “The National Collation Against Domestic Violence” one in every four women will experience this type of abuse in their life time, and almost one-third of female homicides that are reported in police records are by an intimate partner. The awareness brunch was an emotional event that included expert defense information, prize drawings, motivational speakers, and most important of all testimonies from several women, who suffered through domestic abuse. By the end of the day, there was not a dry eye in the building. One thing is for certain, domestic abuse awareness must be brought to the forefront, and this violent act often involves children. I appreciate Yoshiko Ent-Va for hosting such an amazing event. “ ( via T. Monroe )


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