Put It Out There™ : Poems by Latanya Monroe

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LaTanya Monroe is a woman of positive thoughts and a woman who have the will to make all things possible as evidence by managing positive outcomes of family life ; managing a successful career as a music  manager of two  artists from  SoProper Entertainment (Ms.Proper and TMonet) and as Official Feature a Publicist /Manager  .  When your read  her thoughts and hear  the sounds of her expressions:

“You Deserve This Poem”

So many poems I’ve written about pain and despair.

This poem is for the one who has my heart, and shows it such gentle care.

No exclamations of anger or words to curse you out.

You deserve words of praise from me, positive words without a doubt.

If I cry while writing this poem, it’s not because I’m in pain.

They’re tears of happiness for the true love from you I’ve gained.

You deserve this poem because you’ve stretched yourself as a man.

You took the time to learn your woman and together we made a plan.

It doesn’t matter to me what others think of you at the end of the day.

It’s what we think of one another that counts, and the words we choose to say.

You deserve this poem because you’ve given so much of yourself in ways many others cannot see.

Most of all you deserve this poem for the unconditional love that you continue to give to me…….

 by LaTanya Monroe

                My Dedication to Michael Jackson

It’s my “Human Nature” to feel upset and to be a little “Off The Wall”. After all Michael Jackson was in a sense “Another Part of Me”. ..musically he stood stall.

“Butterflies” in my belly since I heard you left us, text messages left to right buzzin on my phone…you were “Bad” and people “Black and White” love your music ! Remember Mike “You Are Not Alone”

Ed McMann left us too and an angel named Farrah – she was to many back in the day considered a “P.Y.T.”

I guess you really did ask “Why You Wanna Trip On Me”!

You told us “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and we waited for the next song so we could “Rock With You”

Now that your gone I wanna “Say Say Say” I WILL miss your music -you were our “Thriller”. We all feel a little empty- musically now that we’ve lost our “Man In The Mirror”

I don’t “Wanna Be Startin Something” I’m just reminiscing about the first time I saw “Billie Jean” and when “Beat It” premiered. We all gathered round the TV- damn ya’ll know what I mean!

M.J. was a part of us growing up and I can’t front, back on the “Off The Wall” album I wanted you to say you’re the “Lady In My Life” I knew it was all subliminal.

I know you went through some tough times that brought you down, and made you feel like a “Smooth Criminal”

So rest in peace Michael Jackson, you changed many lives…shoot you even cleaned up “Dirty Diana” and then said “The Girl Is Mine”!

“We Are The World” and it makes me wanna “Scream”! that may sound outta line…but instead I’ll lay back…play your songs…watch your videos…and smile…and “Remember The Time”

Written by LaTanya Monroe

To continue to follow what is on LaTanya Monroe’s mind, follow her on twitter: @TANYAB4U


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