Topic Of Discussion: Views on Entertainment for Profit

On April 7th, 2013 at approximately 2 am. I was up watching the TCM channel.   I was watching a movie (documentary) : “Perversion for profit 1965 (Full Movie) “ .The 1965 documentary was   about American society making profit from inappropriate entertainment and  how American society is  in danger by sex, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, music and related entertainment influences.   What is so interesting is how nearly decades ago “family purity “ was consider to be a rich characteristics in the family home and if you are a person that is single (unwed parent); a homosexual;   singing what is viewed undesirable music; being viewed as an undesirable model or related destructive characteristic you have no place in the “Pure “family home or in the American society.  If you look back at shows like Brady Bunch, Andy Griffith, Bewitch, Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver , My Three Sons or “proper” commercials  etc  they were consider the  proper entertainment  that  represent how families and society suppose to be.  But, what one fail to realize is that “COURIOSITY “have always been one of the major influences of an individual(s) mind, especially when marketing and branding is involve.  If you think about it, documentaries like this helps promotes the entertainment industry.  Consumers may not recognize the influence of branding on their thoughts and behavior. However, marketers instill a desire or yearning to subscribe to the lifestyle portrayed in the product branding, thereby influencing their behavior to buy the product.”

We retrieved this same documentary ( “Perversion for profit 1965” below ) from YouTube and we are interested in your thoughts. As you watch this film even if it is for the first 5-30 minutes, we are still interested about how you feel about the changes of entertainment today compare how it was viewed back then.   Also when you watch this documentary, some of you will be surprise by what existed back then.   But keep in mind, according to researchers these types of entertainment behaviors existed long before it became popular and long before it became a multi-billion dollar industry. While you providing your feedback, is it fair to say that these protesters in some form are responsible for promoting the entertainment industry and/ or forms of sexuality that they are fighting so hard to get rid of? Think about the power of “COURIOSITY “.  By D.C

What is your thoughts?
What is your thoughts?

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